UP VOICE VOL.11 – 1st March 2019

The Official Newsletter of the University of Puthisastra (UP)-Vol.11 for 1st March 2019 Download

UP and Khmer Sight Foundation launch Eye Clinic at UP


To improve opportunities for UP students (as well as provide sustainable eye care) UP and Khmer Sight Foundation has launched upon a new ophthalmology complex at UP’s campus. This one-stop center performs eye screening and clinical operations by international expert doctors as well as local Cambodian ophthalmologists.

Almost 30,000 Cambodians go blind each year and this service provides life-changing surgery to those who can least afford it. The clinic hosts a wide variety of cutting-edge equipment including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT, used to detect retina problem, especially useful for patient with high blood pressure, diabetes), Slit Lamp (Microscope to diagnose eye program), Auto refraction for patient with sight problem and Phaco machine, the latest surgical machine to treat cataracts.

UP believes in giving students the best teaching by using the best equipment and the best teachers. Not only do patients benefit from international expertise and modern equipment but UP students have the opportunity to learn and train to equip them for their future career as health care professionals

UP offers high-quality and Free WiFi to STUDENTS

Information Technology (IT) is revolutionizing the world. Cambodia and UP are no exception. A modern age needs a modern university and a modern university needs modern technology to develop collaborative and interactive learning. UP is therefore investing in the digital age by providing free WiFi to students. Not only has UP upgraded its WiFi and also added more WiFi hot-spots to cope with the increased number of users but UP has also improved connecting periods (Lease Time) to over ten times better than previously available.


  • 08 Mar
International Women’s day
  • 9 Mar
End of Term 2 for 3+1 (Nurse – Midwifery)
  • 15 – 16 Mar
Exam of Term 2 for 3+1 (Nurse – Midwifery)
  • 20 Mar
Internal Exam for 3+1 (Nurse – Midwifery)

STEM festivals are so much fun! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics lovers of all kinds come together to share all sorts of hands-on experiences for kids and adults alike. It was the perfect way to spend 3 days with us and learn about STEM together. There were creatures to see and touch up close, hands-on demonstrations and experiments to participate in, robotics demonstrations, photo booths, and much more.

University of Puthisastra presented with various activities including Specimen collection, blood Smear examinations from Faculty of Health Sciences & Biotechnology. While Faculty of Medicine practiced Human Anatomy and medical stitching using pork skin. The Faculty of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology and the Faculty of English Excellence & Employability presented Rubik’s cube challenge and a general knowledge quiz for prizes – which students loved. Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery conducted Body Mass Index (BMI) with health advice. Furthermore, our Faculty of Dentistry showcased their dental impression and dental molding and drawing that proved very popular with high school students. Likewise, Faculty of Pharmacy presented with various activities including exhibition, demonstration of Paracetamol syrup production, posters, extracurricular activities and research.

Encouraged by the Cambodian Government confirming that STEM is the future of Cambodia, more than 30,000 visitors and high school students joined the 5th Cambodia’s Science & Engineering Festival this year according to STEM Cambodia Organization.

UP Lecturers presentations at CamTESOL

The UP English department recently participated in CamTESOL, one of the largest English as a second language conferences which was recently held in Phnom Penh. The conference draws about 1,500 people from 30+ different countries. Our four UP presenters were Jessica Austin, Jake Pedersen, Jenny Pisani, and Dave Spencer. The UP team not only got a very positive response from the workshops that they conducted but they attend useful workshops that will help improve English instruction at UP.

UP completes its Projector upgrade

Classrooms have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades with the advent of new technologies and equipment such as multimedia projectors, developed to make teaching and learning much more interactive and engaging. Modern universities need modern equipment so over the last few months, UP has committed to replacing all its 28 projectors to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Finally our suppliers have delivered the last batch and all projectors are now operational – just waiting to deliver exciting content.


University of Puthisastra (UP) has just installed a confocal dental microscope in its modern 19-chair dental clinic on Street 180, Daun Penh District.

