UP brings Cambodia to the World

  • Strong international reach with over 180 MOUs including many international universities
  • International exchange programs/visits for UP students – each year approx. 1000 UP students attend international conferences and events
  • English tuition allowing Cambodians to embrace the world using English – the Language of International Success. Four years tuition – provided free of charge
  • Leading curricula and modern teaching ensuring Cambodian graduates are on the World Stage
  • Cambodia’s only Science (Research) degree – STEM focused.
  • Fully Accredited by ACC (Maximum from Accreditation Committee Cambodia), MOEYS and MOH. Only 1 of 10 (out of 130) Cambodian HEI accredited by ACC.

UP Brings the World to Cambodia

  • UP is only Cambodian university recognized in elite THE World education rankings.
  • UP is TOP 28the private university in ASEAN (AppliedHE)
  • UP is the Top private University in Cambodia
  • 65% of our academic staff have doctorates (compared to just 8% in Cambodian Higher education) with 90% with masters or above
  • 61% of UP Academic staff are foreign experts bringing modern expertise to Cambodia. High quality training from international experts from international hospitals and organizations.
  • International level CPD (continuous professional development) across all faculties.
  • Regular visits & symposiums from international experts
  • Top Performing university in National Exit Exams: 100% Pass rate for Dentistry, 100% Medicine, 100% for pharmacy, 100% nursing and 100% midwifery. And 95% for associate degrees.
  • Professional English Program taught by 100% Native level Speakers free of charge – UP Students train in English, the international language of Health Sciences and Technology.
  • Highly qualified & experiences staff – over 65% of UP’s teaching staff have a Doctoral degree (compared to just 8% in Cambodia overall) and more than 80% have international expertise/training
  • Free high speed WiFi – one of the fastest in Cambodia
  • Monthly Repayment Plan – to help spread payments
  • Convenient fee payments through partnership with ABA & WING.
  • UP Online learning platform (based on Moodle – used by Top universities world wide). UP delivered >75,000 hours of online learning). Recognized as one of best in Cambodia.
  • Modern teaching delivery – including online, hybrid, blended and flipped delivery
  • Online Digital Library – allowing students access to the Worlds Knowledge and experience
  • Internationally Focused Curriculum to provide students with World experiences.
  • Careers Conference to link students to employers – High 100% employment rate (3 months)ensuring UP graduates get the best jobs with the highest salaries.

Strong Community Focus

  • UP spearheads many community missions providing free healthcare & education across Cambodia.

Empowering women

  • Empowering women through education – 51% of our students are female, 47% of our staff and 38% of our leadership.

UP’s Industry-engaged Research Panel

  • Cambodia’s most successful research university (~200 publications in 2022)
  • UP’s regular contributions to International journals ensure that UP students are actively engaged
    with thought leaders.