Campus Info

Building A
Ground Floor – Front
A01 UP Dental Clinic Support Office
A02 Registrar, Student Affairs &
Partnerships, Admissions Office
A03 Administration Office
A04 Information Office Marketing Office
A05 Computer Lab
A06 Computer Lab
A07 Midwifery Dept & Nursing Dept

Ground Floor – Back
A08 Computer Training Lab
A09 N/A

1st Floor
A11 HR & Finance Office
A12 Literacy in Language and Thinking
Office (LILT)
A13 ICT Office
A14 Foundation Year Office
A15 IT Operation Office
A16 Computer Lab
A17 Computer Lab
A18 Computer Lab

Building B
Ground Floor
Toilet M & F
B02 Library, learning Lounge, Career Corner
Toilet M & F

1st Floor
B11 Classroom
B12 Classroom
B13 Classroom
B14 Classroom
B15 Classroom
B16 Classroom
B17 Classroom
B18 Classroom
B19 Classroom
Toilet M & F

2nd Floor
B22 Classroom
B23 Classroom
B24 Classroom
B25 Classroom
B26 Classroom
B27 Classroom
B28 Classroom
B29 Classroom
Toilet M & F

3rd Floor
B30 Classroom
B31 Classroom
B32 Classroom
B33 Classroom
Toilet M & F

Building D
Ground Floor
D01 Storage
D02 Storage
D03 Storage
D04 Storage
D05 Maintenance Room
D06 Cleaner’s Area

Building E
Ground Floor
E01 Classroom
E02 Classroom
E03 CDC Office
E04 Center of Health Counselling

1st Floor
– President’s Office
– Meeting Room E

Building L
Ground Floor
L01 UP Dental Clinic

1st Floor
L11 Laboratory
L12 Laboratory
L13 Laboratory
Toilet M & F

2nd Floor
L21 Laboratory
L22 Laboratory
L23 Laboratory
Toilet M & F

3rd Floor
L31 Laboratory
L32 Laboratory
L33 Laboratory
Toilet M & F

4th Floor
L41 Laboratory
L42 Laboratory
Toilet M & F

5th Floor
L51 Pharmacy Warehouse
L52 Organic Chemistry Lab
L53 Medical Biology Lab
Toilet M & F

Contact Us

#55, Street 180-184 Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
TEL: +855(0)23 221 624/23 220 476

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