The UP Dental Clinic starts each session with a “huddle”. The idea for the huddle came from our partner school in the US, the University of New England.

They found the huddle to be a valuable learning activity, which supplemented the normal lecture program.

The huddle at UP is a 30 minute period before the patients arrive when the tutors and students meet together to discuss all sorts of things related to clinical practice.

Sometimes, treatment plans for the patients coming in are discussed. Sometimes, clinic rules, protocols or issues are aired.

Sometimes students share with the tutors and other students interesting radiographs or clinical cases.

The outcome of the huddle is that students are better prepared for their treatment sessions, and learn from each other as well as their tutors.

UP is the only dental school in Cambodia which has the huddle and is proud to be trying new and innovative learning approaches with its students. “Happy Huddle” everyone!