UP VOICE VOL.100 – November 2022

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UP celebrates its 100 Edition of UP Voice

In Special Tribute to Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An – “Father of UP”

Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An (16 April 1950 – 15 March 2017) was a Cambodian academic and politician. He was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Office of the Council of Ministers from 2004 to his deceased, and started serving in the Cabinet in 1993. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) for Takéo and a member of the central committee of the Cambodian People’s Party.

Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An was born in Kampong village, Preah Bat Chuan Chum commune, Kirivong district, Takeo. He was married to Lok Chumteav Annie Sok An, and together they have five children namely: Sok Soma, Sok Puthyvuth, Sok Sokan, Sok Soken, Sok Sangvar.

University of Puthisastra (UP) was founded in 2007 with the initiative of Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An and Chairman of UP, His Excellency Sok Puthyvuth. His vision is for UP was to be a vibrant training ground for global change makers committed to improving and investing in Cambodia. The vision also committed to the values of excellence, integrity, tolerance, diversity, innovation and service.

University of Puthisastra was recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia through Sub-Decree No. 174 dated 15 November 2007 with 5 faculties at that time including Faculty of Arts and Languages, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law and Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development.

In 2011, the university was allowed to open the Faculty of Health Sciences majoring in Medicine, Dentistry, Nurse, Midwife and Laboratory Technology. To date, University of Puthisastra comprises of the following faculties:
• Faculty of Pharmacy
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Dentistry
• Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
• Faculty of English & Employability
• Faculty of Health Sciences & Biotechnology
• Faculty of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology

In 2018, University of Puthisastra officially welcomed its new President, Professor Ian Findlay who with an extensive experience in education, research and the health sciences as well pioneering in DNA analysis and renowned tester of DNA linked to Jack the Ripper.

Professor Ian Findlay has a strong vision and is driving UP to become a leader not only in Cambodia but also an ASEAN leader. And in this ever-changing world equip students, graduates and Cambodia for the 21st Century and beyond.

The very 1st Volume of UP voice was published back in the 1st of October 2018, featuring President and Vice Chancellor Ian Findlay and continues to be the fortnightly newsletter featuring recent news information about UP.

Its been a very exciting since that 1st edition and here are some highlights of UP Voices featuring significant achievements and are listed in the following series:
• UP is Top Health Science University in Cambodia, The University of Puthisastra is declared top health science university
in the country and has made it to the top 5 best universities in Cambodia according to Webometrics Ranking of World’s
Universities 2018 (Vol. 2)
• UP Launched the 1st ever Pharmacy Conference (Vol. 3)
• UP established Learning Lounge, offers formal academic support services in science, academic skills, study skills, and
self-learning to Foundation Years and also other years. (Vol. 7)
• Dean of Medicine, Professor Sandro appointed (Vol. 9)
• UP launched Research Centre with Dr. Tineke appointed as Director of Research (Vol.10)
• UP and Khmer Sight Foundation Launch Eye Clinic at UP (Vol. 11)
• 100% success for UP Dental students in the National Exit Exam (Vol. 13)
• Prime Minister Presides over University of Puthisastra’s 3rd Graduation Ceremony (Vol. 18)
• UP Launched its first ever Career Conference in 2019 (Vol. 23)
• UP announced the implementation of UPOP-UP’s online learning Management system (Vol. 25)
• UP was recognized as the top university in Cambodia from UNIPAGE World University Ranking (Vol. 28)
• UP Celebrated its first ever Annual Staff Party (Vol. 31)
• 100% success for UP Medical students in the National Exit Exam (Vol. 37)
• UP Received Maximum Accreditation from Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (Vol. 40)
• The professorial appointments at UP to Professor Callum Durward and Professor Sandro Vento (Vol. 41)
• UPs High Quality Online Learning officially recognized by MoEYS (Vol. 46)
• UP Becomes a CPD provider recognized by Pharmacy Council of Cambodia (Vol. 52)
• UP Opening of Orthodontic Clinic (Vol. 53)
• UP signs MoU with IDP/IELTS, becoming an IELTS alliance program referral Agent (Vol. 56)
• UP Produces High Impact Publications in International Medical Journals in The LANCET (Vol. 57)
• New Program: Bachelor of Science Research launched at UP (Vol. 60)
• More than 130 UP students have responded to the call from the Government of Cambodia for volunteers to fight Covid-
19 (Vol. 62)
• UP Creates history: First and only Cambodian University in Prestigious Times Higher Education Ranking Tables (Vol. 63)
• UP’s President – Ian Findlay recognized as a top education global leader by the Education Magazine (Vol. 64)
• UP takes the lead as the only Cambodian University to offer CPD across all four of the major Health fields (Vol.65)
• UP Launches the Journal of Cambodian Health (Vol. 66)
• UP Donates approximately USD 8K to LRDE for Covid Appeal fund (Vol.68)
• Professor Ian Findlay appointed as Chief Health Advisor of The Gomha Cambodia Branch (Vol. 69)
• UP Organizes certificate award ceremony to UP volunteer students fighting against Covid-19 in the Kingdom (Vol. 71)
• UP Dental Clinic registered as UP Dental Hospital (Vol. 77)
• UP Launches its 1st Alumni Event (Vol. 78)
• UP launches English program (Vol. 80)
• Publications at UP surpass 100 for 2021 (Vol. 86)
• More than 2000 students join UP Discovery Festival 2022 (Vol. 93)
• Prime Minister presides over University of Puthisastra’s 4th Graduation Ceremony (Vol. 95)
• UP Launches its first Bridging Bachelor Degree of Medical Laboratory Technology (Vol.96)
• UP Accepts application for Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Vol. 96)
• UP Launches its first ever Research Conference (Vol. 98)
• UP Launches the 1st Annual Teaching Conference 2022 (Vol. 99)
• More Success on the Global stage for the university of Puthisastra, once again the only Cambodian University in Elite Times Higher Education Tables (Vol. 99)

This is the special edition that marks 100 volume of UP voice and specially tribute to Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An. We hope that we have made Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An proud.

At UP, we believe in 3 core values, which are Honor Self, Respect Others, and Develop Society. Our goal is to embed these positive values in our students and to equip graduates and the country for the 21st Century!

Message from the president

In Cambodia and across the world we continue to face many challenges including the
COVID pandemic, Ukraine unrest, and the substantial social and economic after effects.
Inflation is rising, interest rates are rising, economic uncertainty is rising and the world
needs strength, hope and opportunity through education, health and technology more
and more.

2020, 2021 (and much of 2022) have seen COVID-19 ripping apart societies and
industries, including education, across the globe with many facing financial ruin.

We have a simple choice – those that adapt may survive, those that don’t, won’t. We
must adapt to the new future or die.

Cambodia, and other countries, can simply passively accept a future imposed by
others or we can lead and create our own future – and we need education, health
and technology to do this. Without these, we fail as a nation and we fail our nation.

