Study tour

Inside the classroom, we can read, listen, write and talk about different topics or see them on pictures where we are able to use our imagination; and only our imagination sets the limit. But in many subjects like pharmaceutical sciences, being in the actual place helps students understand what it’s like and to personally experience the subject through study tours. That is one reason why study tours are being more and more prevalent among students at UP. A study tour is an experience where students study outside as an alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. It is a great and effective way to learn specific subjects beyond textbooks and lectures, to visibly observe the practical work of pharmacists at different settings such as at the National Health Product Quality Control Center (NHQC), Camcontrol…etc. Moreover, the students will also travel to the jungles in order to collect the medicinal plants and create voucher specimens for UP Herbarium and to learn about the medicinal plants. It will give advantage for students to make new friends, increase knowledge and understanding, as well as to explore new terrains, people, and working culture. There are three study tours added to UP Pharmacy Curriculum to provide students the chance to see what really happens at the practical sites so that they can be well prepared for future success in their professional life. The first study tour is integrated into year 2, where students have a chance to travel to different provinces to collect medicinal plants, prepare voucher specimen for UP Herbarium and conduct medicinal plant research. The second study tour is the study tour to NHQC and Camcontrol for year-3 students to provide them the chance to see how the quality control laboratory is organized and managed. The last study tour is created for year-4 students to allow them to see how the work-flow is organized and managed in a pharmaceutical enterprise.