UP VOICE VOL.90 – July 2022

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Need 2nd Chance? Don’t worry! Do these top quality degrees at UP

If you did not pass the NEE, you can still enroll at UP in the following great degrees:
1. Science Research
2. Information Technology
3. English Degree
No national entrance exam for these programs
International level curriculum, top quality degree
65% Scholarship for ICT
50% Scholarship for Science Research and English program!

First year of SCIENCE RESEARCH program is the same as Foundation Year so you can progress to year 2 in next academic year so no time is lost! Last chance to apply for Foundation year at UP – starts from 15 June 2022!

You need to make sure that the information filled in the form is clear and accurate. For students who have registered for the 1st Intake, there is no need to register again. Deadline of Registration and Payment by 17th June!

For more details, you can join the university’s official Telegram Group via the link (UP Admissions ព័ត៌មានសិក្សានៅ ពុទ្ធិសាស្រ្ត) https://t.me/UPAdmissions

Foundation Year 2021-2022 Starts!

After the successful Big Launch on 7 June and Orientation on 13-14 June, we are happy to welcome our newest students into Foundation Year at UP. Semester 1 classes start today, and we are excited to help these students develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills that will help them be successful throughout their academic and professional careers.

For more information about classes, activities, resources, and support for Foundation Year, please visit us in the Foundation Year Office, Building E, Room E05. Eron SMITH, the Director of FY, and SAUT Sopheakpanha, the FY Program Coordinator, along with all of our lecturers and course coordinators, would be very happy to meet you! You can also contact us anytime, in English or Khmer, via the Foundation Year Office email: fyo@puthisastra.edu.kh.

We are proud that these students have chosen to prioritize their education and study at UP. University can be a transformative experience, and we are delighted to be able to support you in current challenges and future opportunities. We hope to see you soon!

UP dental students win 2 awards at the APDSA conference

Last Sunday 12th June, two groups of UP dental students were placed 1st and 3rd in the research competition at the Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA) conference at the Phnom Penh Hotel.

1st Prize went to a presentation entitled “Irrigation trends among dental students, dentists and endodontists in Cambodia” by Soun Somaly and Chhom Nita. 3rd Prize went to a presentation entitled “UP undergraduate dental students’ perspectives about their clinical education environment” by Kea Rath Kanha , Na HanChi, and Chhim Chamroeun.

The conference was a big success with over 160 students from all the dental schools in Cambodia participating.

Keynote lectures were given by Dr Nol Rithy and Dr Tak Ranuch (UP lecturers) as well as Dr Tith Hong Youe (Director of the Roomchang Dental Hospital). Congratulations to the organizers for a wonderful event.

The Faculty of Medicine Organized Internal Exit Exams for MD Batch 3 and 4 Students

From 7th to 10th June 2022, the Faculty of Medicine organized Internal Exit Exams for MD Batch 3, rotation 3 and MD Batch 4, rotation 1 students, with the participation of Ministry of Health officials and examiners from different specialties. Most students succeeded.

Student Mission to Kolap 4 Orphanage Centre located in Village 11, Group 29, Sangkat Teuk Laak 3, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

Student Services Team has organized the Student Mission Trip for our ADN and Dentistry students on May 26, 2022 to apply their theoretical lessons into actual working experience with 32 kids. Specifically, student mission aims to provide basic oral healthcare to prevent from teeth decay and maintain healthy teeth habits, correct ways of hands sanitizing, overall physical examination such weight, high, eyes, mouth, ears, skin, blood pressure to analyze the growth of the children and teeth checkup to clean and apply fluoride on the cavities. More importantly, UP Dental Department has made an MOU with Kolap 4 manager, Ms. Nou Sichan to provide free dental services to her children and staffs. Meanwhile, our medical students learned to share a lot of good lessons and advice in order to build strong relationship, love and compassion with those orphans.

Dr Chea Sin Presented Pharmacy Education in Cambodia in US-Thai and US-ASEAN Pharmacy Consortium

US-Thai consortium is the international conference which provided a platform for academicians, researchers, and attendants to share and learn ideas and strategies in the recent advances in pharmacy education, practice and research from the US and ASEAN countries.

