Currently UP has two dental implant courses underway. The first is our two-year Postgraduate Diploma of Implantology course which is being conducted by a team of top lecturers and clinical tutors from Australia and Cambodia.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, the theory part of the course is now being taught online. It is based on a similar course conducted at Sydney University, and is very demanding for the participants, who have to complete several major assignments, exams and clinical requirements.

The dentists on the course come to UP to treat patients in our dental clinic under the supervision of local teaching staff. They are presently looking for patients who have missing teeth and would like to have an implant. Dentists in the course need to complete a minimum of six implant cases each.

The other implant course UP is currently hosting is the course run by Unident based on the Ankylos implant system. 25 dentists have enrolled for the course, which is being conducted by two specialists from Roomchang Dental Hospital – Dr Nol Rithy and Dr Chav Bunhean. UP’s partnership to run this course stretches back five years. It is known to be one of the best introductory courses in implants in Cambodia. The first module was completed recently, with several young UP graduates participating. UP is able to offer the high quality Ankylos implants, as well as several other systems.