Parasitology project in Takeo province on 21st July

The increasing incidence of multi-drug resistant pathogenic bacteria, alongside viral and fungal human pathogens, supports the argument that skills in microbiology and infectious disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention are of growing global importance for health-care professionals, including pharmacists. As such, the role of pharmacists in health care is expanding, punctuating the need to enhance and improve Pharmacy education. One approach to develop a better education and skills for students is through the community project, so students could practice their knowledge and skills in realistic settings. Parasitology is one of the microbiology subjects designed for year-3 pharmaceutical students. The parasitology project was created in 2018 in order to expand students’ knowledge and practical skills related to parasitology in the community. This year the project took place in Takeo province. This project was run by year-3 pharmaceutical students and faculties under the support from the local authorities and other relevant institutes.