UP VOICE VOL.103 – January 2023

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UP’s Pre-university NEE Preparatory Course is Back!


The University of Puthisastra’s Department of Foundation Year is again offering its highly successful Pre-university preparatory course, for our fourth year!

Last year we supported approximately 350 students in the course with ~75% of our students successfully passing the National Entrance Exam (NEE) for admission to health science universities. Incredible results compared to only about 30% students who do not take UP’s course.

Who can take the course? Students who wish to study a major in health sciences and have obtained a high school diploma can join us. Three subjects are offered (biology, math, and chemistry), taught by these experienced teachers:

• Ms SRUONG Sreyhak (chemistry)
• Ms HAK Chenda (chemistry)
• Ms PHALLY Sreyla (math)
• Mr AY Bunnarith (math)
• Ms MAO Romnea (biology)
• Ms THY Kimlai (biology)

When will the course start? The course starts on 2 January 2023 and ends on 24 February
2023 or when the NEE is held, with both morning and afternoon sessions available.

Like the previous years, the course will be conducted synchronously online via a
Google Meet or Zoom Meeting. Study materials will also be provided to every
enrollee. We will make these materials available until the students sit the NEE.

Why is the course delivered synchronously online? We would like students
from different geographical locations and provinces across Cambodia to have
the same opportunity to access high quality education.

CLASS STARTS: 02 January 2023

what’s up on campus
• 01 January-2023 Internation New Year Day

Welcome to UP! Applications are now OPEN!

UP celebrates more than a decade of excellence in health sciences and technology and train and inspire the next generation of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, computer scientists, technology entrepreneurs, researchers and English language teachers.

UP comprises of the following Faculties:
• Faculty of Dentistry
• Faculty of Pharmacy
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Health Science and Biotechnology (Laboratory Sciences and Bachelor of Science Research)
• Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (Department of Nursing, Department of Midwifery)
• Faculty of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology (Bachelor of IT)
• English – BA in English and Employability

Application is now OPEN!
Start your journey at UP with the following programs:
• Bachelor of Science in Information Communication and Technology
• Bachelor of Science Research
• Bachelor of Arts in English and Employability

Class starts: 16 January 2023

Don’t wait! Apply now via: https://uperp.puthisastra.edu.kh/registration

UP’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in English is benchmarked by IDP IELTS

The UP English Degree is a 4-year degree program providing students with the necessary English language skills to maximise their high-level career prospects. UP includes “critical thinking” as an essential area of study and skills development within all of its degree programmes, including the English, Entrepreneurship and Employability Programme.

Employability skills (soft skills) are the most important skills for career success. UP wants graduates to leave with professional capabilities and includes soft skills throughout all of its curricula.

English is the language of success. In addition, the field of entrepreneurship is a vital one. Cambodia is in need of graduates who can leave university, fully prepared with the soft and hard skills required to set up small businesses that can quickly and confidently grow to become leading companies and organisations both nationally and internationally, and provide solid and stable economic development and growth across all sectors of the economy.

Apply NOW! 50% Scholarship available!

UP’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in English is benchmarked by IDP IELTS

As Cambodia becomes more technologically advanced, there is a rapidly increasing need for professionals with a practical scientific background to carry out research, and provide research support in a wide variety of fields.The Bachelor of Science (Research) within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, is oriented towards gaining knowledge and understanding about research in many fields like chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, cosmetics, environmental, biology, agriculture, forensics, etc.
The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Science Research provides students with the opportunity to learn about their field of interest through hands-on experience with current technology and methodologies used by science professionals today. Students will also learn about how science is applied in various fields, including medicine, health sciences, environmental as well as engineering technologies.
Our graduates will be prepared for a wide range of careers in areas such as laboratory work; scientific and medical research as well as working with private or public organizations; medical diagnostics;
education; teaching; scientific illustration; patent law; advertising/marketing positions involving research into consumer behavior trends; manufacturing processes involving new products testing or quality control procedures; sales positions involving product development; and many more STEM oriented careers.

The Bachelor of Science (Research) Program would like to introduce two scholarship students, Mr. Peung Keanseng, and Ms. Soknea Seakleng.

Mr. Peung Keanseng who graduated from Arizona High School in Siem Reap Province. He received grade “A” in the High School National Exit Exam. Meanwhile, Ms. Soknea Seakleang graduated from Samdech Hun Sen Phnom Penh Thmey High school, Phnom Penh city.

