UP Pharmacy Continues To Provide Year 4 Online Clerkship Training During The Campus Closure Period

Clerkship is an opportunity provided to students to observe and practise what they have learned at the university, in order to improve their practical skills and attitude towards best practice in the profession of pharmacy. During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, all schools and universities remain physically closed.

Physical clerkship activities are also postponed but in response, UP is providing online delivery courses. UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy has developed an innovative online program to ensure that students receive the best possible quality of education, particularly within the domain of clerkship for out Year 4 pharmacy students. Online Clerkship training in the medical laboratory, by speakers from eight different hospitals in Cambodia was conducted by them sharing their clerkship experiences and activities. The content of this training focused on laboratory structure, laboratory management, testing methods, and the challenges within hospitals and medical laboratories that our students will face during their own clerkships.

At the end of the training, the students were able to understand the processes and experiences in laboratory activities, pharmacists’ responsibilities in hospitals, how workflow works, analytical methods, as well as machinery and equipment usage in hospital settings such as hematology, bacteriology, biochemistry, serology and immunology. The online clerkship training helps to improve clinical practice and overall attitudes towards pharmaceutical care. And as the course continues to run, adjustments will continue to be made to tailor the contents of the clerkship, in order to continue improvements its outcomes for students.