UP VOICE VOL.33 – 31st January 2020

The Official Newsletter of the University of Puthisastra (UP)-Vol.33 for 31st Jan 2020 Download

Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) is a nonprofit organization that is exclusively humanitarian, working to promote health and social well-being through ongoing services and education to medically underserved Cambodians living in both the United States and Cambodia. The missions of CHPAA are:

1. To strengthen community by promoting healthy lifestyles, regular check-up, and education to local Cambodians and other ethnic groups

2. To maintain an ongoing network of healthcare professionals in the US

3. To offer locals junior highs, high schools, and universities students an opportunity to volunteer and serve their community

4. To conduct annual medical, surgical, and dental mission to Cambodia to provide medical care services and education free of charge to the
under-served Cambodian population

5. To provide scholarships to deserving students and volunteers pursuing careers in the healthcare field

6. To organize local health events & fairs.

This year, 14 pharmacy students volunteered at CHPAA. They really appreciated being granted this opportunity, so they could serve the community with everything they have learned, while getting to know health professionals in the US. These students will share the knowledge they have learned from this volunteer work among their colleagues, and hopefully next year there will be more pharmacy students joining the CHPAA project. UP Pharmacy strongly supports students to take part in humanitarian projects like this one. This kind of project equips them with both hard and soft skills to succeed in the
contemporary pharmacy industry.


Choun Lina and Lao Ryna are final year dental students who have recently received their US visas to go to the University of New England (UNE) in March this year. They will be away for about two weeks, and will spend their time observing at the UNE dental clinics and labs, as well as attending lectures. Before they go, UP will play host to 3 UNE dental students and one lecturer for two weeks. The Dean of the UNE College of Dentistry, Dr. Jon Ryder, will also visit and give a special lecture on oral pathology. This is the third year of our exchange programme with UNE and it has proven to be a very valuable collaboration. Congratulations to Lina and Ryna, who will be great ambassadors for UP and Cambodia.

what’s up on campus
• 31 Feb-2020 UP Wide First Aid Workshop
• 08 Mar-2020 International Women’s Day

Orientation Session for Medical Laboratory Technology students

Welcome to the Department of Laboratory Sciences!
On Tuesday 21st January 2020, The Department of Laboratory Sciences, University of Puthisastra conducted an Orientation Session for Medical Laboratory Technology students who are the freshmen of batch 9. During the session they were informed about Medical Laboratory Technology’s role in the health sector, as well as the University’s policies and were given a tour of the university campus. In addition, alumni students spoke about how to become successful in the profession and in particular about how to get the best job opportunities in the future.

205 pharmacy students visited Khmer Beverages

On January 11, 2020, 205 pharmacy students from year 4 and year 5 visited Khmer Beverages Factory. During their visit, they observed 2 important things related to Quality Control and the production chain of beer and soft drinks. At the end of their visit, they were invited to try out some premium drinks and played some games in what was a fun but productive visit there. The staff at Khmer Beverage gave our students warm hospitality and answered all the questions from our students related to the technical aspects of production, in addition to questions about leadership and management. It was a fascinating trip for our students while they also learned about how the work done there relates to their pharmaceutical studies and their future pharmaceutical work.


The Master in IT course is starting on the 8th February, 2020.
75% scholarships are available for this programme.
SCHOLARSHIP EXAM DATE: Saturday 1st February 2020 – 9am – 11am – Room B11 (building B) – Topics: Mathematics, IT General Knowledge & English.

The Master in IT comes with 3 specialisations to be chosen for the second year of study:
• Data Science: understand, manage and analyse large data sets to extract meaningful insights.
• Big Data: learn how to build well structured Big Data environments.
• Cyber Security: estimate risks, identify threats and develop strategies for protecting data.

For more information
• Contact +855 16 998 240 by Telegram or by email
• ict.staffs@puthisastra.edu.kh
How to register for the scholarship exam:
Come to the Information Office (Ground floor, Building A) or online: https://forms.gle/HJ1AQpUgBj7o2rLR8


We urgently need 20 patients who need one or more lower wisdom teeth removed by qualified and registered overseas dentists who are coming to do a course here in early February. They are supervised by an overseas oral surgeon from Singapore – and will be followed up by Dr Bushara (Oral Surgeon) and our team.
The patient will get free Xrays and free wisdom tooth removal – plus $20 and free medicines. This offer applies to UP students as well as patients from outside UP.
If you are unsure about whether you have wisdom teeth, or whether they should be removed or not, please come to see us any time at the UP Dental Clinic for a free checkup and Xray.

