Closing Ceremony of UP-Futsal 2014-2015

On 15th February, 2015, University of Puthisastra in cooperation with UP-UYFC organized a Closing Ceremony of UP-Futsal 2014-2015 at Premium Sport Club. This event was participated by Mr. Khen Vichet, Admin Manager of University of Puthisastra. I would like to remind that this year’s competition, 12 teams of students from all faculties and UP staff participated in the 11-week competition, which started from 14th December 2014 and ended on the 15th February 2015.

Mr. Khen Vichet thanked and complimented the three-group winners who tried their best to participate in the competition from the beginning till the end and got the first, second, and third place winners among the 12 teams. He also encouraged the loser groups to try more and motivated them and other students to join in the next year’s match. Finally, he handed the trophy with gold medals and       600,000-Riel cash to first-place winner, silver medals with 400,000-Riel cash to second-place winner, and bronze medals with 200,000-Riel cash to third-place winner. Moreover, he gave two more awards including a ball to the best player, and a pair of gloves to the best goal keeper.
On behalf of University of Puthisastra, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the players for their good cooperation and high patience in the competition, which led to the success of this event. Last but not least, we hope that UP-Futsal next year will be better and have more participation from our students.