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On the 13th and 14th of October, UP hosted its first Research Conference which focused on how clinicians, academics, researchers, scientists, educationalists, and policy makers could all work together to achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes for the people of Cambodia.

As part of the vision for improving health service delivery and improving health and social outcomes for people, H.E. Prof CHHEM Rethy, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister, and the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation and H.E. Dr HUL Siengheng, Director General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation presented the newly launched Cambodian Health Technology Road Map (HTRM) 2022 – 2032.

Health technologies have a key role in contributing to improving population health and decreasing the burden of disease. Recognizing the interlinked relationship between health, social and economic outcomes, the Royal Government of Cambodia has committed to improving population health with the support of health technologies as part of its future prosperity and economic future.

The mapping of Health Technology for Cambodia offers a way forward to integrate technologies and health to benefit individuals, communities, and the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The HTRM identifies the key products, services, technologies, and strategies needed to implement a plan that is both at once practical while being open to the future potential and rapid ongoing development of technology. The roadmap is based on three inter-related and reinforcing visions:

1. An Integrated One Health Approach
2. Multidisciplinary Policy and Governance for Health Technology
3. Strengthened Research and Knowledge Sharing Capacity
Implementation of the HTRM will rely on public and private partnerships and a multidisciplinary approach. A copy of this important document can be found here: https://www.misti.gov.kh/public/file/202206301656579483.pdf


The opening presentation at the UP Research Conference was delivered by Dr Ngeth Sokunmonyneath, a member of the team from the Oral Health Office at MOH charged with developing the new National Oral Health Activity Plan (2022-2030). She was accompanied by two other members of the team, Dr Hou Sokuntheary (Deputy Head of the Oral Health Office) and Dr Sieng Chanthyda (Healthy Kids Cambodia Director). All three have also been part-time teachers at UP in the Faculty of Dentistry.

The presentation was entitled “Using a Network Approach to Support the 2022-2030 Cambodia National Action Plan for Oral Health”. It started with an explanation of the 4 main proposed action areas which focused on:

1. Integration of oral health promotion with the delivery of vaccinations for young children;
2. Oral health screening, daily tooth brushing and placement of Silver Diammine Fluoride to arrest caries in school children;
3. Primary oral health care services for older adults;
4. Increased resources for raising awareness around oral cancer and pre-cancer.

Dr Monyneath then went on to explain the special role of a Health Network in supporting implementation. Although evidence-based strategies for improving oral health have been proposed over the last 30 years, there has never previously been the ability to execute.

The oral health team believe that the development of a Health Network may help to change this, and gradually lead to better implementation of the proposed National Oral Health Action Plan. You can be part of our network as well, use the QR code accompanying this article to sign up for our email list.

Dr Monyneath explained how the oral health network was established, the activities of the oral health network, and what the four facilitators have been doing to engage stakeholders, ranging from implementers (eg nurses, midwives, dentists) through to development partners and Ministry personnel.

This approach to addressing past failures to deliver on planned strategies is something quite new for the oral health sector in Cambodia, and we will await with interest to see how successful it will be. We want as many people to be involved and so please use the QR code below to sign up to our email list where you will get updates. The group wishes to thank the Borrow Foundation for their funding for this important project, which UP is also supporting.


Students and new graduates of the UP Faculty of Dentistry were honoured to be awarded two prizes by the judges at the UP Research Conference. First place went to three recent graduates (Thay Timothy, Kong Sereivathnakrath and Son Seyha) who had researched the “history of traditional dentists in Cambodia”.

This qualitative study interviewed 33 traditional dentists around the country to explore and record their stories in depth. The thesis was supervised by Prof Andrew Sandham (former Dean at JCU university in Australia) and Prof Callum Durward.

The second place went to dental students Lim Monirorth, Sovan Rithi, and Han Sopheara for their poster entitled “Comparison of Daily Tooth Brushing and Application of SDF vs GIC Fissure Sealants for Prevention of Cavities on First Permanent Molars: a Comparative Study. The supervisors were Dr Horn Rithvitou and A/Prof Bethy Turton.

