UP VOICE VOL.126 – December 2023

The Official Newsletter of the University of Puthisastra (UP) Vol.126 for December 2023 Download

For those interested in applying for the scholarship program at the University of Puthisastra, online registration is now open for the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science (research) – an international level research degree – the only one in Cambodia
  • Bachelor of IT – learn how to thrive in Industry 4.0 and master AI
  • Bachelor of English, Business and Entrepreneurship – how to succeed in the business world focusing on English – the international language of Business

Prospective students can visit the university’s website (https://www.puthisastra.edu.kh/scholarship-application-form) to access the application form and submit their details for consideration.

The scholarship program is an incredible opportunity for students who are passionate about their success and want to get the best jobs with the highest salaries. With a focus on academic excellence and leadership potential, these programs support and empower the next generation of Cambodia’s leaders and innovators.

The University of Puthisastra is dedicated to providing access to quality education for talented and motivated students, and the scholarship program is a testament to their commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.

So, if you have big dreams of pursuing your career, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply now and take the first step towards a successful career.

Apply now via: https://uperp.puthisastra.edu.kh/registration



The University of Puthisastra recently held an Open House event that showcased UP’s English/Business, Science Research, and Information Technology programs. The event was an engagement session with high school students who had a keen interest in pursuing their future studies at UP.

The students were given a tour of the campus, and they were able to interact with the faculty members and current students. They were also given a chance to attend lectures and participate in hands-on activities that showcased the various programs offered by the university.

Students who attended the event were impressed by the quality of education offered by UP and the facilities available on campus. They were also excited about the various scholarship opportunities available to them.

Overall, the Open House event at the University of Puthisastra was a great success. It provided high school students with a unique opportunity to learn more about the university and its various programs. The event was an excellent engagement session that helped students make informed decisions about their future studies. If you are interested in learning more about the University of Puthisastra, you can visit: www.puthisastra.edu.kh

Get to Know UP’s International degree opportunities

These UK and Australia are internationally recognized as highest quality degrees. They are open up career opportunities both in Cambodia and all over the world.

The event was organized to showcase UP’s international degree opportunities and open up international careers. Study just one year at UP and get guaranteed acceptance to more than 200 degree programs and over 17 UK, Australian and international universities.

Start studying at UP in January and start your UK degree in September 2024 – easy!

UP has three international programs:

  • Science – which includes entry to UK and other international Medical schools if you want to be an international doctor
  • IT – learn how to thrive in Industry 4.0 and master AI
  • English, Business and Entrepreneurship – how to succeed in the business world focusing on English – the international language of Business

Open House – Get to know ICT

The Open House event titled “Get to Know ICT” was held at University of Puthisastra on 05 December 2023. The primary objective of the event was to provide prospective students with insights into UP’s IT degree and our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department, its programs, and opportunities. The Open House event began with a warm welcome and an introduction to the university’s mission and values. Attendees were provided with a comprehensive schedule detailing various activities, including campus tours, presentations, and interactive sessions. A series of presentations were organized by Vice Dean of ICT. The sessions covered a range of topics, including academic programs, curriculum and schedule, relevant departments and communications channels. Interactive Q&A sessions allowed participants to gain deeper insights into specific areas of interest.

Apply now via: https://uperp.puthisastra.edu.kh/registration

Open House – Get to Know Science Research

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, the University of Puthisastra organized an OPEN HOUSE event for the “Bachelor of Science Research” program for recent graduated high school students. The event is designed to provide students with a better understanding of Science Research major, curriculum, and employment opportunities. In addition, students also visited the UP’s laboratories, and campus.

Open House – Get to Know English, Business and Entrepreneurship

UP’s English department organized an OPEN HOUSE event for its “English, Business and Entrepreneurship program for recent high school graduates. This degree is a unique degree providing students with both excellent English skills as well as the skills to succeed in Business

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UPs Lab students have International visit

A major aim of UP is to provide all students with an international experience to open up new networks, skills and opportunities – as well as to share cultures and make new international friends.

UP’s Medical Laboratory Technology students visited Khon Kaen University, Thailand in the first week of their International Elective Exchange. They visited health facilities in Khon Kaen province from the health center level to the hospital level and the university hospital in Thailand. The purpose of these visits is to learn more about the health system in the Kingdom of Thailand. They have been very warmly welcomed and visited 5 places as listed below:

  1. The classrooms and Wellness Center at the Associated Medical Sciences (AMS)
  2. The Sub-District Health-Promoting Hospital, Phralub Sub-District, Mueang District, Khon Kaen.
  3. The Laboratory of Nam Phong Hospital, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen.
  4. The Laboratory of Chum Phae Hospital, Chum Phae District, Khon Kaen.
  5. The Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen

UP Badminton Tournament is now OPEN!

