CAREER EXPO, a roadmap for students

How to choose the right career pathway is a controversial topic. Some recommend deciding based on their students’ talents and potentials whilst others suggest following a career and aligning their talents around their future career.

An important source of advice is role models who are currently succeeding in their careers. Other sources of advice are parents, friends, relatives, teachers, neighbors as well as the media – all influencing students’ attitude as well.

However, it is no secret that a critical decision is also supply which must meet demand. There is no point creating hundreds of graduates in areas where there are no new jobs. Another deciding factor is the reputation of the career or selected university. People are living in different situations. Actually, with so many factors affecting career choice no one rule fits all. As educational institution, UP has a strong role to provide quality information so that students can make the best choices for their future. This will not only become a roadmap for their career but also their lives.

For example, UPs Faculty of Pharmacy invited nine speakers divided into 3 panels. Both junior and senior pharmacy students were invited to participate in these discussions. Discussions focused on strategies and keys to success in the pharmaceutical sectors both public and private. Challenges in the COVID-19 era were also discussed. We sincerely hoped that all participants would enjoy the three sessions. At the same time, they could learn new idea and experiences sharing from the speakers, which potentially sharpen their mindset.