UP VOICE VOL.123 – November 2023

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UP Launches International Degrees pathway programs

University of Puthisastra (UP) has taken a huge step forward in providing incredible opportunities for Cambodians to obtain top-quality British and Australian degrees. Through a strategic partnership with International Foundation Group (IFG), UP is now offering pathways to international degrees to students in Cambodia. This collaboration provides a direct pathway for Cambodian students towards prestigious over 200 courses at over 17 universities in Australia and the UK, including the opportunity to study Medicine.

To be the best we must learn from the best – and the World’s best universities are in the UK and Australia.
Quality British and Australian Degrees

Cambodian students now have access to top-quality British and Australian degrees, empowering them to receive an international education and all the huge benefits that provides. This collaboration ensures that Cambodian students receive the highest standards of academic excellence, as these degrees are highly regarded and internationally recognized.

Guaranteed Offers from Top Universities

One of the most enticing aspects of UP’s international degrees is the guaranteed offers to over 200 courses at more than 17 top universities. This means that Cambodian students have a wide range of options to choose from, tailoring their education to their interests and career goals. Whether it’s pursuing a degree in business, IT, health or even medical studies, UP’s partnership with IFG ensures that students have access to a global network of prestigious universities.

Pathway to Top Global Universities

UP serves as a pathway for Cambodian students who aspire to study at renowned universities in Australia and the UK. By studying at UP for just 1 year, students will acquire the necessary qualifications and develop the essential skills needed for admission into these top institutions. This partnership not only provides access to these universities but also ensures that students receive support, guidance, and resources to navigate through the application process successfully. These programs are not for everyone. Only students who want success and have good English skills (IELTS 5.0)

Access to UK Medical School

One of the notable highlights of UP’s international degrees is the opportunity for Cambodian students to gain entry into UK Medical Schools. Studying Medicine in the UK is a extremely prestigious endeavor, and only UP, in partnership with IFG, provides the pathway for Cambodian students to pursue this esteemed profession. The program’s structure and support offered through UP are tailored specifically to cater to the requirements and expectations of UK Medical Schools.

The launch of international degrees at UP in collaboration with IFG opens up a world of possibilities for Cambodian students. With access to top-quality British and Australian degrees, guaranteed offers from renowned universities, and the opportunity to study Medicine in the UK, UP is providing an invaluable pathway to academic success. By enrolling at UP, Cambodian students can embark on their educational journey, confident in their pursuit of a globally recognized degree and a promising future.


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UP’s Learning and Teaching Conference 2023

UP believes in the highest quality of education – that’s why UP students achieve exceptional results. An important part of high-quality education is Assessments – to ensure that not only do students get the required support through their studies but they also get the results they need to be the best in Cambodia

Congratulations on the successful and tremendous completion of the conference on “Assessment for Better Learning and Teaching” at The University of Puthisastra (UP) on October 27, 2023. It was an absolute pleasure attending and being a part of such an inspiring event.

UP’s Assessment for Better Learning and Teaching focused on:

  • designing effective assessment strategies
  • ensuring fairness and equity in the assessment
  • how to design good MCQs
  • the UP-Assessment Standard

This conference initiated well-curated sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and engaging speakers, which truly
made the conference a remarkable experience for all UP-teaching staff and faculty members. The amount of knowledge shared and networking connection made this conference invaluable. The main theme of this conference would initially concentrate on the four essential topics.

#1 “Designing Effective Assessment Strategies” provided valuable insights into the various methodologies and approaches that will be employed to ensure assessments accurately measure student learning outcomes. The presentation aligned effective assessments with learning objectives and incorporated formative and summative assessments. It was fascinating to learn about innovative assessment techniques such as rubrics, portfolios, and authentic assessments that promote deeper understanding and critical thinking skills.

#2 “Ensuring Fairness and Equity in Assessment” emphasized the importance of creating fair and equitable assessments. It simplified mitigating bias, accommodating diverse learners, and promoting equity in assessment, which were incredibly informative and thought-provoking. It was inspiring to see how assessment practices can be tailored to meet the needs of all students.

#3 “How to Design Good MCQs” was particularly beneficial for all participants and provided practical tips and strategies in detail for creating multiple-choice questions that effectively assess students’ understanding and critical thinking skills. Participants were involved with vital elements, significant insight, and effective strategies for designing MCQs that were especially helpful in improving participants’ own assessment practices.