UP joins the 3rd Higher Education Fair at Olympia Mall

The Higher Education Fair is a weekend-long education exhibition at Olympia from 15th-16th October 2022. The exhibition presents students with a world of study opportunities. The Fair will help support higher education in Cambodia by providing the opportunity for students especially High School students to explore and get to know more about their preferred major and career paths. This fair will help fresh graduated students, Senior high school students, University students, young professionals and parents looking to get more understanding and insight about UP.


Six dental students from UP (Eang Sonita, Soun Somaly, Heng Chansakada, Mao Thypech, Kun Menghorn and Horm Sotheareak) recently spent a week at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, one of the top dental schools in the region. In this photo they can be seen with Dr Sun Heng, a Cambodian dentist who is studying Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Chulalongkorn. The students spent the week rotating from department to department and received a warm welcome from their staff and students.

Year 6 student Ms Eang Sonita wrote about the trip:

“I was exposed to a completely new environment and this has inspired me to work harder and continue on this journey. I had a chance to share experiences with their students and professors. It was such an eye-opening experience for me. I was impressed by their high-tech and modern facilities. Each student had their own dental unit, and all materials and instruments were provided. They have such a good environment to grow. We also shared what we had done in our clinic at UP, as we have done more advanced treatments than their students can do. I am grateful for what we learn in our UP dental hospital. The Chula staff also encouraged us to apply for post-graduate scholarships in the future”.

Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh and UP extend MOU for the Further Period of 3 Years

On October 6, there was a significant signing ceremony between Sunrise Japan Hospital and University of Puthisastra to renew their memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a further three years under the same terms and conditions as their previous MOU. This was done primarily to lay out their understanding and agreement regarding the creation and operation of collaborative academic and clinical learning programs. This signing also demonstrates the trust and confidence Sunrise Japan Hospital, (as a top hospital in Cambodia) has in students at the University of Puthisastra. Indeed, UP students have been equipped with both soft and hard skills, as well as English language skills they may need in a clinical setting; additionally, the students are informed of the standards they must met by both university and hospital before beginning their clerkship at the hospital. This is the reason UP students have received recognition from so many institutions in Cambodia.

On that special occasion, Professor Ian Findlay and Dr. Keiya Kamata, Chairman and CEO of Sunrise Healthcare Service Co., Ltd., both also expressed their appreciation for this partnership agreement and drafted additional goals that both parties could pursue to advance their shared objectives of improving the Cambodian health sector.


Professional development is a crucial part of pharmacy, and attending conferences is an important part of professional development. That’s why the Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP) is organizing the 3rd Pharmacy Conference 2022 under the theme “Sharing for the Better Pharmacy Profession in Cambodia.”

The conference will be held in Hall B, Building B, University of Puthisastra (UP) on October 22-23, 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:10 p.m. The conference will cover a range of topics within clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, medical biology, commercial pharmacy, pharmacy education, health protection and management, non-government organization, and pharmacy law legislation.

Attending the pharmacy conference is one of the most effective ways to develop as pharmacy professionals because the participants can broaden their network, expand their knowledge, as well as gain continuing education credits via attendance. A big reason to join this conference is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers.

The 3rd pharmacy brings together pharmacists from a wide range of backgrounds. Hence, the participants will have the opportunity to meet and connect with pharmacists who are working in different roles in the fields of pharmacy. Making friends and business contacts, getting to know others in the field, understanding different industry sectors’ needs can be beneficial for the pharmacy profession. Another great thing about the 3rd pharmacy conference is the wide array of forms in which knowledge can be offered.

There will be two main session formats including guest speaker presentations and panel discussions. Each offers a special experience and learning opportunity for pharmacy professionals. During the conference, specialty pharmacists with a ton of experience will do the presentation of the most relevant and pressing issues in the fields of pharmacy. The participants will be exposed to fresh ideas that can grow their knowledge.

Last but not least, the participants can request 10 points for their continuing professional development (CPD) to the Pharmacy Council of Cambodia after fully attending this conference. Overall, attending the 3rd pharmacy conference guarantees the pharmacists will come away with professional contacts, more knowledge, and professional development.