So why are education, health and technology so important? Quite simply because health, education and technology are skills critical for the 21st Century and are the three greatest indicators and drivers of great nations.
UPs commitment is long term:
1. in Health we have programs such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and midwifery – creating young skilled
professionals to be the health Leaders of tomorrow
2. In science and research, we have programs such as lab technology and a Bachelor of Science (research0 degree.
These allow local young people to learn the broad principles of research and equip them to be the science and
technology leaders of tomorrow. UP is the only Cambodian university to have a research degree.
3. We have technology programs (such as our bachelors and Masters of IT). Our Bachelor and Masters of IT programs
focus on the big technology issues of today – data science, big data and cybersecurity
4. English skills. English is quite simply the international language of success in education, health, technology and so
many fields. Without good English students have a limited career and future. Good English skills are a must.
UP teaches 4 years of English to students – free of charge.
5. We have professional development. UP is the only university of offer professional development in 6 main health
(medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, midwifery and heath science) fields. We also offer more than 70 training
courses to UP staff to upskill and help them reach their goals.
6. UPOP – our modern custom-built leading learning and teaching system – not just Zoom or Skype or Facebook. UPOP
has been recognised by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Posts and Telecom and Ministry of Industry, Science,
Technology and Innovation to one of the very best on Cambodia
7. Our modern curricula based on international best practice, delivered by international experts. We review and improve
every single course each year (over 1500 courses)
8. Our leading research – one of the best in Cambodia – with over 105 papers from UP in 2021 and more in 2022.
9. Delivering more than 65,000 hours of quality online teaching – using technology to make sure UP students, graduates
and Cambodia continues to succeed
But what else do we provide at UP?
10. Critical Thinking. This is analysis of knowledge to form judgements or create new knowledge & innovation. These are
Critical skills for 21st century success.
11. Employability Skills – soft skills. These critical skills include helping students write the best CVs to get the best jobs
and the highest salaries. To become future leaders.
12. Communication Skills –Better communication leads to better outcomes
13. Research skills – to ask the right questions, to seek out information, to evaluate that information, make judgements
and create something awesome
14. Alignment with International Standard Curricula to gain international accreditations so students can work and train
from the best, gain best-practice skills from the best and be able to work abroad
15. Teaching by international experts – sharing world-class expertise & experience. Learning from the best to be the best.
16. International electives and experiences – students gain international experience & expertise to enable them to under
stand how different cultures and worlds work.
17. IT skills. IT skills are crucial in our increasingly digital Industry 4.0 interconnected world. We must be ready.

UP embeds Critical Thinking/soft-skills, Research Skills, IT skills and English skills and into every single course in every single program. This gives our students, and Cambodia’s graduates, a very strong foundation in health, IT and technology skills. We embed these skills into students’ curricula to prepare graduates for the 21st Century. Our students are today’s investment for tomorrow’s future.

We look forward to our next generation – our graduates – to use their education and skills to change the world and make the world a better place for all of us. Education is our investment in our future.

UP’s graduates are our ambassadors in Cambodia and around the world; they showcase the best that Cambodia can offer. Our graduates are engaged, smart, collaborative and entrepreneurial. They are ready, willing and able to embrace new opportunities.

At the University of Puthisastra we develop home-grown Cambodian talent to address Cambodia’s needs. UP’s graduates are our ambassadors in Cambodia and around the world; they showcase the best that Cambodia can offer.

These are the skills being promoted at the University of Puthisastra and many leading universities around the world. This is why we at the University of Puthisastra invest so much time, effort and expense to provide hope and opportunity and make Cambodia proud.

Our students are already seeing the success of UP approach. The first excellent news I would like to share with you is the academic success of UP students – 100% success rates in National Exit Exams. 100% pass in Medicine, 100% pass in Dentistry, 100% pass in Pharmacy, 100% pass in Nursing, and 100% pass in Midwifery – the very best results in Cambodia. This demonstrate our quality teaching and the commitment of our staff in ensuring that UP students can be the very best.

Additionally, UP became the first and only Cambodian university ranked in over 1400 of the World’s Top Universities in very prestigious Times Higher Education Rankings; especially a Top 500 university for the Sustainable Development at the United Nations. These are such incredible results for a small university in a developing nation. We hope to make Cambodia proud.

UP is the only university which has a dedicated research degree; our Bachelor of Science (Research) to strengthen Cambodia’s increasingly important research and economic future as repeatedly outlined by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

This prestige attracts opportunity – and the opportunity for Cambodia to be recognised by the World, to attract grants and collaborations and for Cambodia to attract the very best and play a major role and achieve our ambitions as a middle to high income economy.

UP’s success in our students’ success. And our student’s success is Cambodia’s success.
Proud to be a UPer.

100 Volume of UP Voice Foundation Year

A Year of Growth and Achievement in the Foundation Year Department

The Foundation Year Office has had a busy year in 2022, moving from online delivery to on-campus classes and expanding to 15 full-time staff members (from just two people in 2018). Throughout the challenges we have faced, we have found many opportunities to grow and develop our teaching skills and the knowledge base of our team.

Starting the Year Right

The Foundation Year Department worked hard to achieve great outcomes for our students in the FY courses for the academic year 2021-2022. It was a great joy to welcome our students back on campus after the NEE!!


We had a fun and busy orientation before we dove into our two whirlwind semesters! In addition to sessions about academic misconduct, IT information, and English placement, we had a day of fun team games and entertainment.

Here are a few highlights:
Discovery Festival
At the Discovery Festival, FY challenged students with a short presentation about the programme, and then a competition via Kahoot!

Conferences and Awards

We gained fruitful insights at the UP Research Conference around the theme of “Improving Cambodian Health and Wellbeing – the way forward” and the UP Learning & Teaching Conference, “The Teaching of Tomorrow: Innovation, Enhancement, and Excellence,” in October.

Mr. Sorn Virak and Mr. San Techly presented at Research Conference

under the titles: (1) “Effect of supplemental endo-xylanase in broiler chicken feed: a prebiotic approach to improve digestibility, gut microbiota, and broiler chicken performance.” (2) “Potential use of laccases in decolorizing synthetic dyes in textile wastewater: a green approach for wastewater treatment in Cambodia.” They won 2nd place for the most popular award at the UP Research Conference.

UP’s Foundation Year Coordinator Attends Ponlork Chomnes National Policy Forum
Panha was invited to join the Ponlork Chomnes National
Policy Forum at Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh,
under the theme: ‘Strengthening Resilience and
Responses to Covid-19 in Cambodia and ASEAN, on
October 26-27, 2022. She acted as a moderator for
policy brief presentation sessions on October 27, 2022.

The forum primarily discussed agriculture and food security,
education, public services and social protection, urban
development, and the economy.
The key policy takeaways were highlighted:
● Enable meaningful participation
● Be climate-smart
● Adapt to new ways of working
● Ensure inclusion
● Promote people-centered development
● Develop resilience.

Best Lecturer

Mrs. Thy Kimlai, achieved an award of excellence in teaching: “Best Lecturer” in FY 2021-2022. We are very proud of her accomplishments, with her drive and dedication to be a phenomenal teacher and course coordinator!

Mr. San Techly and Mr. Ay Bunnarith represented the Foundation Year Department at Cambodia Tech Expo 2022 to connect with future students and potential partners.