#4 “The UP-Assessment Standard” showcased the commitment of UP for UPers to maintain a high and effective standard of assessment across all faculties. It was encouraging to all participants to see how UP is continuously striving for excellence in education assessment practices, ensuring that UP students receive the best quality education that prepares them for future success in Cambodia and the world.
In conclusion, UP hosted this annual conference to allow and encourage UP lecturers and professors from different fields to share and sharpen educational skills by demonstrating their expertise and insights informatively and incredibly in order to improve UP standard through a lasting impact on professional growth and development in the future.

“To be the best, we need to learn from the best. When you are the best, opportunity will come,” said Prof. Ian Findlay, UP President and Vice-Chancellor.

University of Puthisastra in collaboration with Times Higher Education organize a Masterclass with the participation of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Ambassador of Australia

Congratulations to the full day collaborative Masterclass Event of Times Higher Education (THE) and the University of Puthisastra on October 18, 2023.

This is a very exceptional opportunity for all universities in Cambodia to increase their profile and have a direct, open discussion with key people from Times Higher Education, and to have an exclusive look at THE’s global rankings and how it matches with universities all over the world. In addition, this momentous event is also honored by the attendance from UK and Australian Ambassador to deliver an insightful remark and a meticulous impression.

“Under the leadership of Professor Ian Findlay, Puthisastra has become the first Cambodian University to feature in the Times Higher Education list of the world’s top universities – a fantastic achievement.” H.E. Dominic Williams, British Ambassador to Cambodia stated on his personal Linkedin.
The Masterclass aims to clarify on:

THE’s Impact Rankings – methodology and how to participate in these global rankings framed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • THE’s Impact Rankings analysis – a look at regional data and performance (Asia & ASEAN) and a demonstration THE’s data benchmarking tool.
  • Raising global profile – how to promote your university globally and a look at THE’s Global Academic Survey.
  • Internationalisation – analysis on the ‘International Outlook pillar’ including Global Student panel data, Academic Network Analysis, and survey data.

UP’s Deputy Dean – Dr. Prom Vireak visited the Children’s Minnesota Hospital’s Simulation Center

Dr. Prom Vireak, Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine, visited the Children’s Minnesota Hospital’s Simulation Center in Minneapolis. He met with Dr. Samreen Vora, medical director of the Simulation Center, and discussed possible collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine at UP and the Hospital. The well-equipped Simulation Center at Children’s Minnesota Hospital allows simulation training on both child and adult manikins.

UP’s pharmacy student wins the JACLaS International Award 2023

Congratulations to Mr. Poul Phillip, a fourth-year pharmacy student at UP, who on October 7, 2023, won the JACLaS (Japan Association for Clinical Laboratory Sciences) and did an oral presentation at the 55th Congress of JACLaS that was held on October 6–8, 2023, in Yokohama, Japan. Moreover, he also attended a presentation about his topic, “The Prevalence and Identification of Hemoglobinopathy by Capillary Electrophoresis among Adults in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia”.

It is the pride of our pharmacy students to bring our nation’s flag to the international stage in Asia.

Pharmacy students join National University of Singapore

Pharmacy students have joined the exchange program in Singapore at the National University of Singapore, they felt incredibly inspired and surrounded by a rich cultural environment. The opportunity to learn about a new culture, meet new people, and experience a different education system was thrilling. Visiting the university and National University Hospital made me appreciate the advanced medical facilities and education system in Singapore. In addition, discussing our upcoming project Sa’bai, in December gave me a strong sense of purpose and motivation to make a positive impact on the local community. Overall, my experience in Singapore has been eye-opening and transformative. The project sa’bai added to the experience, offering a hands-on learning opportunity and real-world application of the lessons learned. Overall, the exchange program was an unforgettable experience that broadened horizons and fostered lifelong connections.

Medicine Provided Simulation Training Open to Outsiders

Medical Students Provided General Health Check-up to Pupils in Kean Kleang Primary School

On 26th October 2023, five medical students provided general health check-up to students in grade 6 at Kean Kleang Primary School.

On arrival, the team was welcomed by the School Principal, teachers, and students. First, the medical students gave a presentation about general health education, including personal hygiene, self-care, hand washing, eye care, as well as the choice of healthy food. 25 students then received the general health check-up.

