UP Launches Training Program for Lecturers


As Cambodia’s leading educational institution, UP is committed to providing upskilling lecturers with the latest teaching techniques and tools to enhance their pedagogical skills and this improve student outcomes.

Quite simply the best teachers make the best students, the best students make the best graduates and the best graduates get the best jobs with highest salaries. And these are UP graduates!!

Therefore, QLTS department has just launched an ongoing training program for the academic year 2023-2024, which offers UP lecturers a comprehensive series of training sessions that cover a diverse range of hands-on and practical topics, with a particular emphasis on efficient UPOP usage and effective pedagogical approaches.

The training is conducted monthly by experienced trainers who possess extensive knowledge in teaching and learning, as well as expertise in utilizing UPOP effectively. Each training session is scheduled for one hour and will be conveniently hosted at UP until October 2023.

The University of Puthisastra strongly encourages all lecturers to register for any sessions they are interested in upskilling and improving teaching methodologies, especially in the context of Education 4.0.