UP VOICE VOL.57 – February 2021

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Faculty of Dentistry Appoints 9 Expert Heads of Discipline

UP Faculty of Dentistry is very fortunate to have many highly qualified specialists on its staff, and this week appointed 9 Heads of Disciplines to lead the education of our students in the various specialty areas. Certificates to recognize their appointments were presented by Prof Ian Findlay, President of UP, at a special ceremony last week.

The Heads of Discipline include:

  1. Dr Chum Chenda DDS, MSc (Cambodia) – Endodontics
  2. Dr Soy Rasy DDS, MSc (Thailand) – Restorative Dentistry
  3. Dr Anand Marya – BDS, MScD (Philippines) – Orthodontics
  4. Dr Sam Sovatdy DDS, MSc (Thailand) – Oral Surgery
  5. Dr Tak Ranuch DDS, MSc (Thailand) – Periodontics
  6. Dr Yos Chantho DDS, MSc (Thailand) – Pediatric Dentistry
  7. Dr Soeurn Visal DDS, MSc (Thailand) – Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
  8. Dr Chea Chanbora DDS, PhD (Japan) – Oral pathology
  9. Dr Po Malin DDS (Cambodia) – General Dentistry

UP Faculty of Dentistry is very proud of its top quality staff. UP’s incredibly talented and qualified group of lecturers and clinical tutors, almost all with postgraduate degrees (mostly from overseas), and together with the leadership provided by our own full time academic staff we can be confident that UP will continue to offer the very best high quality education for our dental students.

UP produces high impact publications in international medical journals

All over the world, Medical Schools are judged on the value of their scientific publications – measured by “impact factor” reflecting the importance of their publications worldwide. An impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score, while 3 is considered good.

UP is extremely proud to note that the mean impact factor of the 10 publications from UP Faculty of Medicine in the last 18 months is 9.53 – including one in Lancet, Number 2 in the World! An excellent result for any country, and especially for Cambodia. This demonstrates the high quality of international expertise in UP’s Faculty of Medicine.

UP nurses excel in Internal Exit Exam – well done

UP students achieved passing rates of 96% in Bachelor nursing, 82% in associate nursing and 77% in bachelor nursing bridging in recent IEE. This was despite COVID and these excellent results are a reflection of student dedication and the strong support provided from UP. Internal Exit Exam (IEE) is evaluation of the nursing program where students have to pass 7 moving practical OSCE stations to sit for national board exam of ministry of health in Cambodia.

“I was so concerned about my student’s performing in OSCE because all the procedures needed more time to practice despite the University campus closed due to Covid 19 prevention protocol from MOH” said by Mr. Borey, clinical skill lecturer. “However, the students showed that they have qualities to pass the IEE due to their investment in studying via online or watching video prepared by the department”.

“It was a great success for me as a student”, said by Mania, BSN student who has just passed the IEE. “I would like to thank all my lecturers and UP for such a great supporting to make sure that I have equipped with my exam, my progressing learning and career growth in the future as a nurse”.

Welcome to the new batch of students for our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

During their orientation, they were introduced the University organisation, policies, program, lecturers, schedule, teaching, learning methodology and communication channels. It was fun too with students enjoying ice breaking games.

This first intake is composed of 35 students and will start their Foundation Year with Fundamentals in Technology: Introduction to Programming with Python & Introduction to computer technology (A+). Followed by Research methodology, Academic skills and intensive English courses. In semester 2, they will also learn Graphic design, Entrepreneurship fundamentals and will participate in the next SmartStart competition !

We wish them good luck for their new start ! ICT is opening the registration for the 2nd intake of students. Scholarship exam is on Wednesday 3rd February 2021. For more information, follow the University of Puthisastra (UP) Facebook page and join the telegram group https://t.me/upictdep

Two world-renowned experts appointed as adjunct professors: Prof. Dominique Paul Germain, French geneticist, and Prof. Jason T. Blackard, US virologist



Professor Germain is one of the main experts in the world in Fabry disease and in other rare diseases. He has been Professor and Chairman of the Division of Medical Genetics at the University of Versailles, St Quentin en Yvelines (UVSQ) in France since 2007. He is also an Invited Professor at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He gives lectures on Medical Genetics at UP.