Pair your Partner and Join our mini badminton tournament! Bring yourself with your abilities and a competitive spirit to take on other players. This tournament is intended for the UP community, any skill level.

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Ra Vichet Rachna Wins UP Health Center Lucky Draw Campaign!

The UP Health Center recently conducted another thrilling lucky draw campaign, providing an exciting opportunity for participants to win fantastic prizes. Among the numerous participants, Ra Vichet Rachna emerged as the lucky winner, taking home the fantastic prize.

The UP Health Center organized the lucky draw campaign as a way to engage the community and promote wellness. With an array of attractive prizes, including vouchers, the campaign aimed to encourage people to prioritize their well-being.

Rah Vichet Rachna stood out among the many participants in the lucky draw campaign. Rachna, a dedicated health enthusiast and avid supporter of the UP Health Center, actively took part in various health programs and initiatives offered by the center. With a passion for fitness and a commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that Rachna emerged as the winner.

When informed about the fortunate win, Rachna expressed immense joy and gratitude. “I am extremely thrilled to be the winner of the UP Health Center Lucky Draw Campaign. It’s truly a fantastic initiative that encourages people to prioritize their health and well-being. I am grateful to the UP Health Center for providing

such an exciting opportunity and for their continued efforts in promoting wellness in our community,” Rachna shared with enthusiasm.

The lucky draw campaign organized by the UP Health Center had a significant impact on the community. By encouraging participation and highlighting the importance of health and fitness, the campaign successfully motivated individuals to take control of their well-being. The range of prizes offered provided valuable incentives for people to embrace healthier lifestyle choices.

Five groups of UP pharmacy students join the final competition of Kinal Prize 2023

UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP) have been improving pharmaceutical research quality and encourage staff and students to conduct more research. FoP aim to promote of research cooperation with private and public partners, build research capacity of students and staff, and support UP toward the international research standard, and motivating pharmaceutical researchers to conduct more research. UP encouraged pharmacy students to join Kinal Prize 2023 with other health science students in Cambodia. 5 pharmacy team were selected to join the final competition of Kinal Prize 2023.

Topic: Stress, Physical Workload and Its Association With Musculoskeletal Disorder Among Construction Workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
By DET Kimsievmouy, CHEA Monirachna, HEANG Mouykhim, ROS Phuongpich and LAT NireakSathya

Topic: Stress associated with primary headaches among medical and non-medical university students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
By NOP Soumnea, Long Sothea, MOEURN Vorleak, SIN Chanpheak and YOY Sovattey

Topic: Association between the level of stress and severity of pain among university students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. By POUL Philip, PEN Keopanha, LONG Chanraksmey, and OUDOM Narin

Topic: Management of the musculoskeletal pain caused by stress among of sleeping disorder people.
By KHAI Pichpisey, SOK Kimhung , NUON Usa, SORN Somaly, KIM Mouye

Topic: Association Between Tension-Type Headache and Stress among Medial Students at University of Puthisastra.
By PHY Chanmoulnithik, MONDOL Chenlong, LY Sansereyroth

The Importance of Program and Course Learning Outcomes

On Wednesday, 13 December, Mr. THY Soklin of the English Faculty hosted a workshop for the Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) which focused on Program Learning Outcomes and Course Learning Outcomes and how they are linked.Mr. Soklin also shed some much-needed light on the Cambodian Qualification Framework, for some members who were not yet acquainted with the framework. New and old members of the committee were present, and gained invaluable insights to ensure an efficient curriculum review starting in January 2024.

The Türkiye Scholarships Sharing Session

The Türkiye Scholarships Sharing Session was conducted at the University of Puthisastra on 12 December 2023. The session aimed to provide UPers with detailed information about Türkiye Scholarships, and open opportunity to upgrade their academic background. The Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded competitive scholarship program awarded to international students and research to pursue full-time degree and research at the most prestigious university in Türkiye.

This sharing session included information on Turkish culture, academic environments, and daily life were shared to help students better understand the cultural nuances and prepare for a successful academic experience in Turkey. A comprehensive presentation outlined the various Türkiye Scholarships available, including undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D. and research degrees in a range of subjects. The session delved into eligibility criteria, application requirements, and key deadlines, providing a clear roadmap for prospective applicants. Participants were informed about the extensive benefits provided by Türkiye Scholarships, such as Flight Ticket, accommodation, health insurance, Tuition Fee, Turkish Language course, university & program Placement and monthly stipends.