What It Means To Work at UP

Mr. Daniel Gillard,
Head of the Faculty of English & Employability

From The Faculty of English & Employability Team At The University Of Puthisastra

In anticipation of this very special 100th Volume of UP Voice, the University of Puthisastra’s far-reaching and wide-ranging fortnightly publication, the team of English Lecturers were asked to take a moment to reflect on what it means to them personally to work at the premier university here in Cambodia. Their thoughts are below; they are warm and inspirational words that reflect a faculty team who are deeply committed to the betterment of UP’s students, and of Cambodian society more widely.

When I reflect on what it means to work here myself, it is the privilege of leadership that stands out strongest for me, not just serving as an academic leader, but also the sharing of a responsibility we have here at the university, to cultivate, to encourage, and to grow Cambodia’s next generation of leaders in health sciences and beyond, and in doing so, growing the university itself, to be a shining beacon of educational excellence for this great country.

By providing English language teaching to students at the university, we enable them to graduate a step ahead of their peers from other universities. We are proud to say that there is no other programme of English within Higher Education in Cambodia that is so comprehensive and so tailored to their needs as future graduates, health science professionals and as future leaders.

I began work at UP a little over 4 years ago, when we had produced fewer than 5 volumes of UP Voice. It is a distinct pleasure to see us reach Volume 100, and we all look forward to seeing Volumes 250, 500 and one day, Volume 1000! The road ahead is a long and exciting one; I hope we can all continue on this journey together, in a mutual spirit of continual growth and learning.

Ms. Nichola Heaton, Foundation Year & Year 2 English Lecturer & Programme Coordinator

It is the students I teach at UP who inspire me in the classroom to be a better teacher. Seeing students in Foundation Year go on their journey from being shy and not wanting to speak English, to then becoming confident in their learning is a pure joy to witness.

For me personally, it is a privilege to be living and working in a culture that embraces education and values the opportunities and rewards that education can bring to students. I believe teaching and learning is a two-way process and I learn from our students how to be a better teacher.

Mr. David Spencer, English Lecturer

I’ve been teaching English for almost twenty years now, working in a variety of positions across three continents. However, I can honestly say that since joining UP in 2017, my career has definitely reached a new level. To be able to contribute to the education of a new generation of Health Science professionals, in a modern Cambodia which is developing rapidly, is highly rewarding.

To do so in a university that is quickly becoming the “go-to” learning establishment for future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, ICT professionals and health science research and allied professionals in this part of South East Asia, is indeed a privilege

Mr. Sok Neoun,
English Lecturer

The atmosphere at UP is simply the best. I have been working in the English Faculty here for over three years and love working with the wonderful staff and students, especially my coworkers, who are very supportive and fun to work with. Another big plus is that the
university supplies in-house training, which is great for my personal development. This, in turn, helps me to develop our students alongside myself, and also helps to positively influence the future of Cambodia as a modern, forward-facing nation.

Ms. Ry Rangsey,
English Lecturer

Being a part of the University of Puthisastra helps me strengthen my skills as an employee, as a lecturer, and as a colleague. Collaborating and working with other departments and colleagues hones my leadership and social skills. Moreover, the University of Puthisastra never fails to offer varied and compelling training for myself and all the staff here, to effectively work with and help each other.

Ms. Norin Rathana,
English Lecturer

Working at UP is like living in a dream when I am awake. UP is a workplace that helps me achieve my financial security. UP is my school, an institution that provides unbounded opportunities in diverse forms in order for me to cultivate myself, professionally and personally. UP is my home. It is a nurturing place where I attain a true sense of belonging, acquire emotional security and experience splendid collaboration. UP is all these things: my workplace, my school and my home.

Mr. Cheab Puthika, English Lecturer

At UP, not only am I able to contribute to the human resource development in the health science sector, but I also have the privilege to develop myself professionally through internal and external training workshops and collaborative work with highly competent and talented colleagues.

In such a dynamic, inclusive, and diverse work environment, I feel safe and motivated to fulfil my duties and responsibilities as a lecturer, ensuring that our students who graduate from UP are equipped with not only knowledge and skills but also high moral and ethical principles as well as compassion and empathy.

Mr. Eng Sokchan

Mr. Eng Sokchan, English Lecturer

The University of Puthisastra (UP) means a tremendous amount to me. UP is a true leading Higher Education institution where I can share and develop my teaching skills as a professional in an academic setting, through continuous classroom delivery, training and conference opportunities. The Faculty of English and Employability at UP creates a strong sense of community where people care about one another. Kind staff members, supportive coordinators, and especially the Head of the Faculty are always there to help. Teaching at UP also allows me to establish direct and close connections with my students ranging across a wide range of health science and science research fields.

Today, UP’s students are my students, asking me for help, yet tomorrow, they will be my doctors keeping me healthy, my dentists pulling out a loose tooth, and my nurses and pharmacists providing me with essential medication and support, based on researchers’ work. Who knows what the future holds? Always be nice to students! Simply put, the experience and feeling of working at UP, I could never find anywhere else.

Mr. Ally Wilson,

Mr. Ally Wilson, English Lecturer

It’s early morning, you are fast asleep, only to be awoken by the noise of your morning alarm. You look begrudgingly at the time as you sigh heavily trying to pull yourself out of bed, wishing you didn’t have to work for a living.

I do not have that feeling anymore. I have not had that feeling for a long time. I work at the University of Puthisastra, an institution with a core belief in making the needs of students and staff a top priority. Student achievement, faculty development and a resolute determination to deliver the best programmes possible to students, is not an ambitious objective here, rather it is considered a university standard. This is what it means to me to work at The University of Puthisastra.

Ms. Neang Lyda

Ms. Neang Lyda, English Lecturer

Having the opportunity to work at the UP allows me to hold a ‘master key’ to my own professional, personal and social development. The enhancement in my professional and personal expertise has been fostered significantly because of the support from my supervisors, the collaboration with team members and other UP colleagues as well as the hosting of many essential training sessions and conferences at the university. UP has not only shaped me to be a better person in terms of my profession and my personality but the university has also given me a chance to help contribute my knowledge and skills to the next generation.

Mr. Philip Ward

Mr. Philip Ward (LCSW), English Lecturer

As a new member of the University of Puthisastra’s Faculty of English, I appreciate the opportunity to work in Cambodia’s leading health sciences university. Working alongside Khmer and foreign-born educators allows for a learning and working environment that is focused on developing Cambodian student capacities within a context that embraces diversity, change, and tradition. The students of UP are one generation removed from the existential threat of the Khmer Rouge and it is an honour to be entrusted to directly contribute to the learning of the Kingdom of Wonder’s future leaders.


Over the past 100 issues of UP Voice, Dentistry at UP has been constantly in the news. Every issue has highlighted the many activities of staff and students in the Faculty of Dentistry, covering a wide range of topics.