The microscope is manufactured by one of the top medical instrument companies in the world – ZUMAX Medical Co. Ltd. and was donated by the company headquarters in China. UP is the only dental school in Cambodia to have a dental microscope and there is only one other in the whole of Cambodia. Dental microscopes are state-of-the-art equipment used by many dental specialists abroad. Dentists use the very high magnification (25X) and illumination inside and around the teeth to perform complex root canal and restorative treatments and other difficult microsurgery in the mouth. This leads to better diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Cambodia only has four endodontic dentists and all four work at UP. All four are being trained to use the microscope this week under the instruction of overseas expert Dr Steven Cohn from Sydney, Australia. The microscope comes with additional attachments that allow photographs and videos to be made so that procedures can be recorded and documented for clinical casework and teaching. This is very helpful for teaching dental students and dentists and for building a data base of treatment procedures. The images from the microscope are also projected onto a computer monitor so that others can also see what the dentist is doing when working inside the tooth or deep in the oral tissues.

The donation of the dental microscope from ZUMAX marks yet another step forward for the UP Dental Clinic, which is improving its range of state-of-the-art equipment – so that its senior students and dentists can provide patients with modern high quality care. UP aims to produce a new generation of modern dentists who, with modern state-of the-art equipment and teaching from international experts, have the best clinical skills possible ” supporting highest quality dental care in Cambodia. UPs dental clinics provides a wide range of dental care using its students and international experts to also provide inexpensive high-quality dental care to those who can least afford it. UP also intends to start a new course in the near future to train specialist endodontists who can treat even the most difficult cases.

Congratulations to UP Pharmacy Alumni on receiving Thai Royal Scholarship 2019!

Ung Huykhim and Oeung Sokunary are good friends who were both graduated as pharmacy students from the University of Puthisastra (UP) in 2018. Upon their graduation, UP recognized their great potential and were employed them as a pharmacy officer and medical laboratory assistant respectively.

But UP was not the only one to recognize their excellence as Huykhim and Vary recently received full scholarship to do their master’s degree at Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Huykhim is going to study ‘Health Consumer Protection and Health Management’ while Vary will study Toxicology.

Both are inspiring examples of curiosity and compassion and UP is very proud. We all celebrate their achievement and are proud that they are a part of our campus community. Congratulations and hooray!

Surprising Starfish

Dr. Keo Samell, head of Pharmacognosy of Faculty of Pharmacy, led pharmaceutical students to conduct and publishing research on Asterias Rubens Linnaeus (or starfish in English or Pkai Samot in Khmer) found in local Phnom Penh markets.

The starfish has been traditionally used to treat inflammatory human diseases such as pain, arthritis, and hay fever. The purpose of this research was to find out the active compounds, isolate them and then develop targeted drugs. The Study was published in Healthtime Magazine


Three UP staff, Ms. Andrea Ryan-Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Mr. Ouk Soksereivotanak, Director of Laboratory Sciences, and Mr. Im Saron Clinical Rotation Officer, Faculty or Nursing and Midwifery visited Surin Hospital and Boromarajonani College of Nursing School, Thailand on Tuesday 26th February 2019. The aim of the visit was to discuss a collaboration with the opportunity of study tour and internship, staff exchange program, and research activity. The advantage of this collaboration is that many speak Khmer in that this region of Thailand, offering great opportunities forUP students who are not strong in English language skills. The UP delegation was received very warmly and we look forward to building a close relationship.

Thailand internship for 21 UP Pharmaceutical Students

UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy is preparing for the departure of 21 UP pharmaceutical students to do a one-month internship at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khon Kaen University (KKU).

Their internship will start on March 14th, 2019 and end in April 14th, 2019. Three of them will do internship in Research & Development (R & D), 6 of them will do internship in Community Pharmacy, and the rest of them will do internship in Clinical Pharmacy. This is the 7th time that we sent UP Pharmaceutical Students for international experience at Khon Kaen University (KKU).

Since 2016 UP has sent 100 pharmaceutical students to do internship at KKU. In two weeks’ time, we will send 21 more students to do internship in these three disciplines. This internship demonstrates the strong collaboration between UP Faculty of Pharmacy and KKU Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

UP launches Training Program (CPD) to improve teachers’ skills and expertise

“Are you interested in enhancing your teaching practice, developing new skills and improving your students’ learning? How about learning from your colleagues and sharing your expertise in a collaborative community within UP, discipline or division? UP has good teachers but we want to make them great. Therefore, HR has launched a Continuing Professional Development Plan to upskill academic (and non-academic) staff to provide the best teaching and campus experience for students. Full-time staff who want to develop their skills should contact HR for further details.

dental students learning anatomy in a new fun way!

