3rd Pharmaceutical Research Conference

Research is important for the university not only to improve the capacity of the faculties and students but also importantly to be world citizens by contributing to new knowledge, innovation and new practices. Moreover, it also helps formulate new policy and decision making in Cambodia and across the World. Over the last two years, UP has been transformed to become a regional leader in science and technology. One of the visions of the University of Puthisastra (UP) is to raise the standards of excellence in research in our UP graduates. Providing them with the skills and knowledge to make evaluable contributions to improve society is our priority. We are proud that UP Faculty of Pharmacy has taken a lead and conducted the most research and has involved the most students in research and publications so far. This 3rd Pharmaceutical Research Conference reflects the commitment of UP leadership, our staff, and importantly our students to improve pharmaceutical research in Cambodia, provide valuable innovation and close the gap of the pharmaceutical research progress within ASEAN. This year the 3rd research conference will focus on the same theme: Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacognosy, Ethnopharmacology, Pharmacy Education, Medical Biology and Public Health.