UP’s Annual National High School Exit Exam Outreach Campaign: Bridging Opportunities Beyond Borders

University of Puthisastra is gearing up for its annual National Exit Exam Outreach Campaign, scheduled for November 6th and 7th, 2023. This initiative is strategically designed to connect with high school students during the pivotal High School Exit Exam days across Cambodia. With a comprehensive approach, the campaign targets 27 National Exit Exam centers, encompassing 15 in Phnom Penh and 12 in seven provinces strategically located along National roads 6 and 5. Additionally, the campaign reaches an additional 12 potential provinces through targeted digital approach. The selection of provinces is based on research, focusing on areas with a high population of high school students. This thoughtful approach ensures inclusivity, reaching students in both urban and rural settings. The campaign aims to provide valuable insights into higher education opportunities, fostering a connection with students at a critical juncture in their academic journey. Timed to coincide with the High School Exit Exam days, UP’s outreach effort extends beyond physical locations, utilizing targeted digital advertisements to reach provinces not covered in person. UP expresses gratitude to dedicated volunteers whose support is integral to the success of the campaign. Ultimately, UP’s National Exit Exam Outreach Campaign serves as a bridge of opportunities, extending beyond geographical boundaries to inspire and inform students about the exciting prospects awaiting them at the university level.