In June 2022, they got a scholarship to study Bachelor of Science Research in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology at the University of Puthisastra. Currently, Keangseng and Seakleang are studying in second year, semester one, majoring in the Bachelor of Science Research Program at, the University of Puthisastra. Both students said that Bachelor of Science Research program in Cambodia is outstanding right now, particularly the availability of a broad range of scientific foundations under the guidance of academics and instructors. This information enables students to develop creative solutions and scientific problem-solving skills in a variety of fields, including food, forensics, the environment, and the synthesis of all types of cosmetic products, which boosts the chances of product growth in Cambodia. What is more special is that the University of Puthisastra has enough new and modern equipment, tools, and machines that make it easier for students to study and do the experiment.
Both students are very pleased and thankful for the scholarships that the University of Puthisastra has given. Keangseng and Seakleng praised their determination to learn and investigate new ideas to advance society. They would like to express gratitude to their professors for letting them demonstrate a strong dedication to their academic lives.

More than 99% of UP ICT students are already employed from Year 3

A degree in information technology (IT) can lead to an exciting career in system and network administrator, security, database administrator, software development, or another technology-focused field. As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, IT professionals face increased demand and competitive salaries. Jobs in IT are in constant growth rate. Technology continues to evolve, making IT a fast-paced and constantly changing field. At the University of Puthisastra, more than 99% of our students are already employed from Year 3, and more than 95% are employed after graduation in various industry such as telecom companies, banks, insurances, SMEs.

Our programs prepare you to be ready to work in any technology-related industry. These statistics show the quality recognition of our degree from the professional sector. The ICT curriculum is reviewed regularly with our national and international partners to ensure that the faculty’s curriculum meets industry needs both locally in Cambodia and internationally.

Application is now OPEN! Class starts: 16 January 2023


Two weeks ago UP took delivery of a brand new 3D Printer. The new printer will enable us to scan patients’ mouths and print models which will be more accurate and less messy than taking impressions and making models in the conventional way. The scanner and printer mean we can utilise the latest technologies for digital workflow – for crowns and bridges,
implant surgical splints, and orthodontic clear aligners (orthodontics without braces).

The printer has been set-up and is ready for use in the Dental/Sim Lab.

Last week Dr Anand demonstrated the use of the intra oral scanner on a willing Year 7 student for our Residents, Tutors and Senior Students. The resulting images were then saved onto a pendrive which was then taken to the lab and inserted into the printer, from which a set of 3D models was printed under the supervision of experts Jean Le Goff and Andrew Sinclair.

It is hoped in the near future we will be able to scan orthodontic patients so that we can make our own clear aligners here at UP.

P Hosts Dentistry 8th ICDXV Induction Ceremony and Conference

The Faculty of Dentistry at University of Puthisastra was chosen to host (for the first time in Cambodia) the “8th Annual
International College of Dentists (ICD) Section XV Youth Induction, Congress and Conference 2022”, a three day event which was held at UP and the Phnom Penh Hotel. The theme of this year’s conference was “Servant Leadership – Building Leadership Quality with Clinical Confidence”.

The International College of Dentists has been honoring the world’s leading dentists since 1920. The College currently has over 12,000 members in 127 countries, who have been awarded the prestigious title of Fellow in the ICD.

Fellowship in the College is extended by invitation only. A nominated dentist must pass a rigorous, peer review process leading to the recognition of the individual’s “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.”

This year’s induction ceremony was an honor for us to organize; not only was it the first one following the COVID-19
pandemic, but it was also the first time Cambodia had hosted the ICD-XV Induction ceremony and Conference. As a top ranked institution in Cambodia UP accepted the honor of hosting and planning this conference across multiple venues. There were participants from various ICD Section XV member countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Brunei. On The 10th of December a pre-conference workshop lecture was delivered by Dr. Bilal Koleilat a very well-known Orthodontist from Lebanon with a completely packed session. In addition to this there was another workshop on Leadership development delivered by Dr. Alan Kwong from Canada and Dato Professor Dr How Kim Chuan the President of ICD- Section XV.

The main conference was held on the 11th and the 12th of December at Phnom Penh hotel and Hall-H at University of
Puthisastra respectively. The main conference comprised of wonderful scientific sessions with very well-known speakers from various countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Armenia, and Russia. Various welcome addresses were delivered by the Honorable President of the Cambodian Dental Association Dr Suorn Monika, the Regent of ICD Section XV-Cambodia Dr. Tep Navy, as well as invited guests from Cambodia and the ICD Section XV. On the 12th afternoon a career advancement forum was organized at Hall-H, University of Puthisastra for students focusing on entrepreneurship, academics, and practice. It was a very successful conference with over 130 dental professionals and students attending and contributing in making this event a great success. The social events included a gala dinner and an evening boat ride to see the sunset.

A total of 15 people from Cambodia, including some UP staff members and part time lecturers, were among the 48 new inductees as Fellows and Youth Members of ICDXV. From the Dental Council of Cambodia, 10 CPD points were given to dentists who attended the conference.