Year 2 dental students have begun the semester studying general anatomy led by Dr Koeun Kalyan MD. The class uses “Peer Assisted Learning” where apart from the lectures, students engage in small group discussions and rotate from station to station learning about different body systems.

One the most exciting techniques employed has been “body painting” where students draw anatomical structures on each other!! Apart from helping students learn, it is also a lot of fun! UP was first introduced to body painting several years ago following a visit by A/Prof Jenny Hayes and her team from University of Melbourne. Prof Hayes will be returning to UP very soon!

UP Medical Students selected for Global Safe Surgery Program

Two Medicine students were selected to support data collection for Safe Surgery 2020 which seeks to expand access to safe, quality, and affordable surgical care across Southeast Asia. Roeun Ratana (year 8) and Nit Buntongyi (year 7) successfully interviewed for these prestigious positions. They collect data as part of surgical observations in local Cambodian hospitals.

The Safe Surgery 2020 project is being implemented by Jhpiego, Harvard’s Program in Global Surgery and Social Change, Assist International, and local professional societies and universities. The GE Foundation recently donated $25 million to expand the program to South East Asia.




Recently UP welcomed Professor Tetsu Okamoto from the Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University, Japan. Professor Okamoto is a good friend of our Board of Trustees – UP Chancellor HE Sok Puthivuth, as well as Prof Chhem Rethy. Hiroshima University has a longstanding MOU with UP and next week two UP dental students will join with their Japanese team of dentists and dental students for an outreach at a school in Siem Reap. Late last year UP dental student Mr Choun Lina won a scholarship to attend a 10 day course in Japan with other international students focusing on new technologies in the dental sciences. Discussions with Prof Okamoto were very fuitful, and included the possibility of extending our MOU to include other UP Faculties, engaging in more student and staff exchange programs, and assisting UP obtain more cutting-edge dental equipment from Japan.

VISIT from belgium nursing and midwife team

Professor Ian Findlay, President of UP and Ms Andrea Ryan, Dean of Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery hosted a visit from a Nursing and Midwife school in Belgium. Plans are underway to develop student exchanges which is very exciting for midwifery students as this will be the first of its kind in Cambodia.

On February 20th, President Ian met with the Student Senate to receive feedback about any student concerns and to discuss the UP Student Senate vision. The Senate mentioned that students are interested in adding student study and lounge spaces and the President requested a solutions focused proposal from the Senate. President Ian added that he was very exciting about the Student Voice and the role that students can have at the university. The Senate is also planning “The UP Showdown”, a major campus event to showcase the talents of UP students. They’ve also begun a partnership with Angkor Hospital for Children.

On February 20th, President Ian met with the Student Senate to receive feedback about any student concerns and to discuss the UP Student Senate vision. The Senate mentioned that students are interested in adding student study and lounge spaces and the President requested a solutions focused proposal from the Senate. President Ian added that he was very exciting about the Student Voice and the role that students can have at the university. The Senate is also planning “The UP Showdown”, a major campus event to showcase the talents of UP students. They’ve also begun a partnership with Angkor Hospital for Children.


Nine UP students and four staff competed in the Koh Dach (Silk Island) Team Race on Sunday, 24th February. Five students from the Pharmacy and Dentistry departments, Yem Samneang, Lim Sokhany, Khet Sophany, Phal Leakena, and Nai Kimsopheak ran the the three kilometer race with Assistant Dean of Pharmacy, Chhea Sophearom, and his niece, Molika. Medical and Dentistry students Leng Sreypoun, Phall Horleng, and Kung Y Soeu, along with Head of the Department of English and Employability, Jake Pederson, and English Lecturer, Leah Wood, ran the five kilometer race. Pharmacy Lecturer Eng Muyngim, who also organizes the We Run in Cambodia running group in Phnom Penh, won first place for the women’s ten kilometer race. A special thank you to Pharmacy students Pove Vinea, Tra Chanchan, and Thal Youthien, and Dentistry students Nai Kimsopheak, Leng Sreypoun, and Kuo Dariya for volunteering their time to help out at the event.

