Faculty of Pharmacy Developed Online Clerkship Program

Globally, pharmacy education comprises of practices aiming to strengthen students’ competencies. These competencies can be achieved through practices in the provision of services in pharmacies, laboratories, and hospitals. Clerkship is one of the opportunities given to students to develop their skills and attitudes in the community Pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, medical laboratory, pharmaceutical industry and other institutions. During Covid-19 pandemic, all schools and universities are physically closed. Physical clerkship activities are also postponed and universities are starting to provide online delivery courses. Due to indefinite closure, UP faculty of pharmacy has developed new online program to ensure maximum quality of education in clerkship domain for year-3, year-4, and year-5 pharmacy students.

Year-3 Clerkship: From May 27, 2020, speakers who had completed clerkship activities at eight different hospital pharmacies in Phnom Penh are sharing the real clerkship experiences and activities. By the end of this program, students will be able to identify the hospital org chart, pharmacist’s responsibility, medication information, prescription validation, prescription error and inventory management.

Year-4 Clerkship: From June 01, 2020, speakers who had done their clerkship at seven different hospital laboratories in Phnom Penh are willing share their real practice and experiences. By the end of program, year-4 pharmacy students will be able to identify org chart of laboratory, pharmacist’s responsibilities, analytical methods and machinery usage in Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunology and Serology.

Year-5 Clerkship: From June 01, 2020, speakers who had completed the clerkship at local pharmaceutical industries, and public institutions are willing to share students about their real experiences and practices. By the end of program, year-5 pharmacy students will be able to identify org chart of clerkship places, responsibility, production line, quality control, medication dispensing to hospital by CMS control, knowledge about herbal plant, and pharmaceutical legislation. Although the physical clerkship activities are delayed, pharmacy students keep receiving maximum quality of education particularly in clerkship and internship.