26th October 2020 marked the first day of UP reopening to all students. UP is one of the first universities in Cambodia allowed to reopen. We are delighted to welcome UP students back to the campus. UP has led the way in Cambodia with online learning and we will continue to do so, because providing students with the best possible education remains our number one priority.

At UP, we formed a committee dedicated to developing guidelines to effectively implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other health, hygiene and safety measures required by the Ministry and Royal Government of Cambodia.

The reopening process has been a collaborative one that has involved the Deans, Heads of Departments and the whole UP management team, consulting with professionals at Ministry level, including the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS). Our plans are comprehensive indicating UP’s expertise when it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone – exactly what you’d expect from UP!

“After the approval from ministry of education to allow the institution to reopen physically, the first day of my year 4, I see that there are rules and regulations that UP students and staff have to follow. Firstly at the gate there is temperature-checked point by security guard. And then you will have to sign in the book note of your arrival information. Secondly there is a sign to obey social distancing rules in everywhere (2 meters apart) in the campus and classrooms. Thirdly I see there are hand sanitizer in different places and soap in all rest rooms. Last but not least everyone have to wear face mask all the time and face shield once they go to clinic or lab.” Said MAK Sangdor, Dentistry Student, Year 4.

Welcome back to UP!