Professor Blackard is an internationally recognized expert in virology (especially HIV infection and Hepatitis B and C virus infections) and has great interest and experience in global hea

lth, having done research in various African countries. He is Associate Professor in the Divisions of Digestive Diseases and in the Department of Environmental Hea

lth at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in the USA, where he is also Director of the Medical Student Research Initiatives. He is also a Visiting Scientist, Department of Immunology & Infectious Diseases, School of Public Health at Harvard University in Boston, USA and Research Scientist, Department of Virology, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Pretoria, South Africa. He gives lectures on Virology at UP.




  • 100% pass rate in the National Exit Exam in January 2020
  • Successful transition to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Almost all lecturers undertake UPOP and Google Meet training
  • UP hosts Unident course on Anklos implants
  • UP hosts course for Cambodian dentists on new National Cross Infection Control Guidelines during Covid 19 pandemic in conjunction with Cambodian Dental Council and MOH
  • UP lecturers present at the Cambodian Dental Association conference in January
  • UP sets up new Postgraduate Diploma of Implantology for 18 Cambodian dentists, with top lecturers and clinicians from Australia and Cambodia
  • UP welcomes visiting Japanese dentists from Denriche Asia
  • International lecturers (some on-line) included Professor Kack Kyun Kim (Korea), Dr Geoff Borlase (Australia), Assoc Prof John Payne (Australia), Assoc Prof Steve Cohn (Australia), Prof Niladri Maiti (Kurdistan), Dr Siddharth Dhanaraj, IMU, Malaysia), Assoc Prof Mas Suryalis Ahmad (UiTM, Malaysia), Dr Nur Aliana Hidayah Mohamed (UiTM, Malaysia), Dr Olivia Murdoch (NZ), Dr Patrick Tseng (Australia), Assoc Prof George Pal (Australia), Dr Hazmir Abdul Wahab (UiTM, Malaysia), Dr Michael Walker (Australia), Dr Cecilia So (Australia), Dr Po Lu (Australia), Dr Rohtan Rodrick (Australia), Assoc Prof Louise Brown (Australia), Assoc Prof Kent Yuen (Australia).
  • UP hosts international wisdom tooth course and orthodontics course under Dental Training Academy from Singapore
  • Two UP dental students travel to US on exchange program to UNE but get caught in early stages of Covid-19 pandemic
  • Two UP dental students travel to Australia for exchange program sponsored by AHHA
  • UP Faculty of Dentistry staff participate in regional meeting on oral cancer (APOCNET), the Southeast Asian Association of Dental Education (SEAADE) meeting, and the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) online meetings – presenting several papers.
  • UP Faculty of Dentistry Dean appointed to SEAADE Council
  • Students in year 3 get upgraded SIM lab sets of instruments and materials to enhance their learning
  • Senior students and staff get training on dental photography by Dr Peter Sheridan from Sydney University

  • UPDC adopts stringent cross infection control measures to prevent Covid infection
  • Donation of 4 Dentsply Sirona Rotary Endo machines for root canal treatment
  • UP hosts 18 Oral Health Therapy students and their tutors from Newcastle University in Australia for a week
  • Clinic and faculty staff attend First Aid training
  • UP builds new 2 chair orthodontic clinic
  • Appointment of 3 new general dental practice residents

  • Dental students participated in the Healthy Kids Cambodia project providing preventive dental treatment for school children in early 2020
  • Dental students continued to provide emergency dental services in the prisons for most of the year
  • Faculty of Dentistry hosts team from NYU in the US for field work at Chaktamok Primary School

  • UP dental faculty and students publish over 20 articles in international dental journals
  • UP staff present 3 papers at the International Association of Dental Research meeting
  • 24 students complete Thesis Defense – with no failures
  • UP students participate in clinical trial in Kampong Speu province on silver diamine fluoride
  • UP faculty appointed to the editorial boards of several international journals

  • UP played important part in the development of the National Cross Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Clinics During Covid-19 Pandemic
  • UP partners with Asia Pacific Dental Students Association in planning for their next international meeting in Cambodia
  • UP asked by the Southeast Asian Association of Dental Education to host their meeting in 2022
  • UP dental students help set up first ROTARACT club in Cambodia in partnership with Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Central and Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Capitol.
  • Joined several consultation meetings at the MOH
  • Organized part of “careers day” for graduating dental students

