Faculty of Pharmacy Strengthens its Online Assessment

Lecturers or instructors use different methods to assess to what extent students have achieved learning outcomes. There are a variety of assessments and lecturers manage these options differently. Although physical classes are temporarily postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational activity still continues via online learning. Simultaneously, methods of assessment are being conducted online. The Faculty of Pharmacy has started to strengthen assessment in several ways. At the beginning of the semester, lecturers are now required to submit their assessment plans based on criteria stated in UP’s Assessment Policy.

The technical working group of the faculty will review and give feedback on the assessment plan. After the assessment plan is approved, the academic staff and course coordinators will follow up the assessment activity with lecturers throughout the semester. With the assistance from other supporting departments, the faculty will conduct online assessments using UPOP.

At the same time, a number of lecturers have been teaching via Google Classroom and using Google Forms as an assessment tool. During virtual classes, students are also provided with case studies so that they can work individually and in groups. Their presentations and reports are used as assessment reports for grading. The faculty has also recommended that pharmacy lecturers attend training on how to develop MCQs. These activities as a whole, should go a long way to ensuring that the quality of assessments continues to improve within the Faculty of Pharmacy.