UP Students Are Happy With Online Learning Equipment

With the current challenge of COVID-19, UPs management and staff are committed to facilitate the new way of learning to make sure classes can continue to run in Foundation Year and above. Faculty teams, together with colleagues from Information Technology Services and the Quality, Learning and Teaching, and Students (QILTS) Department are working together to ensure that our students’ learning is interrupted as little as possible by the necessary restrictions of movement to control the spread of COVID-19.

The introduction of UPOP – UP’s own online learning system – during this time is critical and extremely beneficial for our students. UP also provides many new equipment in response to the new way of learning including powerful laptops for students in E-learning center allow our students to take their classes in an efficient virtual environment.

UP has also upgraded the internet connection to facilitate a smooth conversation between students and teachers and ensure effective learning processes. Recently, UP introduced an online learning “visualizer” that allows our lecturers to project an image of an object, documents or pictures and broadcast it to the entire online platform via UPOP and google meets either to students in class or hundreds of kilometers away.

UPOP has proved very popular with both lecturers and students, making learning all the more enjoyable by providing a range of learning options, and providing opportunities to re-visit previous lessons to reinforce learning. Yet another example of UP’s modern way of learning using blended and flipped learning which are being used by all the top universities worldwide. Our objective is to provide modern, worlds best practice learning and teaching via flexibility and student-centered modes of teaching.

There is no better time to be studying at UP!