By providing such opportunities the Department of Dentistry at UP continues to contribute to the professional development of dentists around the nation. In 2022 UP has regularly promoted the professional development of dentists by organizing webinars, workshops, and conferences. We hope to continue this effort in the coming year with support from all our faculty and students.

Medical Students joined the Lokun Project

A few medical students went to Pursat Province with volunteers from Singapore within the Lokun Project.

The students began their activities by greeting the Pursat Provincial Health Department (PHD), with the goal of restarting the previous relationship, as well as informing and requesting permission for the clinic days that Lokun Project planned, and seeking information from the PHD about healthcare in Pursat. They also went to the Department of Education, Youth and Sport (DOEYS) to get permission to run educational programs during the trip, and met and greeted four village Chiefs and four school Principals. Finally, they helped to conduct a Health Need Assessment with the villagers of Prey Omal.

Several NGOs and private clinics which are partners of Lokun had a favorable impression after a discussion about Lokun’s activities and perspectives. The Cambodian participants gave Singaporean friends tours of Phnom Penh and Pursat, having also great meal times together.

Faculty of Medicine: Highlights of the Most Significant Activities and Accomplishment in the Academic Year 2021-2022

The Academic Year 2021-2022 has been very productive for the Faculty of Medicine. UP’s Medical school continues to grow from strength to strength.
Below are the highlights of some of the accomplishments:

Pre-Hospital Training
The pre-hospital training was successfully run for the medical students in years 4 to 7, providing them with the essential simulation training with manikins and medical equipment before starting the clinical practice on real patients in the hospitals. The training included skill stations, workshops and case scenarios.

UP is the only medical school in Cambodia to have a structured simulation training program.

Internal and National Exit Exams
The Faculty of Medicine organized 4 sessions of internal exit exams for MD students from batches 3, 4 and 5. The sessions took place in January, May and November 2022, under the direct supervision of MoH officials.

UP Medical Simulation Club
This includes 23 medical student members, from year 4 to 7. The students were trained to become clinical simulation instructors, and provided with the “Pocket Guide for Teaching for Clinical Instructors”. Each member had the opportunity to learn the clinical skill that they were interested in. The students were included in internal and external simulation trainings to improve their instructing skills.

Study Tour
41 medical students from year 2 to 6 went on a study trip to Kompong Phluk Commune in Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province. The main purposes of the 3-day trip was to visit the Angkor Hospital for Children, to provide free medical check-up to villagers in the remote community, to do charity work by distributing school materials to pupils in the primary school and to provide health education.

Membership of a Collaborative Network on Competency-Based Medical Education led by Harvard University
UP represented Cambodia and is the only Medical School from a private University in the South-East Asia region selected to participate in a Collaborative Network on Competency-Based Medical Education led by Harvard University. Public Universities from Lao PDR and Vietnam are also part of the Network, which aims to improve and modernize medical education in the region.

After a number of online meetings, the first in-person Workshop took place in Can Tho Province, Vietnam in September 2022. The UP Faculty of Medicine will host the second Workshop, that will probably take place in April 2023.

Volunteer Community Work
1. Community project in Kep Province (February 2022): Five medical students from year 5 provided general health check-up to 37 disadvantaged children aged 6 to 13 years in the Kep Garden Association School.
2. Community project in Kandal Province (April 2022): Five medical students went to Dem Angkol Primary School to provide health education, general health check-up and to assess growth and development of 45 children.
3. Community project in Kandal Province (April 2022): Five medical students went to Dem Angkol Primary School to provide health education, general health check-up and to assess growth and development of 45 children.
4. Khmer-Sight Mission (October 2022): Three medical students participated to the Mission in the Phnom Penh clinic. The mission provided eye care and surgery to the patients from poor communities. The students were trained to do eye examination under the guidance of volunteer ophthalmologists from the United States.
5. Project Angkor (November 2022): Two year-7 medical students participated in Project Angkor, a humanitarian project funded by Cambodian-American citizens to provide free medical health check-up for disadvantaged Cambodian people.
6. Project Lokun KH, Singapore (November 2022): 10 medical students from years 2, 3 and 5 went on a 5-day trip to Singapore organized by Project Lokun KH and the National University of Singapore. The project enabled the students
to experience the advanced healthcare environment of Singapore.
Medical Thesis Defenses
Three groups of students from MD batches 1 and 2 successfully defended their theses. The topics were:
• Survey of hypertension in Takeo Province.
• Management of acute bronchiolitis at the National Pediatric Hospital.
• Management of acute pancreatitis at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

2022 highlighted major achievements for Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Puthisastra.

UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy also had an exceptionally successful year.

