Medical Laboratory Simulation Room

Medical Laboratory Technology students depend on the practical experience to improve their skills for success in their careers in the health sector so UPs Clerkship/Internship program plays a vital role in providing students with opportunities to observe hospital and laboratory room processes. In particular students are able to learn about the real practice and explore new opportunities for learning that they haven’t previously undertaken.

Before the start of the clerkship/internship program, the students train in UPs Simulation Room to which is based on hospital workflow and National Curriculum. The Simulation Room was created primarily for student training before clerkship/internship and as a sample preparation room. It plays a significant role in the build-up of student’s abilities in general lab management and practice. To prepare the next batch of students for their internship the Department of Laboratory Sciences’ staff organized for the Medical Laboratory Technology students to practice in the simulation room by testing the real patient sample with manually and semi-automated machine, and perform some troubleshooting exercises. Students really enjoyed their experience in the Simulation Room!