UPOP training for students and lecturers

To support modern learning and teaching through technology, UP has developed its very own learning platform – UPOP. During the COVID-19 pandemic, although all physical education was suspended, UPOP online learning has been introduced and integrated into the curriculum.

This initiative allowed both teachers and students to improve their teaching skills for this digital transformation. All UP Faculties, with the support from learning and teaching department, have been working very hard to design a series of trainings for lecturers and students for this dramatic change. For upcoming new academic year, UP has provided trainings for students and lecturers on the use of UPOP, Google Meet, Google Drive and Email for the benefits of the synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. Beside this, we also provide more trainings on teaching and assessment methods so that students are able to receive the best quality education.

Our team are based in UPs new Digital Learning Centre and are looking forward to supporting lecturers and students on daily basis.