Workshop on The Third Research Writing Competition of Kinal Prize 2015

On June 10th 2015, after its great achievement in 2013 & 2014, Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM) cooperating with University of Puthisastra organized a workshop on “The Third Research Writing Competition of Kinal Prize 2015″.
The criteria of competition must be:
  1. Student have to do a research writing under the main topic Inflammatory Pain  ​​
  2. The research must come up with their own ideas
  3. The number of words counted from the title to the end of paper must be at least 3000 words (Written in English)
  4. Make sure that the research writing has never competed or got the prize
  5. Conduct the presentation in Khmer
In fact, Kinal Prize aims to encourage medical students to enthusiastically spend their time on medical research so that they can gain more knowledge related to health sciences. Noticeably, UP students also participated in this competition in 2014 and got the third place also.

During the presentation in workshop, we noted that a lot of students were interested in the competition and ended up asking a lot of questions to guest speaker.

Finally, we strongly believe that there will be a lot of UP students join this third competition and bring honor and fame to themselves as well as University.