Muy Ngim Eng is a pharmacy lecturer at UP. She has been participating in competitive running events for more than 5 years. This week she competed in two events – and won both! The first was the Bokor Mountain Half Marathon. Against a mostly international group of men and women, she was the first women to reach the finish line. The second win was at the National Championships in the 5000 meters event at the Olympic Stadium. This was also a selection trial for the Cambodian National Team to train for the SEA Games. Ngim Eng trains 5 days per week, running​​​​​​ between 50 and 100km, usually in the evenings. She mostly runs alone, but sometimes joins others at Olympic Stadium on weekends when she has free time. Congratulations to Ngim Eng – who is now a national star! We hope that this will inspires the students and get more participants in UP Running Club that already has 150 members.