This conference is open to all pharmacy students and pharmacists from various institutions and organizations in Cambodia. The public can register via this attached link https://tinyurl.com/3sswys8m

MD Year-5 Students Volunteered with Khmer-Sight Mission 2022

Three MD students, namely Lorn Sotheany, Ly Socheata and Rot Channet, volunteered for two days with the Khmer-Sight Mission 2022. The mission provided eyes care and surgery for free to patients from poor communities.

The duties of the volunteers are to assess and pre-screen the patients before surgery, to be present in the operation room and to follow up the patients post-operation.

These volunteering activities provided an opportunity for the students to learn more about eye diseases. Ms. Lorn Sotheany said: “We have learned a lot from this eye mission of Khmer-Sight Foundation that provides free treatment to people who live in poor and rural areas and have little access to ophthalmologists, especially to eye surgery. We were taught and had a chance to do health checkup, visual acuity assessment, slit lamp examination, taking intraocular pressure (IOP) and do eye anesthetic blocking. The volunteering doctors from the United States, nurses and staff were all kind toward us. We have also developed bond with other volunteers”. She added “We felt the happiness of the patients who finally got their clear vision back. They were very thankful. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely participate in the next mission.”

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony between University of Puthisastra and Woori Bank Cambodia

On Friday, 07 October 2022, The University of Puthisastra and Woori Bank have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on academic cooperation, particularly an internship program for ICT students from University of Puthisastra.

Mr. Ku Kwang Hui, CEO of Woori Bank stated that Woori is active with smart financial services and solutions such as loans, deposit, domestic and international fund transfer, mobile banking, bill payment, ATM services and other financial services. He also added that although Woori is young, we are ambitious. “This is Woori Bank’s first signing ceremony with a private university, and Woori is committed to making this partnership successful in order to develop Cambodia’s human resources,” said Mr. Ku Kwang Hui.

In addition to giving a speech on this special occasion, professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice- Chancellor of the University of Puthisastra, also expressed his thoughts on this collaboration arrangement. According to Professor Ian, Woori is a financial institution that excels in technology, and University of Puthisastra has been recognized for excellence in health science and technology for more than ten years. He emphasized that we both have the same vision on how to support the growth of human capital as a component of the government framework for Cambodia’s digital economy. Professor Ian is convinced that by entering into this agreement, both parties will cooperate to further the development of Cambodia as a nation.

This collaboration will primarily concentrate on establishing a mutual goal of providing students with good job and internship opportunities based on the vision of the university and supporting our business growth with human resources. This collaboration and cooperation will reinforce fresh graduates with real-world job practice according to their skills and the job market’s requirements.

Three MD Students Successfully Defended Their Thesis

On 21 September 2022, Mr. OUY Seangdy, Mr. KEO Sereywat, and Ms. KHUT Chhum Rosa successfully defended their thesis entitled “Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Toward Hypertension in Hypertensive Adults Living in Treang District of Takeo Province: A Community-Based, Cross-Sectional Study”. The students passed with credit. Their thesis was supervised by Associate Professor Saint Saly. The Thesis Examination Committee, chaired by Associate Professor T.J. Moore, included Dr. Yenn Roumany, Dr. Mao Heng and Dr. Leng Nara.

The study found that out of 354 potential participants, 155 had hypertension; the mean age was 59 years and 68% were females. 55% of the participants were farmers. The level of KAP regarding hypertension was acceptable. Hypertension seemed to be related to lifestyle habits.

Prof. Chea Sin Joined a Consultative Workshop on Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice for Cambodian Pharmacists

Prof. Chea Sin, Dean of Pharmacy, joined a Consultative Workshop on Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice for Cambodian Pharmacists which was held from September 29 to October 01, 2022 at LBN Asian Hotel, Kampong Cham province. This consultative workshop was held under the presidency of H.E Ban Botta, under secretary of state and president of pharmacy council of Cambodia, and participation from president of regional pharmacy

UP graduates excel in aesthetic dentistry

A 28 year old man came to the UP Dental Hospital complaining about the appearance of the fillings in his front teeth.

