2nd Med Club Award

In early 2014, UP Med Club organized an event called “Med Club AWARD 2014”. It provides a wide range of awarding programs such as completion certificates to all UP Med Club members, outstanding member rewards, volunteerism medals, outstanding student of the year awards. UP Med Club is eager and interested to perform this project since we aim

  • To provide students the opportunity to build up knowledge, experience, ability, and capacity in medical terminology and other basic medical subjects (The club processes)
  • To promote the human resources development of the country and the future of Cambodia especially the public health care (The club processes)
  • To improve and enhance communication among student-student, student-lecturer, student-civil society, student-government, student- public, and future patient-doctor relationship (The club processes)
  • To promote hard working medical students and volunteers
  • To enhance medical education quality

To end, UP management team had praised the hard work to facilitators and also members of spending such a valuable time to join club especially he inspired student to involve more activities.