The Learning Centre, QLTS, Offers Online Capacity Development Mini-Workshops for UP Students

The Learning Centre, Department of Quality, Learning and Teaching, and Students (QLTS), hosts Online Capacity Development Mini-Workshops for UP students from January until the end of February 2021. The workshops aim to provide support to our students in regards to their studies, particularly online, blended, or hybrid learning.

In promoting different study skills and learning techniques in students, we are offering a variety of sessions on:

  1. How to Learn Online Effectively
  2. Stress Management in Learning
  3. Academic Writing Skills Improvement
  4. Tips for Reading Skills
  5. Time Management Skills
  6. Why Listening and Note-taking Skills are Vital for University Students
  7. Research Implementation Skills
  8. Searching, Referencing and Citing Tips
  9. How to Use UPOP Wisely?
  10. Google Search Tips
  11. Self-development through Extra-curricular Activities during University Life
  12. Why Communication Skills are Important in Health Care?

Our facilitators/trainers are willing to support UP students in terms of effective learning strategies and practices, either online or mixed-mode. We love to share knowledge and practices with students in small groups and/or as an individual. By the end of the workshops, students are asked to fill out a survey in order to let us know their views about the workshops and suggest additional topics in response to their learning needs for us to work on and deliver to them in the next phase. In addition, they can seek help regarding advanced learning methods as well as consultations from the Learning Centre, QLTS, individually when they encounter any challenges in learning.