Many stories have focused on the UP Dental Hospital. One of the most significant stories several years ago was the registration of our dental clinic as a Dental Hospital. The increasing demand for dental services meant that the original clinic had to be extended, and the hours of operation had to be extended into the evenings 6 days per week. The range of services provided has also been promoted in some issues, with before and after photos of cases successfully treated by UP students and staff.

UP Voice also highlighted our purchase of new equipment – including the dental microscope, laser and implant machines, and new dental chairs.

Since UP Voice was first published, we have also seen changes in personnel within the Faculty of Dentistry. Recently we saw the employment of two international dental technicians who are helping train our students in dental technology while providing high quality lab services for the hospital.

The employment of a dental business development manager is aimed at making dentistry at UP financially strong so that we can continue to grow.

UP Voice has published articles on some our highly qualified staff, lecturers and tutors – many of whom are the top dental specialists in the country. It also reported on the appointment of Heads of each Dental Discipline who are taking responsibility of developing the teaching and learning in their respective areas.

Since UP Voice started we also have employed a number of overseas lecturers to teach (online) in specialized areas such as Special Care Dentistry, OMF Radiology, OMF Surgery, Community Dentistry, Dental Pharmacology and Dental Practice Management. In addition, UP Voice has featured the many visiting lecturers from all over the world who have added to what our own lecturers are teaching our students. It reported on teams coming from all over the world including AHHA (Australia), NYU (USA), UNE (USA) and Denriche (Japan).

Over the last 4 years UP Voice has also written about the certificate and diploma courses offered at UP. These have included implant courses, wisdom tooth courses, orthodontic courses, and currently a Diploma of Endodontics. Most of these courses have involved local and overseas lecturers working together to provide high quality education for Cambodian dentists. Many more courses are planned for the coming year including a Masters in Orthodontics.

UP Voice has also highlighted the many UP dental graduates who have completed their thesis defense, and the many hours of CPD we have provided for Cambodian dentists. We have collaborated with the International College of Dentists to offer more than 20 webinars, and conducted many CPD courses ranging from Cross Infection Control during COVID, to managing medical emergencies in the dental clinic, to laser therapy in dentistry, to updates in orthodontics. Almost all the CPD for dentists in Cambodia is offered by UP.

Many issues of UP Voice have illustrated dentistry’s programs to provide dental services for disadvantaged groups. Our weekly Prison Dental Service, weekly visits to schools in the Healthy Kids Cambodia project, free treatment of children from NGOs in our Dental Hospital, and provision of oral health services have all been displayed.

Many issues have had articles about our international collaborations. With more than 20 MOUs signed with overseas universities and international organizations in the past 4 years, UP has established itself as a key player in dental education in the region. Apart from during Covid, when everything went online, UP Dentistry has participated in many international conferences and workshops. Our students have also had many opportunities to take part in exchange programs to many countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, USA, Japan, and Australia. These exchanges have frequently been reported in UP Voice.

UP Voice has also been instrumental in highlighting our remarkable publishing success. Led by Assoc Prof Anand Marya (Deputy Dean for Dental Research), we are now publishing over 100 papers in international dental journals each year. UP Voice has reported on some of these publications.

Over the past 100 issues, UP Voice has helped connect us with not only our own staff and students, but also the wider Cambodian and international community. We wish UP Voice every success for the next 100 issues!

Messages from our leaders

Ky Sovutda, Director of Finance and Business Improvement

“Being a leader at UP, I am proud and happy to see the strong committee and contribution of UP to education to drive academic quality and improve digital learning for a better future for students. And I strongly believe that UP will continue to the committee even more for students’ outcomes and their futures.”

Bou Kanika, Head of Marketing

“When I was told that UP Voice was to be published every fortnight, I didn’t believe it as we didn’t even have enough stories to publish monthly! However, I was wrong and now we publish 10-12 pages of exciting UP news every fortnight and approximately 1000-1200 pages since our first edition! And now we reach 100 volumes!

There are no limits to our strong and committed leaders at UP!”

UP Joins the first ever Cambodia Tech Expo 2022

Recently, UP set up booth at the Cambodia Tech Expo 2022, the first annual program, focusing on excellence in technology, economy and digital society and the fourth generation of the industrial revolution (4IR). The expo held from November 11 -13, 2022 at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This expo is a major event organized in conjunction with the ASEAN Summit, which Cambodia is hosting. This is the time where UP showcasing its course offerings in Health Sciences, Technology, Research and also English Program.

Visitors on that days got a chance to interact with the current undergraduates as well as the teaching Faculty members to find out more about the majors available, career possibilities, and to try some experiments related to the degree courses offered at UP.

UP provides top quality education to undergraduates, over 70% of UP’s teaching staff has a Doctoral degree, and more than one third of the academic staff are foreigners who come with international expertise, very important to provide graduates with international job opportunities.

In addition to quality teaching, UP has many other qualities to help undergraduates such as free fast Wi-Fi, canteen, Student Clubs, and an online library that allows easy access around the clock for undergraduates doing research. As an internationally focused university, UP also provides intensive English tuition, no need to study (and pay) elsewhere.

A/P Tineker Water, Director of Research, invited as guest speaker in Cambodia Tech Expo

Associate Professor Tineke Water took part in the Cambodia Tech Expo – CTX 2022 held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of November on a Panel Discussion: Recovery and Resilient: AgriTech and Health Tech. This focused on a One Health approach in agriculture and health towards greater sustainability and resilience.

Associate Professor Tineke Water spoke on the new Health Technology Road Map which the University of Puthisastra wrote (led by Assoc Prof Tineke) for the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation.https://www.misti.gov.kh/public/file/202206301656579483.pdf

QLTS (Quality, Learning and Teaching, and Students)

QLTS (Quality, Learning and Teaching, and Students) was created to control the internal quality of education and respond to the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) and the Cambodian Qualifications Framework (CQF). QLTS plays an essential role in checking and balancing internal quality assurance, training teachers to innovate their teaching methods, responding to social changes, and maintaining international standards regarding the quality of education.

We believe UP is the only Cambodian university to have a whole department dedicated to improving education and student outcomes.

QLTS is developing a programme of modern teaching for all lecturers to upgrade their teaching methodologies, especially in the context of education 4.0, for 2023. By doing so, students are able to absorb knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the context of social changes through techno-pedagogy and andragogy. This is an excellent opportunity for internal and external lecturers, in-service teachers, and pre-service teachers to innovate and modernise their teaching practices with the University of Puthisastra.

Presently, QLTS is responsible for 4 main areas: Learning and Teaching, Learning Centre (Library), Student Services, and Engagement, Partnerships and Alumni. The following paragraphs provide a summary of each area.

• Learning and Teaching: The Department of QLTS provides a positive and healthy learning environment through a community of practice in pedagogies, contemporary and enhancing students’ learning experiences for flexible, digital, and hybrid learning contexts. QLTS also offers around 70 annual training programs for staff to improve their pedagogical approaches to maximize academic quality and students’ learning outcomes.

• Student Services: QLTS develops relationships with students and student leaders and communicates with students effectively and regularly in order to improve student services and learning experiences. Furthermore, QLTS designs, coordinates and implements programs and services for students in response to their needs (including career development skills and leadership workshops, career advisory sessions to outreaches, and community programs).