UP Orthodontist Dr Adith Venugopal Honored by Saveetha Dental College in India

Dr Adith Venugopal, who is an Assistant Professor at our university, has been recently appointed as a distinguished Adjunct Faculty of Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in India, for his outstanding contributions to the specialty of Orthodontics, clinically and academically. Saveetha University is well known for its contributions to the field of science and has the second highest number of publications (5,565) from a single Indian university, as documented on SCOPUS. Dr Adith is the youngest Orthodontist to be appointed as a distinguished Adjunct Faculty by this prestigious university. Recently, Dr Adith has also received his membership from the Faculty of Dental Trainers, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in recognition of his expertise as an educator. Dr Adith is presently the Faculty of Dentistry’s most prolific author of research publications with 15 publications in international journals in 2020, and 3 more accepted for publication. He has been recently appointed Editor of the journal Keiferorthopadie, Section of International Orthodontics, Quintenssence Publishing Co, Inc. Dr Adith lectures our undergraduate dental students and provides orthodontic treatment for private patients during the evenings in the UP Dental Clinic. We wish him the very best for his future endeavors.


UP is about to graduate its third batch of dentists. Presently several of our top graduates from the first two groups have been employed at UP in various positions. Dr Horn Rithvitou is primarily involved in research projects, including overseeing 2 clinical trials, providing statistical support for thesis writing, and teaching in the Introduction to Dentistry course in year 2 and the Biostatistics course in year 5. Dr Chray Mengkheng works 2 days a week as the Community Dentistry Fieldwork coordinator, helping to organize and supervise students in our school oral health program, along with helping in the clinic and lab. We also have 4 top graduates facilitating the Problem Based Learning sessions for students in Year 3 and Year 5 this semester, Dr Chray Mengkheng, Dr Pheach Rattanak, Dr Sao Soksan, and Dr Kaing Koung. In the lab we have recently engaged Dr Tort Ravy, Dr Chea Senghuy, Dr Meng Bunleng and Dr Seang Chanthyda to teach alongside our Thailand-trained Lab Technician Mr Eng Kiny. In addition we employ 6 new graduates as general practice residents. They work in the clinic treating private patients, and sometimes supervise the undergraduate students. They are Dr Pheach Rattanak, Dr Theam Terong, Dr Bun Sophealeak, Dr Choun Lina, Dr Meng Bunleng, and Dr Duong Pechdara. Many of our talented young graduates are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies, since Cambodia lacks specialists in many areas. Currently some are applying for scholarships in Thailand. UP is very happy to see its own graduates returning to UP to help educate the new generation of dental students, and we greatly appreciate their contributions!

TWELVE REASONS you should major in Pharmacy at University of Puthisastra?

In 2019 the UP Faculty of Dentistry established a Student Mentor Program and selected 6 of the top students from the Year 7 class to be Mentors. The main purpose of the program was to develop leadership skills among these outstanding students, and to provide support for younger students who needed help with their studies. The program required Mentors to commit to a few hours per week mentoring junior students in the UP dental clinic and in the community programs (Prison and Healthy Kids Cambodia). They also organized small group learning sessions for some of the junior students, and volunteered their time to help visiting overseas students and dentists. Each mentor received a special clinical uniform. In recognition of their contribution during the year, the Mentors were last week given an official UP certificate of appreciation by the Dean Professor Callum Durward. Mentors for 2019-2020 were: Choun Lina, Srean Bunsrong, Heng Rithi, Nam Virak, Lao Ryna, and Sieng Chanrithy

The Graduation Exam for batch-5 pharmacy students

Faculty of Pharmacy is strongly committed to produce highest quality graduates with knowledge, skills and good attitudes to serve the Cambodian community. The quality of assessment is one of the key priorities to ensure the graduates quality. As every year, University of Puthisastra (UP) always prepares the internal exit examination (MCQ and OSCE) for year-5 pharmacy student before they are allowed to take the National Exit Exam. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) was conducted by using Computer based system led by the UP technical committee and under to supervision of representatives from Ministry of Health (MoH). This year, the exam was help on the 13th of January for MCQs and from the 21st to the 25th of January for OSCE. These assessments have provided reliable and objective data on student learning and help to strengthen graduates quality before entering into practice settings. At the same time it also develops faculty capacity on how to implement a reliable framework to measuring tangible outcomes for learning and teaching within the university.

