UP VOICE VOL.12 – 15Th MARCH 2019

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8 UP dental students are embarking on 23 March for the first ever exchange program to Indonesia’s largest and most prestigious dental school at the University of Indonesia. The team at University of Indonesia has prepared a warm welcome for our students, followed by a day of sightseeing, a campus tour, orientation and social activities with the Indonesian students. During the week the students will rotate around the various departments and also attend lectures and seminars (including on bone research and forensic dentistry). The UP students will take part in a hands-on activity in the oral surgery SIM lab, where they will learn how to do inter-maxillary fixation to stabilize jaw fractures. Each day the students will be expected to write a daily reflection in their notebooks. We hope that our relationship with University of Indonesia will be a fruitful and long-lasting one.

Pharmaceutical students to study at Khon Kaen University, Thailand!


Khon Kaen University (KKU) is a leader in excellence in teaching, learning, research and development including innovation that are linked to academic services, technology transfer, problem solving, development projects in the area, especially in the Northeastern region and in the Greater Mekong Sub-region by using the research study as a learning-base. Every year, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Khon Kaen University welcomes UP Pharmaceuitcal students to conduct the internship in a variety of sectors. According to Dr. Chea Sin, the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, 141 pharmacy students have been accepted as interns at KKU within the last 3 years. That is historically amazing for the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Puthisastra. During the internship orientation, Dr. Chea Sin and the President and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ian Finlay, advised students to study well academically, professionally and culturally. It is important to know the culture values of each country. The students are not only the base graduates but they are also acting like ambassadors to build good neighbors, and to become global citizens for the best health system. This international internship will allow students to earn academic credit, foster new skills development, gain experience in related-field, create career and personal networking and encourage cross-cultural skills and sensitivity. So, congratulations to these 21 students; you are the representatives of UP and Cambodia as a whole!



  • 15-16 Mar
Exam of Term 2 for 3+1 (Nurse-Midwifery)
  • 29 Mar
Internal Exam for 3+1 (Nurse-Midwifery)
  • 29 Mar
Semester 1 Ends for FY Classes
  • 2 Apr
UP Culture Day
  • 14-17 Apr
Khmer New Year Days
  • 03 May
Graduation Day

Childrens’ Surgical Center Hosts UP Students for Orthopaedics and Anaesthesia Lecture and Hand-on Workshop!

The Childrens Surgical Center (CSC) is one of Cambodia’s most impactful clinics – providing expert medical care to those who can least afford it. CSC is truly life-saving. CSC attracts the best expert medical specialists from all over the world.

UPs Medical students were very fortunate to participate in hands-on workshop and lectures by these experts with students participating in case discussion and patient examination including Corrective osteotomies for deformities, Sawbone workshop, late fracture complications, paediatric neuromuscular disorders, Limb length discrepancies, Lumbar spinal injection and management of spinal fracture and Perioperative care of patients undergoing spine surgery.

CSC and UP have recently signed an MOU which will allow UP students to receive lectures and training by these world experts as well as UP students training and volunteering at CSC. UP is very grateful to Dr. Jim Gollogly and his team at CSC for helping train the next generation of Cambodia’s doctors.

Hearing Loss presentation conducted by Dr. Chris Waterworth

Faculty of Medicine conduct presentation on Audiology, Hearing Loss by Dr. Chris Waterworth, Clinical Educator, Audiologist, PhD Candidate (Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne). There are three topic training for Medical Doctor students covering global problem of hearing loss and ear disease, introduction to Audiology and Q&A related to hearing loss with ear disease and practice for physical examination to the patient.

Every Voice Matters

From President,

As you know we take student feedback very seriously in our goal of improving UP. That’s why we have set up feedback@puthisastra.edu.kh and Suggestion Boxes in library – both communications go directly to me.

Messages and suggestions have been supportive. However I’ve recently received a message to “Have more room for students to do research”. Can whoever sent it please give me more details as I’m not sure if they mean more room in library for research or more research space in labs. I’m very happy to address issues but just need more details.



Miss Cambodia Candidates Visit UP

The Miss Cambodia pageant is travelling across the country to universities and other key locations throughout Cambodia. All twenty-five Miss Cambodia candidates have been selected to represent 25 Cities & Provinces across Cambodia. While on their tour of the country, they represent their cities and provinces by presenting their history, culture, food and traditional ways of living. The goal of the Miss Cambodia visit at UP was to share their experiences and promote women’s empowerment. Five semi-finalists will be selected on the 31 March 2019 at NagaWorld 2.