• Learning Centre (Library): The Department of QLTS provides an attractive library environment that allows students to access relevant learning and research materials easily. It also offers training on teaching methods, tools and UP’s online learning management System (UPOP). Some teaching methods include online, flipped, and hybrid learning, for staff and students with the support of digital learning facilitators.

• Engagement, Partnerships, & Alumni: QLTS develops and manages the relationship with university alumni to build mutually productive partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. It also manages and improves relationships with current partners and collaboration with new partnerships. These include educational institutions, NGOs, healthcare service providers, companies, and relevant industry players in healthcare and technology to facilitate student exchanges, internships, volunteer opportunities, and personal development opportunities.

Faculty of Health Sciences & Biotechnology From Strength to Strength

The Faculty of Health Sciences & Biotechnology at UP has grown from strength to strength over the past 2 years. In that time the staff complement has grown with several internationally qualified post graduate qualified Cambodian staff returning from Thailand and Japan to bring their experience and skills to UP. The Faculty also welcomed a new Head, Associate Prof TJ Moore – an internationally experienced researcher and educator.

In addition to growing its staff numbers, the Faculty now offers two new undergraduate programs:
1. Cambodia’s first and only Bachelor Science (Research) degree, and
2. Cambodia’s only private university offering a Ministry of Health approved Bridging Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

The Faculty is also currently expanding its technical expertise by investing heavily in laboratory equipment for research and teaching, including a suite of histopathology equipment, tissue culture facilities, and a state of the art atomic absorption spectroscopy lab.

Dr Chea Sin speaks at 2nd International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2022

Dr Chea Sin was invited by the organizing committee of 2nd International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2022 to deliver a talk on Herbal Medicines Used to Treat COVID-19 and Its Symptoms.

This conference was held at Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi from November 04 to November 06, 2022. Over 300 natural products researchers gathered together to share their research findings and insights into research on natural products and human health.

Next year, this conference will be organized in Brazil, that will be the third International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2023.Dr Chea Sin was invited by the organizing committee of 2nd International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2022 to deliver a talk on Herbal Medicines Used to Treat COVID-19 and Its Symptoms.

This conference was held at Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi from November 04 to November 06, 2022. Over 300 natural products researchers gathered together to share their research findings and insights into research on natural products and human health.

Next year, this conference will be organized in Brazil, that will be the third International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2023.

UP Faculty of Pharmacy Launches semester 1 for its Master Programs

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Puthisastra is launching semester 1 for Master’s Degree Programme in Pharmaceutical Science and Medical Biology for the new Academic Year, 2022-2023 from 19 November 2021. Students will spend 2 years (or 4 semesters) in order to complete this programme. The Master of Pharmaceutical Science has four tracks, which students will select one from the second year.
Track 1: Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Health Products
Track 2: Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy
Track 3: Medication and Public Health
Track 4: Hospital Pharmacy

On the other hand, for their Master of Biology degree, students who successfully complete this program will become highly qualified

specialists in the field of medical biology with potential future careers in/as:
+ Management of medical biology laboratories in both the public and the private sectors.
+ Senior technicians working in medical biology laboratories to ensure the highest standards of laboratory quality.
+ Candidates for PhD studies in Medical Biology.

UP faculty of pharmacy is the first private university who has graduate program in Cambodia.

Medical Students have Study Tour at Siem Reap Province

41 medical students in year 2 to 6 and five Faculty of Medicine staff went on a study tour to a remote village near Tonle Sap Lake in Siem Reap Province. Kompong Pluk commune in Prasat Bakong District is around 40-minute drive from the center of Siem Reap City.

During the 3-day trip, the students visited the Angkor Hospital for Children and learnt about the hospital’s history and working processes. The team also contributed a donation (including medications) to the hospital, which provides largely free-of-charge treatment to sick children. A few students also made a blood donation during the visit. Dr. Prom Vireak, Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs, met also the medical students who have been doing their internship rotations at the hospital.
On the second day of the trip, there were three main activities in Kompong Phluk Pagoda, the main destination of the study trip.

1. Our medical students provided a general medical checkup to around 100 villagers, both adults and children, in Kompong Phluk Commune. Many of them have limited access to medical centers during the rainy season because their houses become the floating village. During the checkup, supportive treatment was provided when needed and recommendations were made to seek additional treatment in the hospitals. (2) As providers of health education, the students talked to the villagers about acute diarrhea, a frequent issue there. (3) 150 kits containing study materials were given to grade 4 and 5 pupils in Kompong Phluk Primary School.
2. The study tour also helped to strengthen the relationships between the medical students and the Faculty staff and also between the students themselves.

Faculty of Medicine would like to thank for the
support of the trip by the following companies:
• Chea Ry. Co., Ltd
• Pharmaproduct Manufacturing (PPM)
• Aruna, Cambodia’s Natural Water
• American Intercon School (AIS)
• Angkor Thom Bookstore
• Para Plus Pharmacy

Dr Chea Sin Spoke at Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, Delhi, India

Dr Chea Sin was invited by vice-chancellor of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University to deliver a talk in a Pre-conference workshop in relation to the role of pharmacognosy and regulations for the development of traditional medicine. During, that workshop, there was a section to discuss about collaborative opportunities between UP Faculty of Pharmacy and Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University on students exchanges, joint research, faculty training and faculty exchanges. On principle, both parties agreed to look at what we can do together to help each other to grow further and make contributions to the world pharmaceutical sciences. Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University is the first and only Pharmaceutical University in India.

MD Students fly to Singapore for Project Lokun

10 medical students from years 2, 3 and 5 joined a trip to Singapore organized by the Project Lokun Kh and the National University of Singapore (NUS), as the part of a program of Development, Education and Clinical Services.

The aim of this project is to strengthen the relationship between the University of Puthisastra and the Project Lokun Committee of NUS. This trip provided an opportunity for some of our medical students to experience the advanced healthcare environment of Singapore. The students visited the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and toured the Singapore General Hospital. The students were very impressed by the NUS campus.

During the 5-day trip, they also attended three general meetings about the Project Lokun Kh to share experiences and plan future initiatives. Ms. Soeung Dalin said that the trip exposed the students to a completely different healthcare environment in respect of the Cambodian one, and that this was an eye-opening experience. The workshops that the students attended allowed them to expand their knowledge and encouraged them to study harder.

Mr. Sea Arewin added that this exchange program allowed her to make new friends and enhanced his communication skills.

Dr Chea Sin was invited to visit the No. 1 School of Pharmacy in India

Dr Chea Sin was invited by Professor Dr. Sayeed Ahmad to visit his pharmacognosy and pharmacology research laboratory. Professor Dr. Sayeed Ahmad is a professor of pharmacognosy and pharmacology of number 1 school of pharmacy, in India, which is a faculty of pharmacy of Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi, India. During the visit, collaborative opportunities were discussed between Dr. Chea Sin and Professor Dr. Sayeed Ahmad. Professor Dr. Sayeed Ahmad welcomed UP faculty to come to get training and conduct joint research. He also opened opportunities for UP Master Degree students to continue PhD degree at his faculty.