The second and third CPD training for Cambodian pharmacists at UP

Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP) is officially recognized as one of CPD providers for pharmacists in Cambodia through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the University of Puthisastra and the Pharmacy Council of Cambodia. With this new collaboration, the University of Puthisastra is ready to provide continuing professional development education to pharmacists registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia as it maintains appropriate experience in the pharmacy practice, , keeping up-to-date with continuing education and professional competency and undertaking appropriate development and training opportunities that are relevant to the pharmacy practice.

After successfully running the 1st training in the middle of January, FoP will conduct the 2nd and 3rd training on the January the 30th and 31st respectively both online and on campus. Two topics: Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP), and Good Storage Practice (GSP) will be covered during the training.

UP has recruited trainers and facilitators who are competent and qualified who have many year in professional and teaching experiences. In the context of 21st century education, UP trainer will use 21st teaching and assessing methodology with the support from modern technology.


Last week a group of UP dental students (Bun Hy, Dy Sovannara, and Dok Sovanpheara) defended their thesis on the topic “TV Advertising of Sugary Foods and Drinks to Cambodian Children”. The study involved analyzing the advertisements on three TV stations popular with children over a one-week period. The key findings of the study included:

  1. Sugary foods and drinks were heavily advertised on TV during viewing times popular with children. Between 8% and 55% of all advertisements observed were for sweet drinks and snacks (depending on the channel). There were between 3 and 4 sugary advertisements per hour.
  2. Sugary drinks were far more frequently advertised than sugary foods. 73% of the drinks advertised were soft drinks and energy drinks and many were associated with having fun, prizes and sports.
  3. There were almost no advertisements for healthy foods and drinks.
  4. Most of the advertisements were for products produced by multinational companies (79%), rather than by local Cambodian companies.

Based on the findings of their study they made the following recommendations:

  1. Cambodia’s TV channels should follow WHO recommendations on limitation of the sale and promotion of unhealthy products to children.
  2. The government should restrict the advertising of unhealthy sweet- and fat-rich foods and drinks to children.
  3. TV companies and food/drink manufacturers should reduce the advertising of unhealthy foods and drinks on TV.
  4. The results of this study should be brought to the attention of the health authorities, food and drink companies, TV stations and the public.

This study is just one of a many studies that are being undertaken by UP dental students and staff investigating the growing problem of high sugar consumption in Cambodia. Sugar is not only an important risk factor for dental caries, but also for other non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. UP is making its name as a leader in research into sugar and health in Cambodia.

UP- Nursing Department Involve in National Curriculum Revise at Kampot RTC

In January 27-29, 2021, the human resource department of ministry of health was prepared the physical meeting of nursing TWG in The Kampot regional training centre, supported by FHI360. This meeting our nursing staff Ms. Kem Sokunthea (Deputy head of nursing department) and Mr. Leab Phana (program assistant) joined with other five regional training centres and two universities in Cambodia.

This meeting had objective: revise the curriculum structure, review the clinical hours in the program, review the clinical skill; logbook; and work book, get the consensus from the TWG on the reference list, and form the sub-groups to get the assignment tasks. This meeting was very productive discussion of many subjects such as theory hour, number credit and course flow, clinical procedures.

The University of Puthisastra is actively joined in this curriculum revising to promote the standard of nursing professional in The Cambodia.

UP Dental Students Learn Oral Surgery Skills in the SIM Lab

Over recent weeks the UP Year 5 dental students have been honing their skills in oral surgery (in particular wisdom tooth removal) in the SIM Lab. The students were each given a pig’s mandible to work on, and were required to make incisions, raise a flap and remove bone, all under the eye of UP Oral Surgeon Dr Som Sochenda who as a Masters in OMF surgery from Mahidol University in Thailand. By the end of the session students felt confident about the technique, and are now ready to carry out third molar and other minor surgery on patients. Students need patients – so for a very low price you can have your wisdom teeth expertly removed in the UP Dental Clinic. Students are closely supervised to ensure you receive the best care possible. Thanks to Dr Som Sochenda, Dr Chhray Mengkheng and Dr Horn Vitou for conducting the preclinical training sessions.