Dr Heng Rithi, a dental resident and tutor at UP, removed the old composite fillings, and replaced them with new aesthetic restorations. The patient was very happy with the result. If you would like to improve your smile, book in for a free consultation with one of our students or dentists.


New look of Pharmacy Stimulation Lab

After spending some time remodeling the Pharmacy Simulation Laboratory, located on the 5th floor of Building L, Room L53 of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra, Phnom Penh, we have come up with a new look of Pharmacy Simulation Laboratory that will allow all pharmacy students who wish to come to learn how to set up a pharmacy, practice pharmacy, share clinical case experiences between senior and junior students and how to manage a pharmacy digitally.These skills are among other skills that pharmacists must have after graduation. In addition, students can also practice as a pharmacist by following OSCE, as well as intending to open their own pharmacy. In order to give the best orientation to the lab, Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP) will create a video for those who want to learn more about the work and role of pharmacists in community pharmacies.

UP has hands-on demonstration on use of Garrison dental products

In the last few years the world leader in dental matrix systems has been the US company Garrison. Their sectional matrix systems in particular are exceptionally good and can be purchased in Cambodia from Unident Company. Last week the Director of International Sales for Garrison, Dr Randall Drumm, came to UP to demonstrate their range of products to some of our dental hospital staff and students. Dr Drumm explained that the company can provide UP and our students with a significant discount. We hope to introduce some of these “state of the art” products for our students and dentists to use in the near future. council and provincial pharmacy councils from across Cambodia, FHI 360, and m-clinica.


UP alumni becomes full-time lecturer

Heim Mengkhim is Currently employed as a Fulltime Pharmacy Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy University of Puthisastra (UP). His degree at UP is bachelor degree of Pharmacy, class of 2022 in the Generation 6. Throughout his studies, he was delighted to gain knowledge and experience in both theory and practical work classes. During his third year, he looked for an opportunity to find an internship at the Pasteur Institute, where he was selected to be a full-time intern at the Department of Environment and Food Safety for two months. He was actively involved in laboratory work related to pathogens, such as the identification of bacteria in food and water, and the search for parasites in vegetables and land. He gained a lot of experiences related to microbiology and received a lot of love from the Head of the laboratory and the staff there.

Moreover, he has been employed as a junior pharmacist at Help-plus Pharmacy since he was in year 4 and is now also employed as a senior pharmacist at We-Pharm Pharmacy. So he has a lot of experiences related to clinical and community pharmacy. He worked as a laboratory assistant while working here, developing himself and publishing research papers for the 10th International Conference of AASP in Malaysia. Not only that, he was given the opportunity to teach some practical and theories subjects, which gave him more experiences in teaching.

Microscope Camera Installed for Enhanced Teaching of Associate and Bridging Bachelor Degree of Medical Laboratory Technology

Recently, the Laboratory Sciences Department, Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology of the University of Puthisastra has installed a microscope camera that will support both lecturers and students in practical courses especially for displaying and learning about cellular and tissue morphology, including observing blood cells, bacteria, parasites, tissue sections, case study specimens, in both normal and pathological states. Learning about these differences is very important for Lab Technicians for helping detect disease and releasing accurate results to patients and Doctors.


Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology Welcomes New Team Member

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnlogy is excited to welcome Heng Sreyly, as a full-time lecturer to UP. Sreyly graduated with a Master’s Degree in Food Microbiology from Hiroshima University, Japan; and a Bachelor’s Degree of Bioengineering in from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

When asked about her new role at you, Ms. Sreyly said “It is my desire to combine the range of my experience, knowledge, and ability with self-developing to be a committed and inspiring instructor who will make a positive contribution to the next generation.”


Introduction to new full-time lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy

Ms. Oeung Sokunvary, UP Alumni from the second generation of Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Puthisastra and had worked as Lab assistance in Faculty of Medicine for about a year and half. In 2019, she graduated from Bachelor of English Teaching in Faculty of Law and Art, Western University.

At the same time, she had received the Thai Royal Scholarship of Master of Science in the Program of Toxicology at Khon Kaen University in Thailand under Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Education Project to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Her research study is related to the potential health risk of mycotoxin detected by using HPLC-FLD (High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Fluorescence Detector) and its antioxidants activity.