40 UP Pharmacy Cub members visit Ucare Pharmacy (the Head Office Center) for 3 days.

On November 21–23, 2023, the Coordinator of the Clinical Pharmacy Club sent members of the club to visit Ucare Pharmacy at the Head Office Center to find out more specifically about the policy, vision, and process of Ucare as presented by Mr. Soun Somreno Admin and HR Manager. In addition the Assistant Manager of Pharmacists in Ucare Pharmacy, Ms. Chuon Naren, brought them to a direct visit to the reality store to better visualize and understand the flow of work in Ucare Pharmacy.

Everyone gained a lot of experience about

  1. Understand the role of pharmacists in standard pharmacy.
  2. Understand the process of recruiting staff at Ucare Pharmacy.
  3. Understand the vision of Ucare Pharmacy.
  4. Understand the personal tasks of pharmacists at Ucare Pharmacy.
  5. Understand the shop setup based on the size of the pharmacy (pharmacy area, cosmetics area, and mini-mart area).

Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Soun Somreno, Admin and HR Manager, and Ms. Chuon Naren, Assistant Pharmacist Manager, as well as the entire Ucare Pharmacy team, for their valuable time in organizing the visit.

UP’s Health Sciences and Biotechnology had a Meeting with the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Science, at Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thailand

Three representatives from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, at the University of Puthisastra (UP), had a visit to the Faculty of Technology on November 21, 2023, and to the Faculty of Science on November 22, 2023, the Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thailand.

During the visit, the staff held some discussions on cooperation between the two faculties with UP, especially on the existing skills, such as Bachelor of Food Technology and Bachelor of Biotechnology in the Faculty of Technology and Bachelor of Chemistry, Bachelor of Biochemistry, Bachelor of Biology, Bachelor of Microbiology and Bachelor of Environmental Science in the Faculty of Science, KKU. The purpose of this meeting is to allow students to study abroad, exchange experiences between staff and staff, participate in research between the two faculties, and other activities in which we can collaborate.

Four pharmacy students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Puthisastra participated in a charity

On December 2, 2023, four pharmacy students from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Puthisastra participated in a charity program, medical examination, and distribution of medicine to the people in Kampong Speu province, organized by the Sunrise Charitable Foundation. Also in this charity fund program, the pharmacy has introduced and distributed medicine to more than 250 patients.

In addition, our pharmacists’ significant contribution to this charity program is to guide patients in the proper use of medication, the correct dosage and timing, as well as good advice on good health care.

Workshop on Risk of AI in Education and Business

Faculty of ICT have attended the workshop on AI: Risk of AI in Education and Businesses at CamTech University.

The workshop provided a platform for insightful discussions, where experts from UK university, Prof. Alamgir Hossain, CEO of D-Ready converged to unravel the multifaceted challenges inherent in incorporating AI within educational and business frameworks.

Engaging presentations and real-world case studies painted a vivid picture of AI tool to analyze, evaluate, and mitigate risks associated with AI systems.

Practical sessions allowed for a hands-on exploration of AI technologies commonly employed in these sectors, fostering a deeper understanding of their implications.

Networking opportunities enriched the experience, enabling fruitful exchanges of ideas and perspectives among participants. Overall, the workshop not only heightened awareness of the risks but also instilled a sense of responsibility in navigating the transformative landscape of AI in education and businesses.

The Kyungpook National University (KNU) and University of Puthisastra (UP) seek to enhance relations between the two universities

On December 01st, 2023, members of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery members, University of Puthisastra (UP) greeted Prof. Park and Prof. Lee represented the College of Nursing, Kyungpook National University (KNU), South Korea.

This visit seeks to enhance relations between the two universities by developing possibilities for student, staff, and cultural interchanges in teaching, research, and other activities.

Within the framework of the regulations applying at each university, and subject to the availability of resources, the following programs and activities will be encouraged:

  • Promoting institutional exchange by inviting faculty, staff, and students to participate in joint research projects
  • Promoting such exchange through essays, publications, theses, and other information related to the research projects
  • Promoting mutual educational activities including joint lectures, seminars, conferences, and training.

In addition, during this visit we provided the facility tour such as, the faculty of nursing and midwifery office, nursing simulation lab, UP classroom, and UP health center.

UP’s Medical Laboratory Technology Students Presented their Clerkship Reports for Academic Year 2022

On Monday, December 4, 2023, Medical Laboratory Technology students in Year2 Batch 11 presented their report of activities during their clerkship in the Medical Laboratory of Cho Ray Phnom Penh Hospital, National Pediatric Hospital, Preah Ket Mealea Hospital and Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh, which is evaluation by Rotation Officer and the Laboratory Sciences staff.

The Clerkship is very useful for students to practice, and strengthen soft skills, especially ready for a career after graduation from the University of Puthisastra.

For more information about the ADL program, please contact us via the telegram group ADL Information UP (https://t.me/+3elkZJiyV-BmOTZl)