The University of Puthisastra focusses only on those skills needed for the 21st Century – Health and Technology. Biotechnology is the combination of biology and technology.

Our world is changing rapidly and health is taking the lead. We are witnessing an explosion in health innovation, from MRI, to robotic surgery, with genomics and personalized and predictive medicine opening up exciting new frontiers that will revolutionize future healthcare.

Personalized medicine will:

  • predict and prevent disease allowing much more effective and efficient targeting/screening etc.
  • determine the correct drugs and the correct dose
  • offer increasingly personalized treatments
  • embrace a more participatory role for patients in their care

In the future, personalized medicine will gather together a mass of biological, clinical and lifestyle information to present health professionals with a unique picture for each patient and thus tailor make treatment options specific for that patient.

Laboratory technology will be at the heart of genomics and personalized medicine – its where new tests get developed, tests get performed and analysis undertaken.

Join us and let us create the future together.

Associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology


The program is designed to offer students combined hands-on technical practices and theory under close supervision from lecturers as well as internship within hospital laboratories and medical laboratory institutes. All lecturers are experienced with many years of teaching and lab technical instruction. To strengthen student knowledge, UP also has many partnerships with national and international hospital laboratories, private medical laboratories and medical laboratory institutes, where students can learn and understand based on real practice in a real laboratory. The international elective exchange program with universities overseas is an important part of this program


Laboratory Sciences Department at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology will follow the semester system which consists of 2 semesters per academic year over three years. The program will be studied in the morning or afternoon from Monday to Saturday. Students will have one clerkship per semester in hospital laboratories from year 2 till year 3, and have a 3-month internship after classes have finished in semester 2 of year 3.


All courses offered for Medical Laboratory Program will be taught in Khmer, or English, or a combination of both.


Any student who graduated from high school can apply to study for an Associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology at Department of Laboratory Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology. Selection is through the national entrance examination.


To complete the program, students must pass all the courses required by the national curriculum, and pass University’s exit examination. Students will then be eligible to sit the national exit exam.


Students who successfully complete all requirements in this program will graduate with the “Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology”.


Within UP laboratories, there will be sufficient analytical reagents, chemical substances, material and modern equipment for students to practice in the technical teaching classes and in the simulation lab.


After graduation, students can work in hospital laboratories, community diagnostic medical laboratories, medical research or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Other career opportunity includes forensic science, laboratory supply business, private practice, teaching and research in the medical laboratory related sciences.

Faculty Team Members

Dr. Richard Huijbregts, PhD, MBA
Head of Health Sciences
Tel: (+855) 61 990 056


Mr. Ouk Soksereivotanak, BSc.MLT, B.Edu, MHA
Director of Laboratory Sciences
Tel: (+855) 16 582 617