Project Sa’Bai Cambodia has completed a journey to the National University of Singapore

From October 15th to October 18th, 2023, the Sa’Bai Project had an exchange program at the National University of Singapore (NUS), coordinated by the Student Services and Student Senate teams. Sa’Bai Project is an overseas involvement project based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is an altruistic initiative under the Medical Society of the National University of

Singapore (NUS). The project’s name, “Sa’Bai,” is derived from the Khmer word for happiness. This reflects its mission to provide free health screenings to people and uplift their well-being, aiming to put a smile on their faces.

Mr. LUON Channra, Y3 student from Faculty of Pharmacy “During my exchange program in Singapore at the National University of Singapore, I felt incredibly inspired and surrounded by a rich cultural environment. The opportunity to learn about a new culture, meet new people, and experience a different education system was thrilling. Visiting the university and National University Hospital made me appreciate the advanced medical facilities and education system in Singapore. In addition, discussing ur upcoming project Sa’bai, in December gave me a strong sense of purpose and motivation to make a positive impact on the local community.

Overall, my experience in Singapore has been eye-opening and transformative. The project sa’bai added to the experience, offering a hands-on learning opportunity and real-world application of the lessons learned. Overall, the exchange program was an unforgettable experience that broadened horizons and fostered lifelong connections.”

Faculty of ICT preparing booth activation campaign at Institute of Technology in Cambodia(ITC)

UP’s Faculty of ICT joined the booth activation campaign “What to do after the Grade 12 Exam?” We have introduced the benefits of choosing an IT major to students.

We observed that many students are interested in IT skills. This event is being held at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). We hope that most students will join our faculty this year.

Faculty of ICT preparing booth activation campaign at StartUp Community

The Faculty of ICT (UP) has joined the campaign called University Fair 2023 organized by the StartUP community. We observed that many students are interested in IT skills. This event is being held at the Start Up Community (SUC). We hope that most students from there will join our faculty this year.

UP Dental Students Exchange to UiTM and IDCMR Conference in Malaysia

On 6th October 2023, A group of 14 dental students from University of Puthisastra participated in an exchange program at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in KL, and the IDCMR conference on the island of Langkawi. My name is Meng Sally, one of the fortunate students to be selected for this exchange program along with 12 students from year 7, and 1 student from year 6.

The exchange was for 3 days at UiTM and students were divided into 3 groups (A,B,C) to observe the undergrad and postgrad students during their classes and clinics. We had a lot of fun learning at one the best universities in Malaysia, The students and staff were really friendly and helpful. Therefore, we were able to immerse ourselves deeply in their activities. Insights gained from this exchange are that we now understand how a top university in Malaysia runs, and what kind of equipment, materials or techniques are used to treat patients with different problems. We found a lot of similarities but also some differences with our own training. Here at UP we focus more on comprehensive care for each patient – rather than certain things being done in different departments.

As we left for the IDCMR conference on Langkawi Island on the 12th of October, and received a warm welcome from the students and staff of UiTM once again. The conference was held in Aloft hotel. I was honoured to do a presentation about UP in the Student Chapter the day before the main conference opened. The conference had many good speakers including our own Dean Professor Callum. All 14 of the exchange students attended the conference and performed traditional singing/dancing at the gala dinner.

Finally yet importantly, we would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Fara Azwin Adam, Dr. Amir Mukhsin, Assoc Prof Dr. Aida Norashikin (Dean) and the UiTM undergrad students who spend their valuable time showing us around and teaching us new things. Last but not least, we would like to also thank Prof Dr. Callum Durward, Prof. Anand Marya, Dr. Horn Rithvitou and UP for making this trip possible.

UP Launches Pop-Up Campaign Among High School Students

The University of the Puthisastra (UP) has launched a pop-up campaign at three different locations across Phnom Penh in October to increase its publicity and raise awareness among high school students. The campaign features interactive booths and activities that allow students to learn more about UP’s programs, facilities, and opportunities.

The pop-up campaign is part of UP’s efforts to reach out to more high school students and encourage them to apply to the university. UP is known for its academic excellence, diverse student body, and vibrant campus life.

The pop-up campaign will run until the first quarter of 2024. High school students and their parents are encouraged to visit the pop-up locations to learn more about UP and its many offerings.

Overall, the UP pop-up campaign is a well-designed and effective way to increase publicity and awareness among high school students. The campaign is interactive, engaging, and creative, and it is being promoted in a way that is likely to reach a large number of students.