It is a great honor that Dr Chea Sin was invited to be a speaker in the “2022 US-Thai Pharmacy Consortium Virtual Meeting” organized on June 7-9, 2022, by Mahidol University’s Faculty of Pharmacy in collaboration with Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Education Consortium of Thailand. The meeting was organized via the Zoom Meeting Platform. In that conference, Dr Chea Sin, as a representative of Cambodia, spoke about the pharmacy education in Cambodia.

Dr Chea Sin Attended the Management Board Meeting of ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology (AASMT)

On May 28, 2022, Dr Chea Sin, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, attended the AASMT Management Board Meeting to discuss updates on the preparation of the Joint AASMT Congress & Indonesian International Conference on December 1-4, 2022.

The objective of the congress is to learn and share best practice in medical technology education, practice and research across ASEAN Schools of Medical Technology. UP Faculty of Pharmacy has been a member of management board of AASMT for 5 years so far. These collaborative initiatives will provide the students who study Master of Medical Biology the chance to do internship and research abroad and the chance to continue their PhD degree within ASEAN countries.

UP’s Pharmacy and Heath Science visit Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh

The University of Puthisastra (UP) understands these critical roles of education and investment in people. Since its founding in 2007, it has invested in our future and became one of Cambodia’s premier private universities – particularly known for the excellence of its teaching and learning and research, it focuses on student outcomes and importantly its service to its communities through its many outreach and aid programs.

Founded in 2016, the Sunrise Japan Hospital (SJH) has been rendering world-class medical service to the people of Cambodia. Together with well experienced local staff, we can continue to deliver Japanese quality healthcare in the country.

On Thursday, June 29, 2020, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Heath Science and Biotechnology of University Of Puthisastra visited Sunrise Hospital in Phnom Penh. The main purpose of this visit is to strengthen the organization and strengthen the cooperation between the faculty and the hospital to find ways to improve the internship program as well as the role of professional pharmacists in the medical development hospital in Cambodia.

The faculty staff were warmly welcomed by the hospital side and being entertained by various presentations, including visits to medical laboratories, pharmacies in the hospital, hospital structure.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Sunrise Hospital of Japan, Phnom Penh, are planning to hold internships in Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Medical Laboratories to further educate pharmacy students of the University of Puthisastra to lead in health sciences In Cambodia.

Motivating Cambodian high school students to pursue higher education in science and health science majors: Issues and suggestions

UP lecturers Mr Sorn Virak (Foundation Year) and Ms Suon Monirath (Nursing) have just published an article in Cambodian Education Forum that looks at the importance of preparing graduates in Cambodia for Industry 4.0 and responding to the health and social well-being of the Cambodia population.

The authors found that the main issues were around being able to access information around health science majors and families influence around pursuing majors in finance or economics. The authors suggest that more scholarships could incentivise students to pursue health science majors; to provide academic and career guidance in high schools; and promoting exchange or internship programs.

Motivating Cambodian high school students to pursue higher education in science and health science majors: Issues and suggestions

UP dental student’s talent on display

Recently a year 5 dental student (Sombath Boty) carried out direct composite restorations on two anterior teeth. Following the standard UP protocol and using rubber dam to ensure good isolation, the outcome of the treatment was highly aesthetic. This demonstrates the quality of care that patients can get at the UP Dental Hospital, even by undergraduate students. Well done Boty!


The Business Development Manager at GC Asia Dental from Singapore, Mr Vince Zongwei Xie, visited UP recently to discuss ongoing collaboration in dental education. The company is world famous for its extensive range of high quality dental products from Japan, many of which are used in the UP Dental Hospital. Over the past decade or more, GC has been a strong supporter of outreach programs such as SEAL Cambodia, Healthy Kids Cambodia and the Prison Dental Service, through its donation of supplies.

Before COVID they also provided face to face education on some of their restorative products (GICs and composites) for Cambodian dentists and dental students. And during COVID they provided several online webinars for our students. Mr Vince said that GC was happy to continue their support, and hopes to send an expert to Cambodia in the near future who can provide some hands-on training for both students and dentists. We are happy to work with GC Asia, and their representative in Cambodia (Unident) to improve the knowledge and skills of the dental profession here.

Supplier Dynamic and AGILENT Visited the University of Puthisastra

On the morning of Wednesday, 8th June 2022, the staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology and Faculty of Pharmacy warmly welcomed the visit of the delegation teams from two large supplier companies; Dynamic and AGILENG came to the University of Puthisastra.

