Student Support Unit donates 37 muscial instruments to Cambodian Children’s Fund Orphanage

Kong Sambathireach from UP’s Student Support Unit recently delivered 37 Melodica musical instruments to the Cambodian Children’s Fund at Neeson Cripps Academy in Stueng Mean Chey, Phnom Penh. As you can see from the photographs, melodicas have similarities to the pump organ and harmonica, with a musical keyboard on top. It is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument. Pressing a key opens a hole, letting air flow through a reed.

UP’s Melodicas had rested, unused, in a cupboard for many years, and as Reach noted, “It was so inspiring to see them being used and appreciated by young people who may otherwise not have had the opportunity to enjoy playing an instrument.” Reach researched many charitable organisations in Phnom Penh before making a recommendation that the Melodicas be donated to the CCF. As he noted from its website, CCF “’transforms the country’s most impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders, by delivering education, family support and community development programs into the heart of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities.” Reach noted that this mission complemented UP’s vision of Honour Self, Respect Others and, perhaps most importantly, Serve Society.

Reach has spent some time with the Cambodian Children’s Fund organisation, and has learnt a lot through his interaction with the children, their personal life experiences and their bright hopes for the future. He has learnt that CCF works not just with children, but with families to build plans for escaping debt, educating children and the developing job skills for parents and older children. Working at a grassroots level, CCF sees the effects of poverty firsthand and develops targeted solutions. It is very inspiring to see the work CCF does.

Ms. Hem Len, CCF’s Volunteer, Partnerships and Donor Relations Coordinator wrote a letter of thanks to UP, and we hope that, together, we can find other ways to continue to serve the community together.