UP provides dental screening at local schools

Groups of dental students and staff have recently paid visits to the International School of Panasastra to provide dental health education and screening. During the most recent visit, students worked in two teams with the more senior students acting as examiners and the more junior as recordkeepers. 146 elementary school students were screened. The flow was continuous and orderly, with six children in the screening room and six waiting their turn in the hallway. It was a positive experience for all involved. The children were enthusiastic and cooperative, if not a bit noisy! The teachers and staff were very understanding and welcoming.

When asked how it went for them, the school staff said they hoped that they had provided us with adequate hospitality. Our answer was absolutely YES!

A summary of each child’s dental findings were sent home to the parents, and a master list of the students was provided by the school. UP is acting on our mission to improve the dental health of ALL in our community!


13 UP dental students recently spent ten days in Indonesia at Universitas indonesia (UI) as part of our annual exchange program. During the visit, we spent time in many departments which included the SIM lab and clinic, and also attended seminars by Dr Benny Mulyono Soegiharto, MSc, MOrthRCS, PhD, SpOrt(K), and interacted with many of the staff and students.

We also had a chance to visit the UI hospital in Depok City, and were taken sightseeing to see some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of Jakarta. On the last day, we gave a presentation to UI staff and students about our own university and faculty, and showed them some of our activities, such as clinical work at the UP Dental Hospital, the Healthy Kids Cambodia school program, and the Prison Project. We also promoted Cambodia and showed some of the famous tourist sites.

Participating in the exchange program at the University of Indonesia was a wonderful experience and gave us more knowledge and insight into global dentistry and helped us in our journey to become professional dentists in the future. Thanks to UP and UI for making this exchange program possible!


Last week the Andaman Dental Congress was organized at Phuket, Thailand by the Prince of Songkla University. It was a wonderfully organized conference with a special focus on all aspects of digital dentistry. The conference was held at the beautiful Duangjitt Resort in Phuket and had a wonderful speaker line-up with dentists from many countries attending the event. The conference featured topics related to digital orthodontics, digital implantology and other areas of dentistry. As one of the MOU partners of the organizing school – Prince of Songkla University – UP was invited to join the event. Prof. Anand Marya the UP Director of Orthodontics and two UP residents – Dr Bun Sophealeak and Dr Kim Chhay – attended the 3-day conference and were very interested in the various sessions. The conference also had a number of oral and poster presentations and workshops. The goals of UP and PSU are both to grow their respective institutions in terms of offering the best possible education to their students and we hope to continue this collaboration between the two universities over the next few years.

UP participates in JACLAS EXPO 2023 at the Pacific Yokohama exhibition in Yokohama, Japan

On October 7, 2023, one staff member and five pharmacy students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Puthisastra attended the JACLAS EXPO 2023 Science Exhibition at the Pacific Yokohama Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan. In the gallery, there are many new and state-of-the-art machines on display, including PCR, HPLC, GC-MS, and many high-level reagents displays. In addition, there is a session for poster presentations from other research from many universities.

After participating in the JACLAS EXPO 2023 science fair, the staff, especially students, can get the following positive results:
1. Learn about new and advanced technologies in the field of medical biology.
2. Can take experience from abroad to develop in the pharmacy profession better.

Laboratory visit for high school students

UP’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology organized a two-day laboratory visit for high school and undergraduate students from high schools and universities on October 19-20, 2023. The purpose of this visit was to share knowledge about the laboratory, research work, and the UP Health Center, as well as to provide opportunities for students to learn more about UP’s Science Research Program. Students expressed their satisfaction with the visit and hoped that the University of Puthisastra would organize another lab visit in the future.

UP’s FY Lecturer Attends International Conference

Ms EAT Sokhoeun, a full-time Foundation Year lecturer, joined the 16th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC2023): Student and Community Voice for Health Professions Education: Engage, Enable and Empower, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as both a participant and presenter from 13- 15 October 2023.

She presented a research review on ‘The Trend of Cervical Cancer in Cambodia: Risk Factors and Management Strategies”.

The Conference highlighted strategies for engaging students’ and communities’ voices in health education and empowering them to question their thoughts regarding health-related topics; and developing and instilling necessary health-related skills and knowledge in future healthcare leaders.

Ms Sokhoeun gained the following insights from the conference:

  • How non-medical factors: education, economic conditions, food security, housing, the environment, and social inclusion, affect the quality of health and healthcare; and
  • Healthcare leaders play a crucial role in dealing with the growing and evolving demands of health and healthcare.