For many students, this was their first competitive running event. “I am so happy and excited, especially when I see people smile,” Medical student Kung Y Soeu said, “people smiling is our happiness.” Dentistry student Leng Sreypoun said, “it’s my first experience and I’m so excited.” “It’s my first experience and it’s very hard for me but I’m so excited with people and super fresh air at there,” Dentistry student Phall Horleng said. The UP Running Club team hopes to compete in other local running events in the future. For students and staff who are interested in running, the UP Running Club meets every Sunday evening at 5pm at the Olympic Stadium. Please join our Facebook group for more information and updates.

UP Medical team visited Children’s Surgical Centre

Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of UP and Dr. AN SRIM, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine visited Children’s Surgical Center (CSC) and held discuss with Dr. Jim Gollogly, CEO of CSC.
The visit was very successful and an MOU was signed to provide:
• Visits of CSC international experts to provide lectures and training at UP
• Exchange of Faculty member and students
• Research collaboration
• Sharing of facilities
• Collaboration on development and implementation of education programs
• Opportunities for UP students and staffs to volunteer for missions and to undertake observational visits
• Volunteering opportunities for UP staff to help CSC patients


UP conducts Dental Implant Course with Gallery

Gallery Dental Supply Company is partnering with UP to conduct a 6 month basic training course for 10 dentists in dental implantology. The two lecturers for the course are Professor Hong Someth (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) and Dr Sok Chhen Chhean (Orthodontist and Implantologist), who are both UP part-time lecturers. The course is conducted on Sundays at UP, and on completion the participants will fly to Khaosiung Medical University in Taiwan to undertake advanced training. Gallery Dental Supply Company has kindly donated a Korean-made Implant Surgical Motor and Handpiece which staff and students can use when placing implants. UP dentists and students are placing a growing number of implants in its dental clinic and this additional equipment will increase our capacity to meet the demand.


UP had a visit by Rotary Club of Taipei Tunghua members President Elect Frank Lee, Vice President Roger Lee and member Laurence Kao. The purpose of the visit was to finalize plans for a Global Grant which will support the expansion of the Healthy Kids Cambodia dental program to 8 schools in Takeo and Kampot provinces starting in mid-2019. This project will partner UP as well as the Phnom Penh Capitol Rotary Club to bring urgently needed preventive and basic dental care to several thousand rural children.

UP students, along with our NGO Partner One-2-One Cambodia, will be providing the care, with support provided from the Taipei Tunghua Rotary Club. The Rotary Team met at UP to discuss the proposal, and meet the President, Professor Ian Findlay. In the afternoon the team along with Prof Findlay visited a local NGO school (PIO) to see the program in action. We are looking forward to a wonderful collaboration which will bring smiles to the faces of many disadvantaged children and provide dental care training for UP students.


Cambodia has a high rate of oral cancer, leading to the death of many people each year. In many cases, the cause is betel-quid chewing. This cultural practice is still common among elderly women in rural areas – and the public is largely unaware that it can cause oral cancer.

The UP Faculty of Dentistry has a collaborative research project on betel quid chewing with MAHSA University in Malaysia, and Kaohsiung University in Taiwan. The first part of the research was focus group interviews with 60 betel quid chewers from Svey Rieng province which was carried out by a group of year 7 dental students in late 2018. The results were enlightening. The next stage will involve an in-depth survey of 180 chewers from 2 provinces. Later some interventions will be trialed, with the aim of reducing the number of people taking up this harmful habit.

Prof Rosnah Zain, Assoc Prof Chia Set Hoong and Professor Yang Yi Hsin gave a series of lecturers to hospital and MOH dentists, as well as students from UHS and UP, on betel quid practices, epidemiology, oral mucosal lesions, oral cancer, and public health approaches to stopping the habit.

It was very interesting to hear about similarities as well as differences between Cambodia, Malaysia and Taiwan. Funding for the research and workshop has come from MAHSA University.