UP Launches Assessment Working Group

Academic success is critical for students, schools, universities and communities. Despite closure and opening of all types and levels of classes, learning and teaching activities at UP is running smoothly through online, on campus and hybrid class.

Traditional assessment does not provide enough information and mainly focus on just memory (the lowest level of Blooms) rather than modern methods of understanding and achieving learning outcomes. Outcomes based assessment therefore gives lecturers a much more reliable framework for measuring tangible outcomes for students and communicating these outcomes to improve students performance.

UP has been developing and improving a variety of assessments for both formative and summative assessments aligning with appropriate measure of cognitive level in Bloom’s Taxonomy.

UP has established technical teams called ASSESSMENT WORKING GROUPs to ensure assessment improvement across all Faculties. This team will deeply review, and provide feedback and advice on the assessment plan, tool, technique, scoring criteria, marking, and learning outcome alignment to all faculties and lecturers. So far we have met twice. This working group is scheduled to meet every week from now.