Pathways to Success by two special speakers in PharmaCareer Club

A pharmacist is a scientifically trained graduate healthcare professional who is an expert in all aspects of the supply and use of medicines. Pharmacists assure access to safe, cost-effective and quality medicines and their rational use by individual patients and healthcare systems. In Cambodia, the national pharmacy curriculum requires students to complete at least 199 credits equal to 3,960 hours to become a pharmacist.

This 5-year program was basically designed to focus on seven tracks: industrial pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, biological sciences, basic pharmaceutical sciences, environment and foreign languages. Education is incomplete without extracurricular activities, study clubs in particular. During the last 2 weeks, the PharmaCareer club has invited two honorable speakers to share their experiences in the academic field. Dr. Chea Sin, Dean of UP Faculty of Pharmacy who completed his Doctor of Specialized Pharmacy in Hospital Pharmacy from France had presented the Pharmacy Skill Package required in the 21st century to the club members.

The second speaker was Dr. Keo Samell, Director of the Center for Education and Training (ACET) who completed his Ph.D in pharmacy from Korea shared his more than 10 years of experience in local, regional and international research. Each speaker specifically stressed key messages from their personal experiences in academia. These two presentations were an opportunity for students to see the world of pharmacy from the perspective of experienced and successful professionals