First Palliative Care Training Course for Medical Students

A team from PRIME (Partnership in International Medical Education) UK led by Dr. Anthony Clarke and including two other medical doctors and one nurse (Francesca Elloway, Gill Horne and J. Martin Leiper), and invited tutors from Mercy Medical Center, Cambodia delivered a five day Training Course at UP accredited by the University of Brighton, UK. The Course was entitled “An Interactive Introduction to Palliative Care” and took place from 13th to 17th January 2020.
The 36 Year 6 medical students who attended the Course have learned the principles of Palliative Care as described by the World Health Organization, have acquired basic skills in good communication and symptom control in patients with advanced disease, have reflected on ethical practice, learned how to identify physical, psychological and spiritual suffering, explored good communication with patient and family through role play, and have become aware of different kinds of normal and abnormal grief. Palliative care is at an early stage in Cambodia and this Course has helped to ensure that our students appreciate its important role in modern medicine.

UP Pharmacy students are ready for Antibiotic Awareness Campaign at Koh Kong

Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. In many parts of the world, people do not have access to antibiotics appropriately. In Cambodia, community-acquired drug-resistant bacteria among children is linked with increased mortality, and results in a doubling of hospital admission cost.
Two main factors that cause increased antibiotic resistance are overuse and misuse of antibiotics and the lack of community-oriented information on antibiotic use. As a result of studying this emerging issue, pharmacy students are planning an Antibiotic Awareness Campaign which is going to take place in Koh Kong province early next month.
This campaign is to raise public awareness and understanding of antibiotic resistance, and to plan how to contribute to reducing antibiotic resistance in Cambodia. The students will promote global education on antibiotics, how they should be used, and the growing risks of antibiotic resistance.

UP represented on Ministry Of Health Sub-Technical Working Group for Oral Health (SubTWGOH)

Assistant Professor Soeun Sopharith recently represented UP at the new Ministry of Health (MOH) Sub Technical Working Group for Oral Health (SubTWGOH) meeting, which aims to improve the oral health of Cambodians. Under the chairmanship of Secretary of State HE Dr. Oeurn Borarorth (MOH) the meeting was also attended by representatives from the Oral Health Bureau (MOH), UHS, GIZ, One2One, RACHA, IHS, BLCP and Mission of Mobile. The meeting was very constructive and focused on planning for a future National Oral Health Survey, formulation of a new Master Plan for Oral Health, and development of oral health services and prevention of oral health problems for children. Two sub-committees will be formed, and three-monthly meetings of the SubTWGOH will be held to monitor progress. Among the members of the working group, five are part of the UP family.

UP’s handrub to help the nation to fight against Coronaviruses

In December 2019, a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) emerged in the human population in Wuhan, China. The number of identified cases in Wuhan and beyond has increased rapidly since then, and cases have been identified in other Chinese cities and other countries in just a month. Deaths and cases are likely to rise until the outbreak is contained. The World Health Organization has encouraged the public to practice hand and respiratory hygiene and safe food practices. Responding to the spread of the 2019-nCoV and the Ministry of Health’s measures in combating the disease, the Faculty of Pharmacy here at the University of Puthisastra has produced handrub in its own laboratory to share with staff and students in the campus.
The production of this disinfectant handrub was carefully made with appropriate raw materials and complies with quality control measures. The production formulas were developed in accordance with WHO-recommended handrub formulations. The Faculty of Pharmacy will increase the production of handrub in order to share them with people in Koh Kong province, where an Antibiotic Awareness Campaign will be taking place in January/February 2020. Following on from this, the Faculty of Pharmacy is planning to produce handrub to sell to people at an affordable price. We hope that this contribution will benefit students and the public in promoting health in the Kingdom of Cambodia, said Dr. Sin Chea, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra.


In the final year of their studies, UP dental students are allowed to practice more advanced treatments, since they have already mastered all the basic procedures in the previous four years of supervised clinical practice. These advanced procedures include implants, periodontal surgery, use of the dental microscope, laser treatment, and rotary endodontics. Rotary endodontics is root canal treatment using a machine and files to clean and shape the canals.
Rotary endodontics is quicker and easier than the standard procedure, where the “files”are turned by hand. However a high level of skill is required to avoid any complications. Last week two of our specialists Dr Soy Rasy and Dr Chum Chenda conducted hands-on training for the students so that they can now use the technique in the UP clinic before they graduate. UP’s school is the only dental school in Cambodia that provides this level of training for its dental students.

