UP nurses excel in Internal Exit Exam – well done

UP students achieved passing rates of 96% in Bachelor nursing, 82% in associate nursing and 77% in bachelor nursing bridging in recent IEE. This was despite COVID and these excellent results are a reflection of student dedication and the strong support provided from UP. Internal Exit Exam (IEE) is evaluation of the nursing program where students have to pass 7 moving practical OSCE stations to sit for national board exam of ministry of health in Cambodia.

“I was so concerned about my student’s performing in OSCE because all the procedures needed more time to practice despite the University campus closed due to Covid 19 prevention protocol from MOH” said by Mr. Borey, clinical skill lecturer. “However, the students showed that they have qualities to pass the IEE due to their investment in studying via online or watching video prepared by the department”.

“It was a great success for me as a student”, said by Mania, BSN student who has just passed the IEE. “I would like to thank all my lecturers and UP for such a great supporting to make sure that I have equipped with my exam, my progressing learning and career growth in the future as a nurse”.