• 100% of batch 6 pharmacy students passed national exit exam.
• 85% of pharmacy graduate, batch 07 were employed while 10% self-employed and another 5% were waiting to continue their master degree.
• 2 Master programs (medical biology and pharmaceutical sciences) were launched in 2022
• 23 Master course outlines and 72 bachelor course outlines were reviewed and updated in 2022.
• 2 pharmacy alumina and 1 staff achieved Masters scholarship in Japan, New Zealand and Thailand.
• Provided CPD trainings for 935 Cambodian pharmacists in 2022.
• Prepared UP Natural Product Contest 2022, the 3rd Pharmacy Conference and the 4th Pharmacy Research Conference, the biggest conferences in Cambodia in the field of pharmacy.
• Invested USD 50K in upgrading its laboratories in 2022.
• UP simulation labs were upgraded with new management system in 2022 (Pill Tech Software).
• 6 staff and 13 pharmacy students did oral and poster presentation in ASEAN Association of School of Pharmacy 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
• 4 lecturers, 3 staff and 30 pharmacy students presented oral and poster presentation at International conferences at the 8th international Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-8) at Izmir, Turkey.
• 6 lecturers, 1 staff and 14 pharmacy students joined UP research conferences.
• 8 lecturers, 7 staff and 70 pharmacy students jointed the 4th UP Pharmacy Research Conference.
• 12 oral and 39 poster presentations were done in national and international conferences in 2022.
• Published two papers in international journals in 2022.
• Dr Chea Sin was elected as vice-president for ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology
• 7 full time lecturers, 8 staff, and 127 pharmacy students involved in research in 2022.
• Obtained sponsorship of $8000 in 2022 for all community works in 2022.
• sent 337 students to do internship in hospitals and other institutions in 2022.
• conducted voucher specimen collection and community outreach with participation from 328 pharmacy students in 2022.
• 90% of pharmacy students from year 3 to year 5 did volunteer work in community pharmacies.
• Faculty of Pharmacy made more 4 MoUs in 2022 (Pilltech, VS, Our pharmacy, DKSH).
• 1699 villagers in Takeo province got educated by pharmacy students on health education, screening (diabetes and hypertension) and medicine use review.
• Made considerable contributions to the development of Scope of Practice, Cambodian Pharmacist Core Competency Framework and Standard of Practice for Community pharmacists.
• UP gained much appreciation from Pharmacy Council of Cambodia for our contributions to the development of standard and scope of practices for Cambodian pharmacists, UP made the most contributions to the development of these two documents. The president of pharmacy council spoke it out openly in the meeting.
• More and more employers and Cambodian pharmacists begins to talk about good things of UP pharmacy graduates and they said we have produced the best pharmacy graduates among the 6 pharmacy schools in Cambodia.
• We were invited by mClinica, the largest pharmacy network in Southeast Asia, to represent pharmacy education in Cambodia to talk about the role of pharmacy education in making the healthier world; we already made a video clip for Swipe Rx app.
• 160 participants paid to join the two pharmacy conferences.
• 14 UP students passed exam to be MoH officials in different provinces
• Delhi University of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (First and only pharmacy university), and Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University (number 1 pharmacy school in India) gave green light for collaboration with UP: good for staff’s capacity development
• DKSH sponsored 900 USD to 9 CPD trainings, $100 for each training.
• X-lab sponsored two pharmacy staffs to join exhibition in Thailand.
• One UP Pharmacy students got scholarship from KKU to continue Master Degree at KKU, this is the result of our collaborations, we support her with recommendation letter.
• One Alumni got scholarship to study Master of Public Health in New Zealand.
• ASEAN PharmaNet selected us to represent Cambodia to do the presentation on pharmacy education Cambodia in a US-Thai Consortium, which will be held in the first week of June.
• Our Alumni who opens pharmacy has been providing many internship places for our students, most of them are successful in their pharmacy career.
• Finished training 283 students and 124 pharmacists: joined training between UP and Vennue foundation: Dr Tammy Allen, founder and CEO of Vennue foundation, expressed great thanks to UP to make this happen.
• We are invited by the AASP, AASMT, ASEAN PharmaNET, and the World Union for Herbal Drug Discovery to do the presentations in their conference.


During 2022, UP was the only university to offer multiple CPD courses for dentists. We offered more than 10 online webinars, and 7 half day or one day courses held on-site at UP. These were attended by over x dentists. For most of these courses, dentists could obtain CPD Points. Most of the online courses were offered in partnership with the International College of Dentists, with which UP has a signed MOU.

