Laboratory Practice Reopened at the Faculty of Pharmacy

UP reopened for laboratory practice from 14 September 2020 (and fully on 21st September). Five laboratories are used for pharmacy practical sessions and strictly follow the MoEYS standard operational procedure (SOP) and UP guidelines for Reopening during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has disrupted all levels of education in Cambodia for the last 6 months leading to long term challenges for our country. Although many schools sought distance learning opportunities there has been concern about the quality of education and the lack of participation between teachers and students. Many students also worried about students’ decreasing quality of education due to this 6 months loss of time.

This is why UP has actively sought to minimize disruption by opening physical (but socially distanced) classes as soon as possible, rapidly implementing online learning and working hard to ensure that students are supported and feel that they belong.

With the effective prevention measures for COVID-19 taken by the Ministry of Health, Cambodia’s infection rate has decreases rapidly resulting in only 277 cases, zero deaths and only two active cases – an excellent result. This has provided the Government with a great opportunity to consider rebalancing to promote economic growth.

COVID-19 disruption has meant that September is different to what is usually is. September should be a time where some students spend their time with their family whilst undertake volunteer jobs or internship inside and outside Cambodia instead of spending time in UP laboratories! Now, students are required to return to school to complete their practical work courses such as Toxicology PW, Metabolic Biochemistry PW, Applied Bacteriology PW, Organic Chemistry PW, Inorganic Chemistry PW etc., which were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculties, students and staff must follow requirements in school reopening guideline by keep social distancing around campus, avoiding congestion, wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), scanning temperature and hand sanitizing every checking points, obeying message/sign/ signage across the campus etc. All laboratories are regularly disinfected to prevent COVID-19.

Consequently, students are able to practice under the safe leaning environment. Even though COVID-19 infection keeps increasing across the world, education at UP is still progressing and moving forward.