Reflection Night and Raising Awareness of Project Sabai

University of Puthisastra (UP) and Project Sabai were together in partnership to celebrate Refection Night Program that occurred on May 18th, 2015. This program was especially filled with orientations of students who had attended in previous year; what they have learned from research was conducted in the program as they wanted to disseminate the importance of Project Sabai. They do believe that there will be a lot students interested in this project, furthermore.
Reflection Night Program was filled with a lot of students, and interestingly, there was a Brief Re-introduction Program within photo-display taken in previous years. In this program, students were divided in six groups and were given three topics to discuss- what they have learned, what they have enjoyed, and what they feel that this program is productive. In addition, Students will be provided a chance to practice what they have acquired, including experiences and lectures, in the class. More importantly, Refection Night Program focused individually on emotions and experiences.
At last, Project Sabai will be held in up-coming December, 2015 and will be warmly welcome to all students who want to work voluntarily and to share their experiences about what they have learned and practiced so far. We surely believe that this program, Sabai, will have a lot of students in the future.