Some of the half day or one day courses included:
• Challenges of Discoloration Solved in Two Ways – a hands-on course with Dr Ria Halili – GC Asia
• Advanced Infection Prevention Solutions – from Christian Stempf (France), W&H company
• Integration of lasers in dentistry (hands-on course) – by A/Prof Niladri Maiti, Akfa University, Tashkent
• Implant Prosthetic Management in Aesthetic Zone (hands on course) with Dr Nol Rithy
• Use of sectional matrices – Randall Drumm, Garrison Dental Solutions, USA
• Endodontics Study Club by Dr. Chum Chenda, Dr. Poeung Kimsreang, Dr. Leng Ravuth
• Managing Medical Emergencies in Dental Clinic (2 courses) – Dr. Prom Vireak, Dr. Keo Santepheap
• Current Dental Implant Treatment – 50 Years of Achievement, Current Trends and Future. By Dr Tran Hung Lam, Straumann Group

In addition, UP completed the 2-year Diploma in Implant Dentistry (for 14 dentists). This course was conducted by Adj Prof Patrick Tseng and a team of specialists from Australia, working alongside our Cambodian team of implantologists and prosthodontists, led by our Head of Periodontics and Implantology, Dr Tak Ranuch.

UP also hosted the Unident/Dentsply Sirona course in dental implants, with lecturers Dr Chav Bunhean and Dr Peung Kimsreang. This popular course has been held at UP for many years.

In 2022 we also started a 2-year Diploma of Endodontics taught by Adj Prof Steve Cohn and his colleagues from Australia, with clinical support from our own endodontists Dr Chum Chenda (Head of Endodontics), Dr Leng Ravuth, Dr Peung Kimsreang and Dr Soy Rasy. This course is now in the final year.

In addition, UP offered many special lectures by visiting overseas specialists for its undergraduate students, who were also able to participate in several conferences including the UP Conference, SEAADE, IDCMR and the ICD conference.

In 2023 UP hopes to offer more postgraduate and CPD courses for dentists. UP is now clearly established as the lead CPD provider in the country. Well done UP!

UP Pharmacy Faculty and Students Joined the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference 2022

The 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference (the 4th PRC) was the first International Conference on Pharmaceutical Research in Cambodia. It was held on December 10-11, 2022 by the Faculty of Pharmacy in the form of a hybrid conference. In Total, around two hundred people participated in this conference. Among those participants, fifteen pharmacy staff helped in organizing the conference, seventy-five students did poster presentations, four students did oral presentations, forty-two students participated as volunteers, and ninety pharmacy students participated as participants.

During the conference, researchers, pharmacists, academicians, and pharmacy students from Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh, and Cambodia shared their research findings, and discussed ways forward to improve pharmaceutical research quality and encouraged researchers and students to conduct more research.

The 4th PRC 2022 provided participants a great opportunity to meet up with both national and international researchers who are working in different areas of pharmacy and establish a scientific network.

Positive Comments On the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference

After the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference (PRC), UP received many positive comments from delegates from Thailand and many other participants. This demonstrates that the 4th PRC was a great success. To celebrate this success, we would like to proudly share some of these comments with the hope that they can put a smile on your face.

Mrs. Philaiporn Wanphruet, a master alumna from Khon Kaen University, was one of the presenters in the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference. She did an oral presentation about her work in English. It was her first time joining international conference as a master degree student.

“Once time in life with a very good experience and memories for making it successfully in the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference in Cambodia from 9th – 12th. And thanks everyone in UP for warm welcome and well take care.” –Mrs. Philaiporn Wanphruet

Miss Piyamaporn Uttarakorn did the presentation on the topic of “Knowledge of Light Run exercisers about Resistant Starch and their interest in Resistant Starch food Products.” She joined the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference (the 4th PRC) to fulfill her master degree. She was awarded as “The Best Oral Presentation” in the 4th PRC. She expressed her feeling about the 4th PRC as follow.

“Received the Best Oral Presentation award from the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference in Cambodia, but I don’t know if there will be this award. So, I dress up to receive the award in a chill way. Exercise style, condition. I would like to apologize to the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Puthisastra for dressing up like this.
” – Ms. Piyamaporn Uttarakorn
She also mentioned that during presentation she felt so nervous and she got a lot of questions from the audiences and committee. Yet, she was already well prepared for this.
“Thank you very much to all committees and audients for such memorable moment.” – Ms. Piyamaporn Uttarakorn

Mr. Poul Philip is a UP Student in the Faculty of Pharmacy. He is very active in joining research and doing lab in our faculty. In the 4th Pharmaceutical Research Conference, he was awarded as “The best Poster Presentation.” He posted on his Facebook account as follow.
“Thanks so much to my both supervisor Zith Zisaro and Vary. Without both of you, I won’t achieve ” best poster presentation ” in 4th pharmaceuticals research conferences. Also thanks to b KimChhay Mao team which provides the best caffeine extraction sample.” – Mr. Poul Philip
Miss Sovattey Yoy is a third-year pharmacy student at University of Puthisastra. Her team won “the Best Poster Presentation” award. Here is what updated on her Facebook account.

