The Importance of Biomedical Equipment Technology Skill

Nowadays, health is the first priority to everyone.  When we are healthy, we can accomplish everything that we want.  In order to cure patients effectively, many hospitals in Cambodia bring many new modern biomedical equipment that meet patient’s needs and provides the best services to patients as well.

Recently, Puthisastra University has arranged a seminar which is talking about the importance of biomedical equipment skill. There are many doctors who come from many hospitals both public and private, lecturers, and high school students in Phnom Penh and many staffs attend this seminar.
Some biomedical equipment in Cambodia has been no longer used because we lack of experts who have skill to repair those medical equipment. On the other hand, the cost of repairing service is very expensive; therefore, we decided to arrange this seminar to make people understand about this problem. In general, some spoiled equipment which is needed to repair; hospitals have to afford themselves to hire many foreign experts to repair. The price costs very expensive as well. Sometimes, if some medical equipment doesn’t work, it will become a main obstacle of curing patients who are in serious situations. As a result, it also affects patients’ lives. Because of lacking many experts, University of Puthisastra cooperates with EWH and GE foundation as well as Calmett hospital created this new major which has just existed in Cambodia. This major is called biomedical equipment technology or called in English BMET.
According to Mr. Steven Goeby’speech who is a country director of EWH and also a head of BMET department at University of Puthisastra told that BMET stands for biomedical equipment technology. This major guides students how to repair, take care and control biomedical equipment. For lecturers are both khmer and foreigners who are skillful in every single part of repairing, maintenance, and controlling biomedical equipment. Moreover, the curriculum is following from Duke University in United States which has very strong and long history of working in biomedical equipment. Furthermore, Mr. Steven Goeby told that nowadays University of Puthisastra is the only one facility in Cambodia where the biomedical equipment technology or BMET training is provided. After graduation, students will become very important human resources of health sector because all parts of hospitals in Cambodia really need experts in biomedical equipment technology.

It is also noticeable that now at University of Puthisastra is training this skill to 55 students from 32 different institutions in Cambodia. For all students who are interested in this program, please come to apply exam application form for upcoming academic year 2015. In order to become official students in this program, students are required taking examination which includes fives subject general knowledge, mathematics, science and health, work room and medical equipment electricity, and English.

In this new major, University of Puthisastra hopes that we will produce more human resources in repairing a lot of biomedical equipment, especially, they will help to reduce death rate in Cambodia as well.