UP joins Two Workshops in Siem Reap

UP is extremely fortunate in having a dedicated Teaching a Learning department whose sole job is to strengthen international level education at UP and ensure students achieve the very best outcome and salaries

A representative from QLTS, University of Puthisastra, joined two workshops in Siem Reap, organised by Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) and Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC).

The first workshop was held on 14th-15th January 2021 at Regency Angkor Hotel with participation from various Cambodia Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The theme of the workshop is “Dissemination workshop on the result of the study on the implementation of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and Quality Assurance (QA) in CLMV countries”. The study is on the implementation of QA and NQF for academic programs – Finance, Civil Engineering, and Agriculture (Food). The findings show that Cambodia and Vietnam are at intermediate stage where QA structures and processes have been agreed upon, communicated and are operational. Comparing to Lao and Myanmar, they are just at the entry stage where an overarching vision of QA of qualifications has been agreed upon. For the NQF, Cambodia and Vietnam are in stage 6 where some structures and processes have been established and are operational. By contrast, Lao and Myanmar are in stage 4 where the initial development and design completed.

The second workshop was held on 16th-18th January 2021 at Angkor Paradise Hotel. It is a reflection workshop on the Accreditation of Cambodia HEIs. The purposes of the workshop are:

  • to discuss where ACC is through the reflections on the results from the meeting led by HE Minister, ACC road map, current assessment reports, assessment standards/indicators and tools, and
  • to discuss where shall ACC reach, how to start a new pathway to reach the goals, the delegation of the power to reach the goals, and ACC staff performance management.

The road map is the Program Accreditation as the first step. The workshop was then led by the Work Bank representatives, who provided the feedback, suggestion, and recommendation on ACC assessment standards/indicators and tools. In addition, the Bank representative emphasizes that a good Financial Management of a HEI is crucial for the sustainability. A HEI must ensure a FM system that is effective and efficient for smooth activities in responding to strategic plans and achieving goals. The workshops are Cambodia HEIs to work hard on quality rather than quantity.