“Work hard paid off. Congratulations to caffeine teamwork for getting Best Poster Presentation award Of The 4th pharmaceuticals research conference .I would like to express my gratitude thanks to our supervisor Mr.Visessakseth SoZith Zisaro for giving us such a nice chance to research .Special thanks to our advisers Ms.Sokunvary Oeung ,Ms.Sreyroth Norng,Mr.KimChhay Mao and Mr.You ForMe . Big thanks to B Poul Philip for further research.We do appreciate your effort, support,guidance and everything you provided to us .Also proud of my team and my supportive friends.” – Ms. Sovattey Yoy

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between University of Puthisastra and VS Medical Laboratory and Samaki Medical Laboratory

On Wednesday, 7th December, 2022, the University of Puthisastra and Medical Laboratory VS and the Samaki Medical Laboratory signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a number of cooperation, especially on the internship program for students of the University of Puthisastra.

Professor Ket Vansith, Director of VS Medical Laboratory and Samaki Medical Laboratory, said that the VS Medical Laboratory and Samaki Medical Laboratory provide guidance and knowledge sharing of laboratory techniques to students who wish to do internships at his laboratory. He also added that he has set up VS Medical Laboratory, which currently has a total of 2 branches and 1 branch of Samaki Medical Laboratory located in Phnom Penh.

Professor Ket Vansith added, “This is the first signing ceremony of the VS Medical Laboratory and the Samaki Medical Laboratory with the University, and we are committed to making this partnership a success in order to develop your resources of laboratory technology profession in Cambodia.

In addition to addressing the occasion, Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Puthisastra, also expressed his thoughts and commitment to the cooperation and stated that this collaboration would mainly focus on providing employment opportunities, internships and community work to undergraduate in bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degree and master’s degree students in accordance with the university curriculum and the practical resources of medical experiments. This cooperation will strengthen the capacity of students who are studying for bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degree, and master’s degrees to gain work experience as well as practical skills in their field of study and in line with current labor, market needs.

A Three-Year Memorandum of Understanding Between DKSH Cambodia and the University of Puthisastra.

On December 16, 2022, management team, staff and students of University of Puthisastra celebrated a MOU Signing Ceremony with DKSH Cambodia. This was one of several significant signing agreements that were signed at the University of Puthisastra, demonstrating the strength in partnership that UP has established for its community.

In their remarks, both Mr. Sandeep Tewari, Vice President Healthcare of DKSH Cambodia, and Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Puthisastra, have expressed their strong interest and clear vision in this collaboration. They have also left significant suggestions that both parties should emphasize in order to strengthen this collaboration.

The main purpose of this signing agreement is to enhance relationship between the two parties by developing possibilities for staff recruitment, particularly in the pharmacy profession, student’s placement, staff exchange, research and other activities.

UP Joined Workshop on Higher Education Data Management

From 19th – 22th December 2022, UP representatives Dr. Kaing Sopheap, Director of QLTS and Mr. Kham Sokheng, IT Manager joined the workshop on Higher Education Data Management at Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap Province.

During the session, presentations, group discussions, and experience exchanges on data management were made by different universities in Cambodia. More importantly, there were discussion, review and reflection on action plan for the quality of the completed data for each indicator in Data Management System and other related issues.

By the end of this workshop, 4 main outputs would be expected to be accomplished:
1. Challenges in completing the indicators in data management for the April 2023 round by the April 2023 round by the 20 HEIs (17 in Phnom Penh and 03 in three provinces) are identified and addressed
2. The quality of the completed data in data management for the April 2023 round by the 20 HEIs (17 in Phnom Penh and 03 in three provinces) HEIs via google form are checked with specific checklist
3. Data by each indicator of data management by each HEI is revised, finalized, and recorded in google form
4. Tentative plan for the next round of data collection of data management will be developed and implemented timely and effectively.

Pharmacist Council of Cambodia has issued a guideline to approve CPD points for conference

The Pharmacist Council of Cambodia has issued a guideline to approve CPD points for conference held by an organization who signs an MoU with Pharmacist Council of Cambodia. This gives an opportunity for UP Faculty of Pharmacy to hold more conferences to support Cambodian Pharmacists.

Discussion between Dr Chea Sin, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Delegates of Thailand University

On Saturday, 10th December, 2022, a delegation from the University of Thailand, including Khon Kaen University, Chiang Mai University and Srinakharinwirot University, visited the University of Puthisastra with a warm welcome by Dr Chea Sin Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, together with the Head of Division and the Rotation Officer.