The purpose of this visit is to build the partnership between UP and suppliers and to learn about the additional requirements for the UP laboratories to strengthen and enhance the quality and efficiency of the laboratories for the study and research/project of UP students and staff. During the visit, Dynamic and AGILENT teams also made presentations related to modern scientific instruments that help in the field of health sciences education in UP.

On May 18, 2022 UP Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam

University of Puthisastra and Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy seek to enhance relations between the two universities by developing possibilities for student, staff and cultural interchanges in teaching, research, and other activities.

Therefore, on May 18, 2022, the two universities held a virtual signing ceremony to officially begin their cooperation and have a discussion about the areas in which they may collaborate.

Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy was established in 2002. Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy is one of the best educational institutions in Vietnam, consistently demonstrating a high level of teaching. Despite being one of the youngest educational institutions, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy ranks in the national ratings of Vietnam.

Postgraduate Diploma of Endodontics students learn to use the dental microscope for complicated cases

Last week postgraduate student Dr. Hongthien used the UP Dental Microscope when treating a complicated root canal case. The microscope allowed him to have much better vision of the tooth and root canal system, so that he could instrument each canal successfully. During the procedure he was guided by Dr Steven Cohn, the endodontics course director, from Sydney. This was a good example of “tele-dentistry” in action. UP is the only dental school in Cambodia which has a microscope. Dentists from all over Cambodia can refer their complicated cases to be treated by our endodontic trainees at UP, under the close supervision of our specialists, Dr Chum Chenda, Dr Peung Kimsreang, Dr Leng Ravuth and Dr Soy Rasy.

Just For Kicks – a youth leadership program through football

Currently Ms Eng Muyngim from the Research Department at UP in Battambang collecting baseline data with children and families for the Just for Kicks program. Just for Kicks program is designed to enable a child’s leadership capacities such as collaboration, creative thinking, and self-awareness through football. A combination of the intrinsic power of the sport with the fundamentals of life-skills education and experiential learning inform the curriculum.

Through every on-field experience (goal, drill, pass, shot, loss, win, save), coaches take their teams through the process of reflecting, synthesizing, and applying their learnings to future actions, on and off the ground. This is a partnership between Enable Leadership (India), Children’s Future International (Battambang, Cambodia) and the University of Puthisastra (Cambodia).


UP warmly welcomes a new batch of 49 dental students to Foundation Year. During the orientation, the students met Prof Callum Durward (Dean), A/Prof Soeun Sopharith (Deputy Dean) and Dr Bich Sothea (Assistant Manager of Dental Hospital) who talked to the students about what to expect during the next 7 years of their course. They were congratulated on passing the national entry exam, and encouraged to work hard, so that they can graduate as a competent and knowledgeable dentist with a wide range of clinical skills. In addition, all Foundation Year students were given a free COUPON to visit the UP Dental Hospital for a free check up, Xrays and cleaning.

Only seeing the dentist when you have a problem is NOT a good idea since by then the condition is usually very advanced, requiring the tooth to be extracted or needing another costly intervention. We believe that annual visits to the dentist are important for everyone. Our senior dental students can not only provide a thorough check-up and cleaning, but they will also give patients honest and accurate information about their oral health, as well as treatment options. The UP Dental Hospital can provide the complete range of services, including simple fillings, cleaning, crowns, root canal treatment, dentures, implants and orthodontics. We look forward to seeing all the FY students at the Dental Hospital in the near future please book an appointment with our receptionist (tel: 012 414563).


Professor Kantaputra is a pediatric dentist and clinical geneticist from the Center of Excellence in Medical Genetics Research at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Last week he visited Cambodia to investigate a family with a rare disorder involving teeth with missing or very short roots. The condition was found by UP graduate, Dr Srean Bunsrong, who recognized that this was probably a syndrome. The family was invited to visit the UP Dental Hospital where they each had a dental examination, photographs, radiographs (Xrays) and a blood sample taken (for genetic analysis in Thailand). They were seen by Prof Kantaputra, Prof Callum, and Dr Bunsrong. Mr Toem Lanyra and Ms Pen Kimluy from the Lab Department took the blood samples.

We hope that within a few months we will be able to identify the name of the disorder, and share this with the family. The UP Dental Hospital hopes to be able to carry out similar investigations of unusual craniofacial and dental disorders in the future, partnering with our colleagues in Thailand.