Pharmacy: New Equipment

2020 – the year of COVID – has been a difficult and challenging year across the world and for UP. Many people, particularly in tourism, trade and hospitality have lost not only their jobs but also their hopes for the future. Many universities too across the world and in Cambodia are facing extreme financial difficulty.

Despite all those challenges, the University of Puthisastra has been operating smoothly. While teaching and learning has been transferred online, UP continues to invest in its laboratory facilities – investing ~$750,000 from 2019-2021. For this new academic year, UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy has purchased lab equipment costing around $40,000.

The arrival of these new pieces of equipment will help to upgrade our pharmacy laboratories to become practice and research centres which respond to national and international curricula.

In particular, these pieces of equipment will boost medicinal plant-based research activities, chances for students’ practice and provide a channel to international research collaboration. The Faculty of Pharmacy continues to develop every year to improve teaching and research quality.

Listed below are the new pieces of equipment that arrived two weeks ago:

  • -86 degree c Deep Freezer, BIOBASE Model BDF-86V528.
  • Multiskan FC Microplate Photometer, Thermo Scientific.
  • Microplate Shaker, Fisher Scientists.
  • Microbiology Incubator, BIOBASE Model BJPX-H88BK (D).
  • Assay Plate 96 Well Round Bottom.