The visit was organized to discuss cooperation in providing internship opportunities for students, joint research and joint training. At the same time, Dr Chea Sin, expressed his thoughts and commitment to this discussion, which he will invite professional professors to teach and lead the thesis to the master students of College to increase students’ knowledge and ability in line with national programs and towards international standards.

Dr. Chea Sin led pharmacy student to join Workshop on Vision for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Cambodia

On Friday, December 16, 2022, PPM Pharmaceutical Enterprises initiated a workshop on the vision towards the development of the pharmaceutical sector in Cambodia to contribute to the government in developing and promoting the pharmaceutical sector in Cambodia. Meanwhile, Dr. Chea Sin, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra was invited as an honorary speaker on the topic of “Opportunities and Capacity Building of Cambodian Youth for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Cambodia” and led 40 pharmacy students to attend this workshop as well.

FY’s Course Coordinator Receives ‘Employee of the Year 2022 Encouragement Academic’ Award

Ms PHALLY Sreyla, the course coordinator of Maths and Academic Skills Development, joined the Foundation Year Department in 2020. She is one of the FYers who has enormously contributed to the Foundation Year, and helped develop the department to where it is now.

She was awarded with ‘Employee of the Year 2022: Encouragement Academic’ during the Staff Dinner for her outstanding academic contribution to UP. We are really proud of her!

UP’s Health Sciences and Biotechnology organized “Lets Clean up the City with Science Research and Laboratory Science Students” Event

On Saturday, 24th December 2022, under the staffs’ supervision, Science Research and Laboratory Science students of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology organized an environmental project called “Lets Clean up the City with Science Research and Laboratory Science Students”. This event was held along the railway close to Cambodia Railway Station with the energetic participation of faculty members and Year-2 and Year-3 students from Laboratory Sciences and Science Research programs.

The main purpose of this event is:
1. To contribute in the city clean up.
2. To educate youth, students and the public on environmental protection.
3. To strengthen the students’ ability in working as a team.

UP’s Health Sciences and Biotechnology Celebration Dinner

On Friday, 23rd December 2022, to celebrate the achievements of 2022, and to welcome the upcoming New Year 2023, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology members as a small family had a dinner together at Color Cup Riverside.

The year 2022, might have been a tough, challenging, and successful year for everyone as well as for our faculty members, however, it helped us to grow stronger and stronger. The Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology has continued to grow from strength to strength in 2022, with new study programs on offer, higher student registrations, and new staff joining the team.
The Health Sciences and Biotechnology Team would like to wish everyone in the UP family health, wealth, and success for 2023.

UP dental students defend thesis on Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Last week batch 2 candidates Ros Dimong, Roma Rino and Oeurn Pheaktra defended their thesis on the topic “Peer Assisted Learning in General Anatomy Course of Year 2 Dental Students at University of Puthisastra”. Dr Keung Kalyan, their supervisor, joined the defense online from Korea. The examiners were Dr Khom Pisal, Dr Kong Sophannary and Mr Phul Sophearith, along with Chair Assoc Prof Tineke Water from the UP Research Committee. In front of a large crowd of students and staff, the 3 candidates presented their findings which were in general very positive about Peer Assisted Learning (PAL). The study demonstrated very clearly that use of this modern teaching and learning approach can have great benefits, and that it should be used more often. Congratulations to our three fully qualified dentists on their achievement.

Aim: To evaluate the impact of peer-assisted learning on learning experiences and perceptions of year 2 dental students in a General Anatomy course at University of Puthisastra.

Methods: This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted using a convenience sample of 56 year 2 students from UP who provided written consent. While being supervised by the lecturer, 3 senior students volunteered to assist participants by engaging in Peer Assisted Learning (PAL). During the class sessions, the 3 senior students took the role of tutors during team-based learning sessions with the class over a period of 3 months during the General Anatomy course. After finishing the course, students were asked to complete a written questionnaire comprising 16 questions to evaluate the impact of PAL on their learning experience.

Results: 56 out of 54 (96.4%) students agreed to participate in the study agreed that introducing peer-assisted learning to anatomy classes improved the way they studied and increased their interest in the subject. 52 students (92.9%) indicated that they enjoyed the PAL experience, and believed that the small group activities gave them an opportunity to learn better. In addition, 53 students (94.7%) would recommend that PAL should be used in other courses. 51 students (91.1%) agreed that peer-assisted learning enhanced team work skills and that the PAL tutors made a big contribution in improving their learning. 47 students (83.9%) said they would like to be PAL tutors themselves to help other students in the future. All participants agreed that they were satisfied with the overall program.