Supports UP Dentistry and Our Community



Last week a meeting was held with the Colgate Professional Executive Dr Keang Seng to discuss support from Colgate for our UP Dental Clinic and community projects. Dr Seng offered to provide Colgate products for our clinic at low cost, including toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash. Colgate will also donate 50 tooth-brushing models and oral health education posters. Dr Seng will approach the company to request a donation of several thousand brushes and small toothpaste samples for use in our prison project and services to poor children both at our clinic and at some of the primary schools we work in. We greatly appreciate this partnership with Colgate, which is not only the largest dental company in the world, but also an important ally in promoting oral health in Cambodia.

UP dental students complete BLS training!

Recently, all UP dental students have completed BLS (basic life support) training through an on-line course from the USA. BLS training is a higher level CPR class that is designed to train healthcare professionals on recognizing and responding to several life-threatening emergencies that can occur in dental clinics. Nearly all Healthcare workers are required to have at least this BLS class. Skills taught in the course include: Providing CPR for adults, children and infants; using an Automated External Defibrillator; and relieving choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. Students who completed the course received an official certificate from the National Health Care organization. All patients visiting UP dental clinic can be assured that our
student dentists are well trained, confident and ready to assist when emergencies occur. The UP Dental Clinic is one of only two clinics in Cambodia to have a Defibrillator (AED) machine.

Meet the UP Team!

Dr. Maria R. Tucker, PhD joined UP as Director of Student Affairs and Partnerships one year ago. Dr. Maria worked for over 20 years in US post-secondary education. She served as founding director of a Center for Community Partnerships at Pomona College in California where she raised over $11 million to support the center. The Center focused on supporting community based organizations including schools.

Through this work, Dr. Maria mentored and taught hundreds of students and supported their journey to university and beyond. Dr. Maria has also served as a Dean of Students and has many years experience in emergency response, student conduct issues, student leadership development and community engagement. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and a doctorate in environmental sociology.

Dr. Maria R. Tucker, PhD | Director of Student Affairs & Partnerships

UP partners with NZ and Thailand to bid for funding from the e-Asia Joint Research Programme

UP together with the MOH (Cambodia), University of Otago (NZ), University of Chiang Mai, and Ministry of Health (Thailand) is applying for a major grant for research in the area of oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among older Cambodians. Unfortunately patients often present late when the cancer is already advanced; treatment is then more difficult and the survival rate is lower. The main causes of oral cancer are smoking, betel quid chewing and high alcohol consumption. These risk factors are common among some groups in Cambodia. Excessive exposure to the sun is also a cause of lip cancer and affects many rice farmers.

Our team in the Faculty of Dentistry and Department of Research has been working on a funding proposal involving carrying out research on oral cancer over a three year period. It would include first collecting relevant information on oral cancer in Cambodia, training dentists to detect and diagnose oral mucosal lesions (including oral cancer), building the capacity of local pathologists to analyze pathological specimens and to make the correct diagnosis, develop better pathways of care so that patients can access care at an early stage and receive the right treatment, and health promotion activities to reduce risk factors for oral cancer.

Next week Prof. Callum Durward, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Dr Tineke Water, Director of Research at UP, will be travelling to Bangkok to meet with the collaborating team of Thai researchers to finalize the proposal.

Student Testimonials

“I have learnt a lot of soft skill throught many projects with support from University of Puthisastra. School doesn’t teach you about soft skill but UP does!”


Oeung Sokunvary | Faculty of Pharmacy | UP

What to do in the Holiday?

The first semester has come to an end and spring break is right at the corner! For some students, this means a genuine rest from studying and for others; it means a period dedicated to serious thought on the next stage in their lives. For pharmacy students-its also a time for gaining practical experiences. So far this year, 13 students are volunteering at the Medical Biology Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy; 13 students are going to learn more at the PharmaProduct Manufacturing (PPM); and 13 students are fascinating to acquire more knowledge from Super Care and Heng Thavy pharmacy! To all students, whether you are traveling or doing your volunteer work, please have fun, be safe and have a great break!.

Student Affairs Launches Student Incident Form

If a student is injured or reports a theft or other incident to a UP official they can now go to Student Affairs to report it. The incident reporting systems allows UP to track student incidents and quickly respond. It also documents any incident patterns. For example, last year students were having their wallets stolen but they were unsure of where to go to report. With the incident report system, Student Affairs will track and respond to such incidents. In addition to the Student Incident Report form, Student Affairs will be implementing a student emergency response process.

Exciting Date Claimer

Khmer New Year is the name of the Cambodian Holiday that celebrates the traditional Lunar New Year. The holiday lasts for three days beginning on New Year’s Day, which usually falls on April 13th or 14th, which is the end of the harvesting season, when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor before the rainy season begins. The University of Puthisastra is holding UP Culture Day 2019 on Tuesday 2 April, 2019. For further information please go to the following link: https://www.facebook.com/UniversityofPuthisastra/