UP Dental Student Joins First Exchange Program to India

During the semester break UP final year student Mr Na Chihan set off for an exciting program of overseas conferences and an exchange program. His first stop was Bali where he was given a complimentary registration to attend ORMCO Orthodontics Forum with UP Assoc Professor Anand Marya who was an invited speaker. The workshop was very interesting and there was time for some sightseeing as well. Next stop was India. The first week was spent at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed to be University (KIMSDU) in Karad. UP has an MOU with this institution which has a very good reputation. He visited all the departments in the Faculty of Dentistry and particularly enjoyed observing OMF surgery in their large hospital.

The Krishna Institute has a large amount of land and several hostels for students to stay in while doing their studies. The Faculty of Dentistry consists of 9 departments all located in one large building, the dental hospital. The patients are referred to the department depending on their main problem. This is quite unlike UP where we run a “general practice” hospital – without separate departments. The Institute also has an in-house dental lab, which can make metal, ceramic, and zirconium crowns. This makes their prosthodontics department very strong. They have a range of postgraduate courses, and keep a few seats every year for applicants from other cities. Chihan also got to go on a “dental camp”, similar to our UP community dentistry fieldwork. They visit villages in the region to give check-ups, and then refer the patients back to the hospital for needed treatment. At UP, we provide most of the treatment in the field.

Chihan said he was lucky to go there during Diwali festival, which made the journey more exciting. During Diwali, students get leave to go to their hometown to meet their families. During the holidays he got to hang out with the local students who took him to interesting places around the city. The students were very friendly and kind and by the time Chihan left he had made some good friends. The Institute welcomes more UP students to visit on exchange in the future.

For the final part of his adventure Chihan went to the IDCMR conference in Coorg (also in India). UP is a member of IDCMR. The conference was hybrid with some participants there in person, and others online (including our own UP staff). The conference took place at the Coorg Dental University located in the mountains a few hours drive from Bangalore. Chihan enjoyed the conference and the gala dinner, where they performed a lot of Indian dances. There were many participants from Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Chihan received a commendation for his oral presentation.

Faculty of Pharmacy calls for abstract submission for the 4th Pharmacy Research Conference

The 4th pharmaceutical research conference (The 4th PRC) will be held from December 05 to 06, 2022 by the Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP). Currently, we are calling for abstract submission. We are delighted to invite all researchers, pharmacists, academicians, and pharmacy students who are interested in sharing research findings relating to the area of pharmacy education, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology, and medical biology to join us in making the 4th pharmaceutical research conference more memorable and insightful.

Following the release of “Call for Abstracts,” the submitted abstracts will be passed through the review process by the research committee of the conference. The outstanding abstracts will be either oral or poster presentations. During the two-day event, there will be sharing sessions from invited speakers, and oral presentations will be given along with poster presentations. This conference will be a showcase for your research achievements, so we are looking forward to seeing many brilliant findings in December. Please send us your abstracts by November 5, 2022. Even if you do not have any research findings, you are all invited to “The 4th PRC 2022” as participants to learn more about research in various fields of pharmacy.

For more information, please contact the 4th PRC organizers, by Phone number or telegram +855 (0) 15 970 234, +855 (0) 78 978 649, +855 (0) 87 882 149 or Email: upprc@puthisastra.edu.kh.

The Organizing Committee of the 3rd UP Pharmacy Conference would like to thank the following for your excellent presence:
• H.E Ban Botta, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Pharmacy Council of Cambodia
• Professor Ian Findlay, Vice Chancellor and President of the University of Puthisastra
• Professor Chea Sin, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
And honorary speakers, professors, doctor of pharmacy, pharmacist and pharmacy owners from different regions, including pharmacists from the provinces, factories, pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies, etc.

In particular, we would like to express my deep gratitude to pharmacy staff who have dedicated their energy, mind and spirit to facilitate the smooth and successful organization of the 3rd Pharmacy Conference.The Organizing Committee would like to wish his excellency, Lok Chumteav, Professors, Teachers, Pharmacists all good health, strength and success in all tasks.

MOU Signing Ceremony between CamTech University and University of Puthisasta, Kirirom Institute of Technology, and TUX Global Institute

On Monday, October 24, 2022, at CamTech University, there was an important signing ceremony between CamTech University and other three higher education institutions, which was presided over by H.E. Youk Ngoy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The ceremony was also attended by professors, staff and students from all of the participating institutions. From University of Puthisastra, there were Prof. Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. TJ MOORE, Head of Health Science, Prof. Tineke Water, Director of Research, Mr. Be Sokkeang, Program Coordinator of Faculty of Laboratory and Mr. Kol Rotha, Engagment and Partnership Coordinator.

The signing ceremony has three main objectives: 1) to enhance the partnership between higher education institutions to improve the quality of higher education and strengthen research capacity 2) to promote cooperation between professors and researchers in educational institutions Higher Education and 3) Provide opportunities to exchange experiences, knowledge and creative perspectives towards a sustainable digital revolution for future higher education institutions.


UP was recently invited to attend an important 2 day meeting at the Phnom Penh Hotel to review and finalize the draft Health Workforce Development Plan 2022-2030. UP was represented at the meeting by Prof Callum Durward, Dean of Dentistry.

The meeting was Chaired by ME Prof Thir Kry, Secretary of State at MOH, and the opening speeches were given by HE Yit Sunnara, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Health, and WHO representative on behalf of Dr Li Ailan. During the two day meeting, each part of the draft Plan was presented and then discussed in small groups by the participants, who came from central and provincial health authorities, public and private training institutions, GTZ, and other stakeholders. Leaders of the discussions included Mr Mo Mai (WHO), Dr Masahiro Zakoji (WHO), Dr Phom Samsong (Director of Personnel Dept, MOH), Prof Touch Sokneang (RHDD Director, MOH), and Dr Yin Chamrouen (MC).

To set the scene, the achievements of the government in improving the health of the population, and providing a well-trained health workforce were highlighted. However with a growing, aging and more urbanized population, there are many challenges ahead.

The pattern of disease in the population is also changing – there is a trend towards more non-communicable diseases. There is expected to be a growing demand and expectation for higher quality and new health services. New types of health professionals will be needed – however curricula for these have yet to be developed.

The government’s commitment to Universal Health Coverage and to improving the quality of public health facilities and services were discussed. Questions related to human resource development were debated. Problems were identified such as the imbalance in the number of health personnel in urban compared with rural areas, and the shortage of skilled professionals in some areas.

The new health workforce development plan aims to address these issues by building a health workforce fit for future population health and health system needs:
• Ensuring health workforce planning and development is responsive to population service needs
• Reforming and scaling up competency-based education and training for health professionals to improve skills and
competencies for addressing future health needs and challenges
• Strengthening management, recruitment, deployment and retention of health workforce
• Strengthening health workforce regulation to ensure quality and safety of health services through strengthening regulation
and compliance
• Re-emphasizing the roles and functions of health workforce for delivering integrated primary health care services and
essential public health functions.