Meet the up team!

Mariana Ganusiak Foundation Year English Program Coordinator

My name is Mariana Ganusiak and I was born and raised in Ukraine. I am an educator and lifelong learner. I received my postgraduate degree in Education in 2011. After working in my home country for a few years I decided to move abroad to challenge myself personally and professionally.
Since then, I have taught and managed teachers in Turkey and China. For the last four years I’ve worked with a diverse community of students at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. During that time, I helped them to grow, develop, and prepare for their future careers. Today I am excited to start a new journey at the University of Puthisastra as the Foundation Year English Programme Coordinator. I hope to share my experience and guide students towards all of their academic goals.


UP Deans Andrea Ryan (Nursing and Midwifery) and Callum Durward (Dentistry), Deputy Dean Soeun Sopharith (Dentistry) along with several UP lecturers from various Faculties attended this important meeting at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center where the new regulations concerning Continuing Professional Development in Cambodia were shared. The Minister of Health HE Prof Mam Bunheng and HE Prof Thir Kruy (Chair of the Coordinating Committee of Health Profession Councils) spoke, along with representatives from GTZ, WHO and Presidents of the various Councils.
The new guidelines on CPD were released to the participants, and it is clear that private institutions such as UP can play an important role in providing ongoing education for the Cambodian health workforce. UP is already committed to this mission, and offered a range of courses for health providers in 2019.

The 5th thesis oral defense by UP dental graduates

On Saturday last week, the fifth group of dental graduates successfully completed their thesis oral defence. During the twenty minute presentation, the group members, Chhov Mengleng, Tang Lymeng, and Meng Long presented the results of their clinical study on “Surgical Management of Maxillary Exostosis (ME) and Torus Palatinus (TP) in Patients Attending the University of Puthisastra Dental Clinic, Phnom Penh, Cambodia”. The following is the abstract of their research:

Background: Tori and exostoses are bony protuberances that could be classified according to their anatomic form and location. They may be easily traumatized and can interfere with wearing a denture. This study illustrated surgical management and its outcomes of ME and TP in patients attending UP Dental Clinic in 2016-2017.

Methods: This was a retrospective study on a series of 8 cases of either ME or TP (5 males and 3 females of age between 46 to 74 years old). Pre-operatively, the site and shape of ME and TP were evaluated to decide which flap design to be used; study models were taken and surgical splints were fabricated. Low-speed handpiece and/or chisel mallet were used to surgical remove the bone. Post-operatively, the patients were given antibiotic, analgesics and chlorhexidine mouthwash for at least 5 days, and followed up at 2-7 days, 1-12 months.

Results: The surgical procedures described in the study resulted in satisfactory outcomes with no serious complications. 6 cases (75%) were completely successful, while 2 cases (25%) presented with post-operative infection of the wounds, which subsequently resolved. Noticeably, both infections were in cases of torus palatinus where a post-operative splint was not placed.

Conclusion: The surgical removal of ME and TP is a relatively simple procedure but requires an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, and careful surgical technique. Placing a surgical splint over the surgical wound was found to be a quick and reliable method of preventing postoperative complications.

“Medical Laboratory Technology student Clerkship”

Since January 06, 2020 Medical Laboratory Technology students from the University of Puthisastra have begun their clerkship in Medical Laboratories at 4several hospitals within the capital city of Phnom Penh. During this clerkship, which will last for six-weeks, students are encouraged to try their best in order to gain new knowledge and skills.


