Second Annual UP Careers Expo 2020

The University of Puthisastra (UP) is proud to host its 2nd Careers Expo, a university-wide Careers Conference involving staff and students across all faculties. The Careers Expo 2020 demonstrates UP’s commitment towards strengthening its partnerships with international as well as domestic brand names, from both the healthcare and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) industries. It also showcases UP graduates who are job ready from day one following graduation.

This Expo is designed to introduce and connect UP graduates with potential employers, who are outstanding brand names in their respective industries. The Careers Expo will feature workshops, a discussion forum and a jobs fair. In the workshops, the following topics will be covered: interview skills, developing quality Curriculum Vitae (CV’s), as well as a range of important employment skills and essential soft skills such as critical thinking and communication, and professional networking.

Other workshops will also present aspects of work life in local and multinational companies, and a panel discussion to help the graduates understand the recruitment criteria of potential employers, enabling UP graduates to get the best jobs and the highest salaries in their fields. These are extremely valuable platforms that will align graduates’ aspirations and job expectations with those of the prospective employers.