Pharmacy Orientation for new academic year

Pharmacy education has changed in recent years. Pharmacy students increasingly need more practical skills which come from direct interactions with patients, health care providers and industrial pharmacists. To achieve this, students need more effective courses and clerkships. As academic success is very important for students, schools, universities and communities, UP is taking the lead in supporting a range of resources and services to help students achieve their goals.

For example UPs Faculty of Pharmacy has designed an orientation for pharmacy students to guide, educate, and train the students to be ready to learn and practice before they start a new academic year. We have invited several speakers who have experienced in both academic and non-academic matters to orient our students.

Moreover, speakers who successfully completed their clerkship in hospital and industries were also invited to come to share experiences and give an invaluable advice to our students. This orientation will give students a powerful guidance to succeed in their academic and future career.