Conclusion: Peer-assisted learning in the General Anatomy course over the period of 3 months enhanced students’ learning improved learning behaviors, increased interesting the subject and improved team work skills.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese Christian Medical Mission from Taiwan shipped two 40 foot containers of
donated items to Phnom Penh for distribution to NGOs, hospitals, universities and other groups helping the poor. Most of the items were pre-owned (but functioning) medical & dental equipment. In addition there was clinic and office furniture, 100 packs of clothes, more than 700 new school bags, and hundreds of books.
Mr Sean Ngu of Khmer Sight Foundation arranged the release and transport of the containers after their arrival in Cambodia, and he and UYFC dentist Dr Hy Bunhay obtained permission to have the containers stored at the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia building at Chroy Changvar. Last week, Dr William Choy, who is a prominent orthodontist, Rotary member and church leader from Taiwan, flew to Cambodia to oversee the opening of the containers and distribution of the contents. UP helped to facilitate, along with Khmer Sight Foundation, UYFC, Children’s Surgical Center and local Pastor Lim Lun.

After a planning meeting on Christmas day, the containers were opened on Monday morning, in front of a team of volunteers, including a big group from Children’s Surgical Center, who had brought with them two trucks (one with a crane) and other equipment to help with the unloading. UP dental students Sokna Apireak , Morn Chansna, Houth Tochsenghour, Nguonbean Vatanak and Seang Thaihort, and staff Prof Callum, A/Prof Sopharith and Mr Jean Le Gren, along with a few UP graduates (Dr Khy Daravuth and Dr Chea Senghuy) were there to help. By the end of the day the containers were empty, and it was time for people to start taking the equipment and consumables away in trucks.

Many hospitals, NGOs and other groups visited the site over the next 3 days and most of the equipment found good homes! Dr William worked tirelessly to organize the equipment and coordinate the distribution, ensuring that the right pieces of equipment were kept together. UP received several items of medical equipment, as well as a dental Xray machine and some instruments for our community work.

Thanks to all who helped bring this to a successful conclusion. And special thanks to Dr William Choi and the Chinese Christian Medical Mission from Taiwan for their generosity.


In the second round of CAPEX for 2022, dentistry recently received some of the items which were approved for purchase. They included:

1. 36 Lockers for year 4 students outside the dental hospital
2. A Canon 90D camera with Macro len, Twin flash and Trigger – for taking intra-oral and extra-oral photos
3. TV LG 43 inch screen – for our UP Dental Hospital reception room
4. Pindex machine – for the dental lab – for crown and bridge construction
5. Dental Xray machine – to replace the broken one

Thanks to UP for approving purchase of these items, which will add to the quality of our courses.

Workshop on New Guidelines for Assessing the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions

On December 21, 2022, Mr. Kol Rotha, the representative from QLTS Department of the University of Puthisastra attended the online workshop with more than 60 participants from different higher education institutions in Cambodia. This one-day webinar was hosted by Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC).

The primary goal of the workshop is to allow every institution of higher education the chance to better understand and stimulate discussion about the new rubrics and rules, which will be implemented in the future assessment by ACC.

The University of Puthisastra is also proud to announce that the university has been granted full accreditation for a period of five years from the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia for fulfilling the requirement of the National Standards since 2019, and the university is confidently pursuing the next accreditation.

Learning Centre and Library

The Learning Centre houses high-speed computers with the latest software and access to a huge repository of online resources. The Learning Centre also had brightly colored, comfortable bean bags for students to relax and study, do some quiet research, or hold lively discussions.

To facilitate students to have more space to study, the library has equipped furniture and bookshelves to the wall to make the reading space more spacious. At the same time, the library has set up a new computer desk that holds 10 computers in separate compartments. All computers are connected to the Internet for students to study online.

Four meeting rooms, a Career Corner, A Learning Lounge and two meeting rooms, are still free and accessible to students. The library also provides baggage cabinets for students.

Recently, The Learning Center also installed a beautiful and comfortable sofa to enhance the excellent environment for students.

20% Off on Entrance Tickets at Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium

Another exciting news! Students, alumni, and staff of UP will automatically receive a 20% discount on their Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium admission ticket starting in December 2022. Simply show your ID card, or make a reservation by calling 081 519 555 or emailing contact@awa-sr.com.

Located 26 km east of Siem Reap along National Road 6 and near the village of Damdaek, Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium is set to feature a 500m3 aquarium featuring freshwater species as well as a 600m3 saltwater aquarium. The main aquarium building will house freshwater species that are endemic to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are also 10 hectares of outdoor animal exhibits and attractions set to include tigers, river otters, and crocodiles.