The UP Faculty of Dentistry had another successful year in 2019 which included many achievements thanks to our hardworking staff, lecturers, tutors and students, and the support we got from the UP Leadership team and support staff. Our achievements included:
1. Visits by overseas teams from New York University (NYU), University of New England (UNE), James Cook University (JCU), MAHSA University, AHHA (Australian Humanitarian Health Association), ACTS (Singapore NGO with students from National University of Singapore), Denriche Asia.
2. Sakura Science Exchange program – 5 students and 5 dentists from UP visited Japan in August for a week.
3. Visiting international lecturers and advisors included: 10 Japanese dentists from Denriche Asia. Assoc Prof John Payne (prosthodontist, Australia), Dr Geoff Borlase (maxillofacial prosthodontist, Australia), Dr Ivan Koh (Endodontist, Singapore), Professor Kack Kyun Kim (Oral Microbiologist, Korea), A/Prof Pattawee (Implantologist, Thailand), Prof Andrew Sandham (Australia), Dr Philipp Schneider (dental materials expert, Switzerland), Dr Steve Cohn (Endodontist, Australia), Dr Marcus Yan (Endodontist, Australia), Dr Siddharth Dhanaraj (OMF surgeon, Malaysia), Dr Masa Iwata (OMF surgeon, Japan), Dr Ly Ly (Implantologist, Chiang Mai University), Prof Phrabhakaran Nambiar (OMF radiologist, Mahsa University), Dr Marianne de Jong (general dentist, NZ), Dr Kenneth Macdonald (general dentist and dental assistant trainer, UK), 4 pediatric dentists from AHHA (Australia), Prof Hazmyr Abdul Wahab (UiTM).
4. Appointment of Dr Khom Pisal DDS, MPH, MHM as Business Development Manager at Faculty of Dentistry.
5. Appointment of Dr Kong Sophannary DDS, PhD as Dental Research Coordinator.
6. Appointment of Dr Kong Kalyan DDS, PhD as Assistant Dean.
7. Establishment of the first working ceramic lab at any Cambodian university – thanks to our partner DENTECH (UK) which donated a large shipment of ceramic lab equipment.
8. Construction of a new dental clinic meeting room outside the clinic (thanks to Dr Chris Park).
9. UP became a founding member of new education group called ADEAP (Association of Dental Education for Asia and the Pacific) – the only member university from Cambodia.
10. Sent almost 40 students overseas on exchange programs to UNE (USA), UiTM (Malaysia), University of Indonesia, Hiroshima University (Japan), Mahidol University (Thailand), Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Denriche Asia (Japan) – approximately half of all dental students are able to go on international exchanges or conferences during their time at UP.
11. Two staff and students attended the Southeast Asian Association of Dental Education (SEAADE) conference in Malaysia.
12. 15 staff and students attended the International Dental Collaboration of the Mekong River Region (IDCMR) conference in Kunming, China.
13. 2 staff attended the Khon Kaen University Faculty of Dentistry 50th Anniversary conference in Thailand.
14. Dean spoke at the International Association of Dental Research (Asia/Pacific) regional meeting in Brisbane, Australia.
15. Purchase of a dental laser for UP Dental Clinic – first laser at a dental school in Cambodia.
16. Donation of a dental microscope from ZUMAX in China – first dental microscope at a dental school in Cambodia – and only the second dental microscope in Cambodia.
17. Commencement of 2-year Diploma of Implantology course for 19 dentists (collaboration between UP and Australian specialists).
18. UP was host of 2 local implant courses, 1 course on periodontics, 1 course on Cone Beam CT radiography, 1 course on composites (GC Asia), and 1 course on endodontics.
19. Hosted two wisdom tooth courses for overseas dentists.
20. Hosted an orthodontics course for overseas dentists.
21. Weekly participation in Prison Dental Service with One-2-One Cambodia.
22. Weekly participation in Healthy Kids Cambodia project at three primary schools.
23. Departmental Research on Geriatric Dentistry, Betel Quid chewing, dental materials (Cention N and SDF), Early Childhood Caries.
24. Publication of 7 papers in international journals by UP students and staff/lecturers.
25. Publication in 5 papers in Cambodian Dental Journal.
26. 8 dentistry staff and lecturers attended UP 2-day Workshop on Teaching and Learning.
27. Participation of UP Dean and Deputy Dean in MOH technical working group on undergraduate and postgraduate dental education, and in MOH TWG on oral health.
28. Participation of UP Dean and Deputy Dean in School Health Department working group on school health programs.
29. New MOUs signed with Universiti Technologi Mara (Malaysia), MAHSA University (Malaysia), Dental Academic Services (Singapore), Ground Asia, Australian Implantology Team, Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA), and Asia-Pacific Oral Cancer Early Detection Network (APOCNET).
30. 100% pass rate for our first group of students sitting National Exit Exam and graduation ceremony.
31. More than 20 NGOs bring patients for free treatment at UP Dental Clinic (supported by Denriche Asia Company).
32. Establishment of a group of dental students focused on providing treatment for Special Needs children (“I Smile You Smile” team).
33. Six senior dental students appointed as “student mentors” with purpose of developing leadership skills and helping support younger students in their community, clinic and learning activities.
34. Appointment of three “dental residents” – new graduates who can provide dental treatment to private patients and help undergraduate students, while developing their own clinical skills with help from our dental specialists.
35. Opening of a new six chair dental clinic at Preak Leap National College of Agriculture.
36. First 5 theses completed and defended.