Medical Laboratory Career Expo

The department of Laboratory Sciences is proud to have hosted our 2nd career expo for Medical Laboratory Technology students and other interested professionals as part of a university-wide career conference involving staff and student across the university, on the 03rd of October.

The Medical Laboratory Hybrid Career Expo was created for the Medical Laboratory Technology student with the main purpose of sharing success stories in the field of medical laboratory, how to set a goal for the future career, advance planning for the post-graduate student, and a panel discussion between the student/audiences and guest-speakers at the end of the session. These events provide students with opportunities to interact with people from relevant companies and organizations.

The Career Expo provided everything that students need to get the ball rolling on their job search. As officially UP has reopened under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines of the Ministry the conference was conducted with speakers physically present at UP and participants watching and interacting online (Hybrid-Career Expo). Even so it was a great experience for all participants and we are looking forward to next year’s event which hopefully can be an all physical conference again!