UP is grateful to the MOH for the opportunity to contribute to the development of this important health workforce development plan, which will greatly benefit all Cambodians.

The Faculty of Medicine Provided an Assessment Plan Orientation for Part-Time Lecturers

The orientation meeting examined the University updated assessment policy and the Faculty’s assessment plan for the academic year 2022-2023 to ensure that part-time lecturers follow them. The number of the assessment depends on the credits of each subject.

During the meeting Dr. Yi Vannary, Assistant Dean for Education, illustrated the integrated teaching methodology, in which clinical cases are used when teaching basic science courses. The participant part-time lecturers expressed interested in this approach that may be used in semester 2 of the 2022-2023 academic year.

Orientation on Clerkship Policy and Logbook for Year-4 Medical Students

Year-4 medical students will start their clerkship hospital rotations for the first time by the end of November 2022. It is essential that the Faculty of Medicine provides an orientation about the clerkship policy and the logbook, and gives advice about the practical training. Dr. Prom Vireak, Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs, highlighted the objectives and outcome of the training, and stressed the students’ responsibilities and duties in the hospitals. The criteria for training validation and assessment were also mentioned in the presentation. The second part of the orientation focused on the logbook completion. The session ended with questions from the students.

White Coat Ceremony for Year 4 Medical Students

On Tuesday 1st November 2022, the Faculty of Medicine organized a White Coat Ceremony for 88 medical students starting their fourth year of study. The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Sandro Vento, and the Faculty Staff.
Prof. Sandro Vento reminded the students of the history of the white coat ceremony, which was first introduced in the United States, and encouraged the students to try to correlate what they will learn during the lectures at the University with their observations on patients encountered in the hospitals.
Medical students took the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to be professional in their interactions with patients, to help doctors to provide quality care and to treat the patients with compassion.
After that, the students went to the stage, and were given their medical coats by the two deputy deans and the two assistant deans of the Faculty.
We wish our year-4 students a successful training in the forthcoming clinical rotations!

Three Medical Students Attended PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Training

Three medical students attended a technical training about PICC on 4th November 2022 at the University of Puthisastra. The training was taught by experienced nurses from the United States.

The course provided not only theoretical guidance but also practical simulation. Real PICC materials and an ultrasound machine were used, and students were allowed to practice under the supervision of the experts

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony

between Sala Tech Digital Solutions (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and University of Puthisastra

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Puthisastra, participated in the MOU signing ceremony with Sala Tech Digital Solutions (Cambodia) Co., Ltd at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the presence of Her Excellency Kim Sethany, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

This auspicious event was also attended by other higher education institutions in Cambodia under one shared aim of
enhancing education in Cambodia in the digital age. This project objectives are: 1) To support the school in modernizing its administrative and academic operations. 2) To promote and increase students’ awareness on the importance of future careers and career choices, higher education, and TVET. 3) To enable easy and online enrolment for provincial students to higher education and TVET institutes. 4) To create sustainable development in Education, increase employment opportunities, and human resources.

AMK Microfinance Institution and University of Puthisastra Agreed to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Phnom Penh, October 20, 2022 – AMK Microfinance Institution and Puthisastra University held a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony to link some cooperation such academic cooperation on job skills needs through Internship for ICT students in financial institutions. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Sok Kosal, CEO of Information Technology of AMK Microfinance Institution, Prof. Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Puthisastra, management team, staff from both partners and students of University of Puthisastra.

AMK MFI is one of Cambodia’s leading MFIs in terms of outreach. AMK MFI has 150 operating branches, and nearly 7,000 agents nationwide. AMK provides a wide variety of products and services including Loans, Deposit, Money Transfer, and Micro Insurance (focus on health and accident), Bills Payment Services, Payroll, Leasing, ATMs, and CDMs, especially the Mobile Banking App which can pay for water, electricity, garbage, top-up phone cards, and pay bills by scanning KHQR, transferring money between other local banks with Bakong and many other services.

The University of Puthisastra is a private university in Phnom Penh which is fully accredited for its Foundation Year course by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC). With more than a decade of excellence in health sciences and

technology, the University of Puthisastra has trained doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, technicians, lab technicians, computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs. Currently, the University of Puthisastra has seven faculties related to health sciences and science and technology, including the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, the Faculty of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology, and the Faculty of English and Employability.


Recently dental students Leang Muyseang and Ouch Chanbunkheang made a set of complete dentures for this lovely lady. She was very happy with her new smile and pleased to be able to chew again! The students carried out the clinical steps under the supervision of Dr Tort Ravy, and the lab steps under the supervision of our new lab technician Mr Jean Le Goff. Congratulations to everyone for a great job.

The UP Dental Hospital is seeking more patients needing complete and partial dentures. Not only is our quality good, but the prices are much lower than most private clinics. If you would like to see a dentist or dental student about missing teeth – please contact our receptionist on 012 414 563.

Nursing Students get ready for Graduation Exam

Nursing students will soon be taking their upcoming Internal Exit Exam as well as National Exit Exam. The Nursing
Department conducted Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) training for nursing students of ADN-Batch9, BSN-Batch6, and BSNB-Batch3 to help prepare and strengthen students’ abilities by reviewing the exam checklists and reviewing practical classes.

Their OSCE training consists of 23 procedures for BSN and BSNB and 20 procedures for ADN. The OSCE Mock test will commence on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of November 2022, and the OSCE internal exit exam will commence on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd of November 2022

We wish our students every success in their OSCE Mock Test and OSCE Internal Exit Exam!


Recently Professor Ian Findlay hosted a group of academics from Malaysia. Leading the delegation were Emeritus Professor Lokman Saim from KPJ Healthcare University and Assoc Prof Nor Haniza Abdul Wahat from UKM Faculty of Health Sciences. UKM is one of the top Universities in Malaysia, and has many faculties and departments including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Audiology, Biomedical Sciences, Radiography and Radiotherapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Environmental and Occupational Health, Forensic Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Physiotherapy, and Speech Sciences. There was discussion about student and staff exchanges, collaborative research, and the future possibility of collaboration on starting new courses. UP’s excellent international links will help cement its place as the best health sciences university in Cambodia.

10 Dental Students Return from Exchange Program to KKU – by Im Puthisa

From 3rd to 7th of October 2022, 10 UP dental students from year 6 (Lorn Pechmarryneth, Ly Mengkheang, Chneang Vichetra, Mom Sovatey, Keo Socheat, Phav Samnang, Im Puthisa, Phom Chanthy, Seat Monyroth, and Chhim Chamroeun) went on exchange to Khon Kaen University. We were warmly welcomed by the KKU staff and students, and spent the week rotating between departments. Each group spent time in the various disciplines including the pediatric clinic, periodontal clinic, orofacial pain clinic, oral medicine clinic, OPD clinic, radiography department, and oral pathology lab. Apart from observing, we also made good connections with the Thai dental students and some staff. On the second day, we met with the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry (A/Professor Waranuch) and had dinner together with some of the KKU staff.

At the end of the exchange, we were taken to visit some of the tourist and cultural areas around Khon Kaen.