Dr Chea Sin attended the 3rd and Final Part of International Dean’s Course Southeast Asia via Zoom

Dr Chea Sin won a DAAD scholarship to join the International Dean’s Course Southeast Asia 2020-2021. This course was jointly organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). It aims at strengthening higher education management structures in developing countries. The 1st part of this training programme took place end of June 2020 and covered topics such as strategic faculty management, financial management and leadership. The 2nd Part of the DIES International Deans’ Course Southeast Asia 2020-2021 took place online from October 24th – 30th, 2020 with focus on governance, project action plan, change management, rankings, and entrepreneurial university. And Part III, which is the final part of the course, will take place from January 25th to February 04, 2021 with focus on conflicts management, negotiation, internationalization, Human Resources Management, and diversity management.

We are really proud of him who are only one health science dean from Cambodia to be selected in the wonderful program. He mentioned that he will use what he had learned to improve his management of the UP Faculty of Pharmacy and share it to his colleagues at the University and future generations in a bid to make contributions to the improvement of higher education in Cambodia under the leadership of the ministry of education and the Royal Government of Cambodia.


International dental company Dentsply Sirona has awarded UP the 2019-2020 Clinical Support Award for Clinical Education in Endodontics. UP is the first university in Cambodia to have received this award. As part of the prize, last week the UP Dental Clinic received 4 X-Smart Plus Endo motors which will give our dentists and students the opportunity to provide high quality root canal treatment using some of the most modern rotary equipment in the world. The local representative of Dentsply Sirona is the Unident CEO Mr Sok Meng.

He is planning to provide training in the use of the machines initially to our clinical tutors and general practice residents. Later the new equipment will be used by senior dental students and also students in the proposed new Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics course.

This new course will be taught by Australian endodontists Dr Steve Cohn and Dr Marcus Yan, along with UPs own endodontic specialists Dr Chum Chenda, Dr Peung Kimsreang, Dr Leng Ravuth and Dr Soy Rasy.

National Sales Manager of Dentsply Sirona in Thailand, Mr Wassilios Intzes, said in an email “the grant program includes a discount for all Endo related items that the students use during 1 year”. UP is honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award, and we look forward to training all our students and staff to use the new equipment in the near future.


UP dental students spend many hours during their training practicing pre-clinical procedures such as cavity and crown preparations in our simulation (SIM) lab using NISSIN dental mannequins from Japan.

Over recent years the rubber faces have become torn and in need of replacement. UP recently funded the purchase of 30 new mannequin faces so that students can have a better experience when practicing these important procedures.

UP joins Two Workshops in Siem Reap

UP is extremely fortunate in having a dedicated Teaching a Learning department whose sole job is to strengthen international level education at UP and ensure students achieve the very best outcome and salaries

A representative from QLTS, University of Puthisastra, joined two workshops in Siem Reap, organised by Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) and Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC).

The first workshop was held on 14th-15th January 2021 at Regency Angkor Hotel with participation from various Cambodia Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The theme of the workshop is “Dissemination workshop on the result of the study on the implementation of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and Quality Assurance (QA) in CLMV countries”. The study is on the implementation of QA and NQF for academic programs – Finance, Civil Engineering, and Agriculture (Food). The findings show that Cambodia and Vietnam are at intermediate stage where QA structures and processes have been agreed upon, communicated and are operational. Comparing to Lao and Myanmar, they are just at the entry stage where an overarching vision of QA of qualifications has been agreed upon. For the NQF, Cambodia and Vietnam are in stage 6 where some structures and processes have been established and are operational. By contrast, Lao and Myanmar are in stage 4 where the initial development and design completed.

The second workshop was held on 16th-18th January 2021 at Angkor Paradise Hotel. It is a reflection workshop on the Accreditation of Cambodia HEIs. The purposes of the workshop are:

  • to discuss where ACC is through the reflections on the results from the meeting led by HE Minister, ACC road map, current assessment reports, assessment standards/indicators and tools, and
  • to discuss where shall ACC reach, how to start a new pathway to reach the goals, the delegation of the power to reach the goals, and ACC staff performance management.

The road map is the Program Accreditation as the first step. The workshop was then led by the Work Bank representatives, who provided the feedback, suggestion, and recommendation on ACC assessment standards/indicators and tools. In addition, the Bank representative emphasizes that a good Financial Management of a HEI is crucial for the sustainability. A HEI must ensure a FM system that is effective and efficient for smooth activities in responding to strategic plans and achieving goals. The workshops are Cambodia HEIs to work hard on quality rather than quantity.