UP Administration department shares the idea on how to improve overall operations at UP

UP’s Admin department recently defines ideas to improve performance which included:

  • Define clear processes and procedures: Document all administrative and operational processes, including workflow, responsibilities, and guidelines. Clear procedures ensure consistency, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.
  • Streamline communication channels: Establish effective communication channels within the organization. Encourage open and transparent communication between departments, teams, and individuals to ensure smooth operations and minimize misunderstandings.
  • Invest in employee training and development: Provide comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of your administrative and operational staff. Regularly assess training needs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Implement quality control measures: Develop quality control mechanisms to monitor and evaluate administrative and operational processes. This may include regular audits, performance metrics, and feedback loops to identify issues and implement corrective actions.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement: Encourage employees to identify and suggest process improvements. Implement a system for collecting and evaluating suggestions, and reward employees for their contributions to process optimization.
  • Utilize technology and automation: Explore technology solutions and automation tools that can streamline administrative and operational tasks. This can help reduce manual errors, improve efficiency, and free up time for more value-added activities.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs): Define and track KPIs related to administrative and operational quality. This provides a measurable way to assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time.
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration: Foster collaboration between different departments and teams to improve coordination and efficiency. Encourage knowledge sharing, teamwork, and a collective focus on achieving organizational goals.
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders: Regularly gather feedback from customers, clients, and other relevant stakeholders. Their perspectives can provide valuable insights into areas that require improvement and help you align your admin and operational practices with their needs.
  • Establish a culture of accountability: Hold individuals and teams accountable for their roles and responsibilities. Clearly define expectations and provide regular feedback on performance. Recognition and rewards can also motivate employees to maintain high-quality standards.

Associate degree Year 1 Clerkship

On 16th of October 2023, UP’s Department of Nursing led 86 Associate Degree Nursing year 1 students as follows:

  • Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital
  • CMMC/Jeremiah’s Hope
  • Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope
  • Hebron Medical Center
  • Phnom Penh Health Municipal

It’s a crucial time for students’ clinical training in order to obtain experience and apply their knowledge, skills and attitude before they get into the next step.

The purpose of this clerkship is to help strengthen the abilities of all nursing students to practice essential clinical techniques with real patients that are required to achieve the highest quality standards and practice norms within the field of nursing.

Students must finish their theory and practice hours at university and meet all other requirements before they are qualified to commence their clinical practice. Nursing students are divided into smaller groups to place in different wards.

The Clinical Instructors in the Department of Nursing will follow up with students at the hospitals to guide and support them to build their knowledge, affective skills, appropriate attitude and confidence.

Webinar Title: Strategies for Universities, Businesses, and Ministries to harness the transformative potential of AI in digital assessments.

Up Lecturers gleanED insights from the webinar on leveraging technology, specifically AI and Computer Assisted Language Testing (CALT), for English language education in Asia. Mr. Colm Downes, Principal Consultant, EnglishScore Indonesia WHO outlined steps for lecturers to harness these tools, benefiting test-takers and professionals.

The application includes enhanced training methods and direct support at all educational levels and business settings. Lecturers grasp opportunities for private sector institutions, companies, and governments to set language requirements and provide training, enhancing employability.

The webinar’s roadmap, discussed by Colm, proposes measures from teacher education to policies, ensuring technology fosters equitable development in English Language Teaching (ELT) in Asia.

5 UP students joined a workshop at Himawari Hotel

On 5th October 2023, UP’s Student Services team coordinated five UP students to join a workshop at the Himawari Hotel. A dissemination workshop on the “Implementation of a cash transfer program by the government for members of NSSF who are women and women from poor households during their pregnancy until children under 2 years old and health equity funds for persons working in entry service in the informal sector” took place at the Himawari Hotel.

Ms. NUON Saksopor, MD year 3 “It’s a great chance for me to join the workshop. I can meet new people and see how they process the event. I know about the new principles that the authorities have mentioned and can’t wait to see how they will be implemented to help Cambodian citizens. Also, I enjoyed the food.”

UP Guitar Club!!

As we all know, our UP Guitar Club started the first session on October 7, 2023. There are 2 sessions every Saturday morning from 9:00–10:00 for those who never learn and 10:10–11:10 for those who have learned, run by the Student Services team. The purpose of this club is for students who want to learn the basics of guitar.

Playing the guitar is not only a pleasurable activity, but it may also offer various mental health advantages (reduce stress, boost creativity and confidence, improve cognitive function, and enhance social connections). The expectation of the club is to let the UPers have new experiences with learning guitar. It’s great for UP to engage UPers with the UP Guitar Club.