This exchange program was very “eye-opening” – we all learned a lot, not only about dentistry, but also about other
environments and other people in the dental world. This exchange provided us with the opportunity to apply the saying “We learn, we know, we share, and we improve”. Together we can make the better world.

UP Dental Students Fly to Jakarta for Exchange Program at Universitas Indonesia (UI)

The University of Indonesia (UI), located in Jakarta, is one of the largest public universities in Indonesia. It is one of the oldest tertiary-level educational institutions in Indonesia, founded in 1849 and is generally considered one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. In the 2019 QS World Universities Ranking, UI was ranked 1st in Indonesia. UI and UP have an MOU which allows for student and staff exchanges.

Recently 6 UP dental students (Mak Sangdor, Meng Sally, Leang Muyseang, Ev Chinglong, Ly Chheng and Chheur Hengchanpuplerleap) were selected to attend the exchange program for 9 days at Universitas Indonesia.

On the first day they joined in the first community project post-pandemic in Kampung Ilmu as observers. The following day they undertook clinical and lab observation at the integration clinic at the Salemba campus, as well the modern Dental Hospital within the university. There were a variety of departments where the UP students could experience and observe. They were impressed by the efficient work flow, and how their students carried out clinical procedures step-by-step. Each day the UP students were assigned to visit the different departments, including periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, conservative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial and surgery, oral medicine and pedodontics. Many of the students were interested in the pedodontic department since the clinic design, the flow and atmosphere is quite different to Cambodia.

Beside clinical and hospital observation, students were also taken sight-seeing to many tourist attractions and historic places such as the national museum, Ancol World, Sea World, Ancol Beach, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kota Tua (known as “old town”), Grand Indonesia (the biggest shopping mall in Indonesia) and many other places.

UP students greatly appreciated the warm welcome and hospitality from UI staff and students, who provided meals, transportation and guidance for the whole exchange period. The UP students said Indonesian students were really friendly and helpful, and accompanied the exchange students every single day. Last but not least, UI students were interested in coming to visit Cambodia as exchange students next year.

Students Orientation of Health Sciences and Biotechnology for the First Semester Academic Year 2022-2023

Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, the University of Puthisastra conducted an orientation for students of both the Departments of Laboratory Science, and Science Research for the first semester of the academic year 2022 – 2023.

The orientation was mainly focused on the UP’s policies, the curriculum of each program, course outlines, schedules, assessment plans and policies of each course, UPERP-Lecturer, and Student Attendance system, UPOP Moodle, and teaching methodologies including the student’s clerkship and internships.

It should also be noted that the Student Orientation was held on 31st October 2022 at Hall H, University of Puthisastra. The orientation was assisted by the participation of the faculty members, Registrar officer, IT officer, lecturers, and students.


On Sunday 13 November the dental company GC Asia collaborated with UP to run a workshop for dentists entitled “Challenges of discoloration solved in two ways”. The course was composed of lectures in the morning then a hands-on workshop in the afternoon where dentists were able to practice two techniques for managing discoloration of the anterior tooth. The course was conducted by Dr Ria Halili-Suguitan, Professional Services Manager for GC Asia (Philippines), assisted by Dr Margaretha Yessi (Product Manager for SE Asia) and Mr Vince Xie (Business Development Manager, SE Asia). The GC team was supported by local supplier Unident, represented by Ms Leang Viliya and her team. They provided a range of dental materials and equipment to be used in the course. The following day, UP Dental Students were able to participate in a similar workshop focusing on restoration of fractured anterior teeth.

We greatly appreciate the support provided by GC and Unident in bringing such courses to Cambodia, which help update dentists and students in the latest materials and techniques which can benefit our patients.

UP Health Science and Biotechnology Welcomes 2nd Batch Students – Bachelor of Science Research

As Cambodia is becoming more technologically advanced there is a huge unmet and increasing need for professionals with a practical scientific background that are able to provide research support in a variety of fields like chemical-, pharmaceutical-, food- industry, cosmetics, environmental biology, agriculture, forensics, etc. Until recently, there has been no such degree offered by any tertiary education institutions in Cambodia.

Now the University of Puthisastra is the FIRST University in Cambodia that brings us a new program, Bachelor of Science (Research).

This program is designed to successfully prepare graduates for a range of occupations and industries in a diagnostic/research setting in one of the fields of natural sciences, which includes work in food testing research, the beverage industry, NGOs, public policy, public health research, private research organizations such as NAMRU, IPC, etc., as well as being in pole position for jobs as Cambodia’s research capability expands. Furthermore, the degree can serve as a foundation for continuing education in a variety of fields.

The main goals of this program are to produce graduates that understand fundamental scientific principles in a research context and apply their knowledge, skills, and intellect to original research. Graduates’ ability to analyze scientific questions derives from competency in theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience with fundamental scientific techniques and a profound understanding of analytical methods.

UP are Building the Future Young Researchers in Cambodia.

UP Dental Students Become Board Members of APDSA

The Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA) is a non-profit organization promoting dental education, friendship and exchange between many countries in the Asia Pacific region. Recently APDSA Cambodia Division recruited new board members and university representatives for the year 2022-2023, following and application shortlist and interview process.

Several UP dental students were appiointed as board members and university representative, including:
• President, Mak Sangdor, Year 6 student
• Secretary, Choeu Thydanec, Year 3 student
• Assistant Scientific Research Director, Chhom Nita, Year 4 student
• UP Representative, Ung Jijing, Year 3 student

The goals of APDSA Cambodia for the year 2022-2023 are to promote scientific research as a study club, build stronger connections and promote dental education for students from each dental school in Cambodia through conferences and social and community activities. The APDSA Cambodia hopes that many Cambodian dental students with an interest in research and who are looking for self-improvement will attend the upcoming events next year. Last but not least, it would like to thank UP for always providing its support for APDSA Cambodia meetings and activities.

UP Provides 5 Moodle training to Hun Sen Serey Pheap high school students

University of Puthisastra conducted a full 5-Sunday Moodle training to nine Hun Sen Serey Pheap high school leading 10th grade teachers who are expert at a variety of subjects such as Khmer, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History,
Biology and Earth to understand, create and implement the interactive and creative online learning and teaching platform to meet the high demand of the teacher of the 21st Century.

Foundationally, the training aims specifically to provide on creating new courses, course outlines and descriptions, teaching videos, Power Point lessons, PDF files, Microsoft files, Webpages, many types of questions, assessment tools, and scoring criteria on LMS that are very flexible and beneficial for the teachers and pupils to apply in addition to traditional classroom environment. Methodologically, UP illustrated the up-to-date, integrative teaching methods included Blended/Hybrid and Flipped teaching that support full use of LMS.

UP Star participates in the World Mountain and Trail Running Championship

Ms Eng Muyngim, Research Fellow in the Research Department represented Cambodia in the recent World Mountain and Trail Running Championship. The race took place in Chiang Mai and athletes took on 25 km with ascents and descents of 1,065 meters. As part of her research role and passion, Muyngim is developing up programs to encourage women in Cambodia to participate in sport with support from the ministry and private organizations.