Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) are two terms for schemes that run at UP. They are similar but slightly different PAL focusses on students learning by helping each on academic matters; whereas whilst PASS includes student learning PASS also includes pastoral matters such as emotional support and being a friend when needed.

UP Faculty of Dentistry congratulates a group of year 2 dental students for helping Anatomy Lecturer, Dr Koeun Kalyan, during her anatomy classes this semester. This type of student help is called “Peer Assisted Learning” or PAL, and was introduced to UP several years ago by Assoc Professor Jenny Hayes from Melbourne University, during one of her visits with her anatomy team. During Semester 1, Dr Kalyan needed help to perform small group learning activities (such as identifying anatomical structures on models and photos, body painting and group presentations).

Eight dental students (Tan Bunho, Houn Maradin, Suon Pichchansotha, Chen Raksmey, Hakseng Linkeang, Yim Navi, Heab Kimchheang and Thoeurn Samnang) were motivated to help their classmates by studying the lessons in advance so they could assist the lecturer during small group activities. Indeed, they not only helped the lecturer during class, but they also made themselves available outside class whenever the students needed help. As a consequence, peer tutors not only helped their classmates to learn, but also improved their own anatomy knowledge and developed some useful leadership skills.

Dr Kalyan suggested that the 8 students were deserving of a “Certificate of Appreciation” for their efforts and wrote to the Dean saying: “the peer tutors have done a great job so far. They have been passionate to help their classmates, even outside the classroom! Because of this some of the students who initially performed poorly in this class have improved a lot!”.

Thank you Dr Kalyan and thank you students for your valuable contribution as peer tutors!