The Faculty of English and Employability is dedicated to helping students build skills needed to become successful students and professionals, particularly English language proficiency. English is the language of global communication in health science, IT, and any other field. English is quite simply the language of success.

UP embeds English in its degrees – no need to study elsewhere.

In this rapidly evolving technological world, it’s critical that students are adaptable and can evaluate information. UP includes “critical thinking” in its degrees.

UP graduates make highly valuable employees & future leaders — multi-skilled with their:

  1. Degree
  2. English fluency proficiency
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Employability skills

Employability (soft skills) are the most important skills for career success. UP wants graduates to leave with professional capabilities and includes soft skills throughout curriculum.

Communication is a critical skill for success. How else to diagnose and deliver best outcomes for patients and clients? UP values communication skills and includes written and verbal communication skill throughout the curriculum.


Foundation Year English – Foundation Year students study English five days per week in an intensive program that builds fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing English, as well as developing critical thinking skills by tying language to contemporary culture.

Second and Third Year English – Students continue to build English skills needed in the medical profession, particularly understanding and communicating ideas in a way that will be needed in future vocations. Students will demonstrate learning by creating health awareness literature and presentations.

Critical Thinking – The Critical Thinking courses will eventually be designed and embedded throughout the second, third and fourth year curriculum where students will learn how to approach problems and ideas from every angle. The program enables and encourages students to build up a higher level thinking where students are required to think and logically reason their thoughts rather than to repeat given information.

Our department is currently planning additional coursework in the areas of English, Critical Thinking and Career Readiness.


  • Foundation Year English – 15 hours per week, Semester 1 & 2
  • Second Year B.S. English – 3 hours per week, Semesters 1 & 2
  • Second Year B.S. Critical Thinking – 3 hours per week, Y2, Y3


All English and Critical Thinking teaching and coursework is delivered by a combination of interactive classroom lectures and online digital teaching and learning.