Each semester UP invests heavily in new equipment for each Department and Faculty. This week some of the new equipment for the Faculty of Dentistry has arrived, and more is on order, totalling $10,000 of new investment. This equipment includes:

  • 2 capsule mixers for the SIM lab;
  • 2 light cure units for the SIM lab;
  • 3 handpieces and 7 handpiece motors;
  • 3 micromotors for laboratory work and minor oral surgery;
  • 1 high-quality Morita Apex Locator;
  • 2 ultrasonic water baths (to facilitate pre-disinfection of instruments);
  • 2 ultrasonic scaling machines;
  • 2 sets of high quality RINN periapical film holds;
  • 1 hand-held portable X-ray machine;
  • 3-pot dipping wax LED machine for lab.

This equipment is purchased to improve the quality of our teaching and learning, and so that we can provide the best possible service to our patients. Additionally, the Faculty of Dentistry has been allocated a further $10,000 to spend in the second half of the year on additional equipment.