UP Online Careers Expo 2020 Career Preparation Workshops From The Department Of English

Alongside colleagues from the various Faculties here at UP, the Department of English was delighted to be able to host two afternoon workshops at this year’s Online Careers Expo. The invited speakers for this year were Mr. Jeffrey Siggins, Ms. Mariana Ganusiak and Mr. Jason Dark, all of whom are lecturers of the English Department. Topics covered included the creation and maintenance of high quality Curriculum Vitae (CV’s), and how to write high quality Cover Letters – two practical areas that make a big difference for students and graduates of UP when they apply for their first jobs in their chosen professions.

The sessions were enjoyable, and practically focused, with strong students participation and interaction, and they concluded with a short role-play, centred on how to appear positive and professional in job interviews! Jeff, Mariana and Jason greatly enjoyed their afternoon sessions, and the Department of English looks forward to contributing again next year. Thank you to QILTS, the Faculties and especially our wonderful students for helping us make our contributions possible, and equally importantly, fun for everyone!