UP represented on Ministry Of Health Sub-Technical Working Group for Oral Health (SubTWGOH)

Assistant Professor Soeun Sopharith recently represented UP at the new Ministry of Health (MOH) Sub Technical Working Group for Oral Health (SubTWGOH) meeting, which aims to improve the oral health of Cambodians. Under the chairmanship of Secretary of State HE Dr. Oeurn Borarorth (MOH) the meeting was also attended by representatives from the Oral Health Bureau (MOH), UHS, GIZ, One2One, RACHA, IHS, BLCP and Mission of Mobile. The meeting was very constructive and focused on planning for a future National Oral Health Survey, formulation of a new Master Plan for Oral Health, and development of oral health services and prevention of oral health problems for children. Two sub-committees will be formed, and three-monthly meetings of the SubTWGOH will be held to monitor progress. Among the members of the working group, five are part of the UP family.