During her master degree in Thailand, she has been awarded as a Fellowship Award Winner Program Sponsored by International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) to attend the 11th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC 11) held virtually from Kula Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia in 2021 as oral presentation and Q&A live. Then, she has also received the award for making a Reputation for the University from Graduate School, Khon Kaen University.


Prof. Chea Sin Attended ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology

Prof. Chea Sin, as member of Board of Directors for ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology (AASMT), attended AASMT’s board meeting to discuss about the preparation for the upcoming AASMT congress, which will be held in Lombok city, Indonesia from December 01 to 04, 2022 under the theme of ‘International Collaboration on Allied Health Professions Education in New Normal Ara’.


UP Science Research Program in My Major Season II

October 02, 2022, the Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, Assoc Prof. Dr. TJ Moore, and the Science Research Program Coordinator, Mr. Be Sokkeang participated in My Major Season II, organized by Ms. Seng Rothsethamony. The main purpose of this event was to share information about the majors available at universities, study experiences, and how to prepare for scholarships abroad, shared by 6 guest speakers from various institutions with more than 300 high school students in attendance.

UP Health Sciences and Biotechnology Staff Participated in the Workshop entitled “Protecting Sensitive Biological and Chemical Research, Technology and Expertise in Cambodia and Vietnam”

On October 4 – 6, 2022 4 staff from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology participated in a workshop entitled “Protecting Sensitive Biological and Chemical Research, Technology and Expertise in Cambodia and Vietnam” organized by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR), in cooperation with the University of Tennessee (UTK) that was held at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh.

This three-day in-person training program was for academic, government, and non-governmental researchers in Cambodia and Vietnam to develop and instill best practices in knowledge security to protect sensitive dual-use chemical and biological weapon-related research, information, technology, and expertise against nefarious actors.

Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery hosted a clinical conference with support from the Associate Degree of Nursing students

On 30th September 2022, at the University of Puthisastra, the Faculty of Nursing hosted a clinical conference with support from the Associate Degree of Nursing students, who have recently successfully returned from an internship period at hospitals across Phnom Penh.

The clinical conference was centered upon case studies that the internship students completed during their clinical practice. This has been a positive opportunity for the students to share their experiences of internship as junior nursing students, along with our nursing staff.

This was a great event and a huge benefit to the nursing students, especially those in their junior year, who will have upcoming opportunities with further internships at hospitals that will help prepare them for their future practice as nursing professionals.


Book Your IELTS Test with UP to Kickstart Your Future Medical Study & Career

The University of Puthisastra & IELTS have launched a new promotional campaign around the UP campus to encourage those studying English and dreaming of a further international study or careers to prepare for and sit an IELTS test. UP is proud to be a valued member of the global IELTS Alliance Program after signing an MoU in January 2021.

If you want to book your IELTS test, you simply need to speak with the UP English Department and they will work with IELTS to organise your test registration. IELTS provides all test takers with over 200 hours of free online IELTS Preparation courses to help boost their scores.
In some ASEAN countries such as the Philippines, the majority of IELTS test takers need a score to be able to work overseas in the nursing, elderly care and medical sectors in countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States.

The cooperation between IELTS and the University of Puthisastra reflects the growing awareness of the importance of benchmarking English language capacity for study and career advancement at leading education institutions in Cambodia.

For those UP students who wish to further their studies overseas via scholarships or being self-funded, or apply for professional employment positions, IELTS is the passport that will help achieve their dreams. IELTS is the world’s most popular high stakes English language test with over 4 million tests taken in the last year and over 11,000 institutions worldwide – including universities, schools, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies, including medical and nursing associations globally – recognise IELTS as an international benchmark of English language capacity. The IELTS Cambodia Official Test Centre offers 12 Computer-delivered IELTS tests per week and 2 Paper-based IELTS tests per month. We also offer IELTS for UKVI for those wishing to study or work in the UK and now also offer IELTS Online.

You can find out more about IELTS and access the free IELTS Prepare portal with a huge range of preparation materials at https://ielts.idp.com/cambodia

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