Empowering individuals to navigate the global landscape through English, business insights, and entrepreneurial spirit, the Faculty of English Excellence & Employability is committed to fostering a transformative educational experience that equips students with knowledge, skills, and resilience to succeed in a dynamic and interconnected world. As English is the language of success and science, the Faculty supports all majors in the pursuit of fostering the language skills to succeed in higher education and their fields after graduation.


Program and Degree Study Period Program Details & Outcomes
Bachelor of Arts in English, Business and Entrepreneurship 4 Years

This program is designed to equip its graduates with a strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship skills that prepare them for a variety of careers or starting their businesses. It also prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need to be fluent and effective communicators in English.

With such skills and knowledge, students will have opportunities to work both domestically and internationally, and they will be well-positioned for the best graduate-level jobs as Cambodia's economy continues to grow.

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English embedded in all majors (Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Lab Science, Science Research, and Science in Information Technology) 4 Years
  • I. Foundation Year & Year 2 English: Foundation Year and Year 2 English Courses facilitate students to cultivate language proficiency and critical thinking skills in alignment with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This comprehensive program is designed to guide students through four learning levels (A1 to B2) of English, preparing them for the academic challenges ahead.
  • II. Academic English Program: This program consists of 4 courses focusing on academic writing that are offered to Year 3 and Year 4 students. This program is designed to accommodate a diverse range of language competence. It instills students’ confidence and provides the necessary tools for successful academic writing. More content-area-related assignments with more academic vocabulary and readings prepare students for the challenges of the academic classroom. The first two courses are introductory writing courses that provide students with the support and instructions they need to successfully produce some basic writing. Moving to Year 4, students are introduced to evidence-based writing where students are required to search for credible sources and read academic materials to support their arguments in their writings.
  • III. Vocational English Program: This program is offered to Associate Degree as well as the Bridging Course students. The courses in this program are tailored to the needs of students’ majors and future careers. They also equip students with skills such as critical thinking, communication, decision-making, problem-solving and others.